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Table Of Contents

The Problems
The Hints
1. The Lion and The Christian
2. Integer Sequences: Erdos Problems for Epsilons
3. Points on a Circle
4. Partitions into Closed Sets
5. Triangles and Squares
6. Polygons and Rectangles
7. African Rally
8. Fixing Convex Domains
9. Nested Subsets
10. Almost Disjoint Subsets
11. Loaded Dice
12. An Unexpected Inequality
13. Colouring Lines: the Erdos-Selfridge Theorem
14. Independent Sets
15. Expansion into Sums 2i3j
16. A Tennis Match
17. A Triangle Inequality: Another Erdos Problem for Epsilons
18. Planar Domains of Diameter 1
19. Orienting Graphs
20. A Simple Clock
21. Neighbours in a Matrix
22. Separately Continuous Functions
23. Boundary Cubes
25. A Continuum Independent Set
26. Separating Families of Sets
27. Bipartite Covers of Complete Graphs
29. Intersecting Convex Sets: Helly's Theorem
30. Judicious Partitions of Points
31. Further Lozenge THings
32. Two Squares in a Square
33. Lines Through Points: the Sylvester-Gallai Theorem
34. The Spread of Infection on a Square Grid
35. The Spread of Infection in a d -dimensional Box
36. Sums of Integers: an Easy Erdos Problem for Epsilons
37. Normal Numbers: the Champernowne Number
38. Random Walks on Graphs
39. Simple THings of Rectangles
42. Bodies of Diameter 1: Borsuk's Problem
43. Equilateral Triangles: Napoleon's Theorem
44. Trisectors of Angles: Morley's Theorem
45. Connected Subgraphs
46. Subtrees of an Infinite Tree
48. Gossiping Dons
49. Exact Covers: the de Bruijn-Erdos Theorem
51. Bell Numbers
52. Circles Touching a Square
53. Gambling
54. Complex Sequences
55. Partitions of Integers
56. Emptying Glasses
57. Distances in Planar Sets
58. Monic Polynomials
59. Odd Clubs
60. A Politically Correct Town
61. Lattice Paths
62. Triangulations of Polygons
63. A Converse of Cauchy's Inequality: Zagier's Inequality
64. Squares Touching a Square
65. Infection with Three Neighbours
66. The Spread of Infection on a Torus
67. Dominating Sequences
68. Sums of Reciprocals
69. Absent-minded Passengers
70. Airline Luggage
71. Intersecting Sets: the Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorem
72. Sperner Families: the MYBL Inequality
73. Five Points in Space
74. Triads
75. Colouring Complete Graphs
76. Symmetric Convex Domains: a Theorem of Besicovitch
77. Independent Random Variables
78. Triangles Touching a Triangle
79. Even and Odd Graphs
80. Packing Squares: the Moon-Moser Theorem
81. Filling a Matrix
83. Perfect Difference Sets
84. Difference Bases
86. Random Words
87. Crossing a Chess Board
88. Powers of Paths and Cycles
89. Powers of Oriented Cycles
90. Perfect Trees
91. Circular sequences
92. Infinite Sets with Integral Distances
93. Finite Sets with Integral Distances
94. Cube-free Words: Thue's Theorem
95. Square-free Words: the Thue-Morse Theorem
98. Subwords of Distinct Words
99. Prime Factors of Sums
100. Catalan Numbers
101. Permutations without Long Decreasing Subsequences
103. Sums of Convex Bodies: the Brunn-Minkowski Inequality
104. Cross-Intersecting Families: Bollobas's Lemma
105. Saturated Hypergraphs
106. The Norm of Averages: Hardy's Inequality
109. Strongly Separating Families
110. Strongly Separating Systems of Pairs of Sets
111. The Maximum Edge-Boundary of a Down-set
113. Weakly Cross-intersecting Pairs: Frankl's Theorem
114. Even Sets with Even Intersections
115. Sets with Even Intersections
116. Even Clubs
117. Covering the Sphere
118. The Kneser Graph: Lovasz's Theorem
119. Partitions into Bricks
120. Drawing Dense Graphs
121. Unit Distances: Szekely's Theorem
122. Point-Line Incidences
123. Geometric Graphs without Parallel Edges
124. Shortest Tours
125. Density of Integers
126. Black and White Sheep: Kirchberger's Theorem
127. Chords of Convex Bodies
128. Neighourly Polyhedra
129. Neighbourly Simplices: Perles' Theorem
130. The Rank of a Matrix
132. Families without Orthogonal Vectors
134. Periodic Sequences
135. Periodic Words: the Fine-Wilf Theorem
136. Points on a Hemisphere: Wendel's Theorem
137. Planar and Spherical Triangles
138. Hobnails: Hadziivanov's theorem
139. A Probabilistic Inequality
140. Cube Slicing
141. Measures on [0, 1]: the Hobby-Rice Theorem
142. Cutting a Necklace
146. BTBT: the Box Theorem of Bolio bas and Thomason
148. Intersecting Set Systems: the Frankl-Wilson Inequality
149. Maps from sn
150. Closed Covers of sn: Hopf's Theorem
151. Spherical Pairs
152. Realizing Distances
153. A Closed Cover of S2
155. Polarities in Projective Planes
156. Permutations of Vectors: Steinitz's Theorem
157. The Point-Line Game
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Bollobas, B. - The Art of Mathematics, Coffee Time in Memphis

Bollobas, B. - The Art of Mathematics, Coffee Time in Memphis

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Published by Gabi Tóth

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Published by: Gabi Tóth on Mar 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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