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AT89C51 Instruction Set

AT89C51 Instruction Set

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Published by Tarit Mahata

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Published by: Tarit Mahata on Mar 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Microcontroller Instruction Set
For interrupt response time information, refer to the hardware description chapter.
Note:1.Operations on SFR byte address 208 or bit addresses 209-215 (that is, the PSW orbits in the PSW) also affect flag settings.
Instructions that Affect Flag Settings
Instruction Flag Instruction FlagC OV AC C OV AC
The Instruction Set and Addressing Modes
Register R7-R0 of the currently selected Register Bank.
8-bit internal data location’s address. This could be an Internal Data RAMlocation (0-127) or a SFR [i.e., I/O port, control register, status register, etc.(128-255)].
8-bit internal data RAM location (0-255) addressed indirectly through registerR1or R0.
8-bit constant included in instruction.
#data 16
16-bit constant included in instruction.
addr 16
16-bit destination address. Used by LCALL and LJMP. A branch can beanywhere within the 64K byte Program Memory address space.
addr 11
11-bit destination address. Used by ACALL and AJMP. The branch will bewithin the same 2K byte page of program memory as the first byte of thefollowing instruction.
Signed (two’s complement) 8-bit offset byte. Used by SJMP and allconditional jumps. Range is -128 to +127 bytes relative to first byte of thefollowing instruction.
Direct Addressed bit in Internal Data RAM or Special Function Register.
Instruction Set
Instruction Set
Instruction Set Summary
Note:Key: [2B] = 2 Byte, [3B] = 3 Byte, [2C] = 2 Cycle, [4C] = 4 Cycle, Blank = 1 byte/1 cycle
012345670NOPJBCbit,rel[3B, 2C]JBbit, rel[3B, 2C]JNBbit, rel[3B, 2C]JCrel[2B, 2C]JNCrel[2B, 2C]JZrel[2B, 2C]JNZrel[2B, 2C]1AJMP(P0)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P0)[2B, 2C]AJMP(P1)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P1)[2B, 2C]AJMP(P2)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P2)[2B, 2C]AJMP(P3)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P3)[2B, 2C]2LJMPaddr16[3B, 2C]LCALLaddr16[3B, 2C]RET[2C]RETI[2C]ORLdir, A[2B]ANLdir, A[2B]XRLdir, a[2B]ORLC, bit[2B, 2C]3RRARRCARLARLCAORLdir, #data[3B, 2C]ANLdir, #data[3B, 2C]XRLdir, #data[3B, 2C]JMP@A + DPTR[2C]4INCADECAADDA, #data[2B]ADDCA, #data[2B]ORLA, #data[2B]ANLA, #data[2B]XRLA, #data[2B]MOVA, #data[2B]5INCdir[2B]DECdir[2B]ADDA, dir[2B]ADDCA, dir[2B]ORLA, dir[2B]ANLA, dir[2B]XRLA, dir[2B]MOVdir, #data[3B, 2C]6INC@R0DEC@R0ADDA, @R0ADDCA, @R0ORLA, @R0ANLA, @R0XRLA, @R0MOV@R0, @data[2B]7INC@R1DEC@R1ADDA, @R1ADDCA, @R1ORLA, @R1ANLA, @R1XRLA, @R1MOV@R1, #data[2B]8INCR0DECR0ADDA, R0ADDCA, R0ORLA, R0ANLA, R0XRLA, R0MOVR0, #data[2B]9INCR1DECR1ADDA, R1ADDCA, R1ORLA, R1ANLA, R1XRLA, R1MOVR1, #data[2B]AINCR2DECR2ADDA, R2ADDCA, R2ORLA, R2ANLA, R2XRLA, R2MOVR2, #data[2B]BINCR3DECR3ADDA, R3ADDCA, R3ORLA, R3ANLA, R3XRLA, R3MOVR3, #data[2B]CINCR4DECR4ADDA, R4ADDCA, R4ORLA, R4ANLA, R4XRLA, R4MOVR4, #data[2B]DINCR5DECR5ADDA, R5ADDCA, R5ORLA, R5ANLA, R5XRLA, R5MOVR5, #data[2B]EINCR6DECR6ADDA, R6ADDCA, R6ORLA, R6ANLA, R6XRLA, R6MOVR6, #data[2B]FINCR7DECR7ADDA, R7ADDCA, R7ORLA, R7ANLA, R7XRLA, R7MOVR7, #data[2B]
Instruction Set
Instruction Set Summary (Continued)
Note:Key: [2B] = 2 Byte, [3B] = 3 Byte, [2C] = 2 Cycle, [4C] = 4 Cycle, Blank = 1 byte/1 cycle
89ABCDEF0SJMPREL[2B, 2C]MOVDPTR,#data 16[3B, 2C]ORLC, /bit[2B, 2C]ANLC, /bit[2B, 2C]PUSHdir[2B, 2C]POPdir[2B, 2C]MOVX A,@DPTR[2C]MOVX@DPTR, A[2C]1AJMP(P4)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P4)[2B, 2C]AJMP(P5)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P5)[2B, 2C]AJMP(P6)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P6)[2B, 2C]AJMP(P7)[2B, 2C]ACALL(P7)[2B, 2C]2ANLC, bit[2B, 2C]MOVbit, C[2B, 2C]MOVC, bit[2B]CPLbit[2B]CLRbit[2B]SETBbit[2B]MOVXA, @R0[2C]MOVXwR0, A[2C]3MOVC A,@A + PC[2C]MOVC A,@A + DPTR[2C]INCDPTR[2C]CPLCCLRCSETBCMOVXA, @RI[2C]MOVX@RI, A[2C]4DIVAB[2B, 4C]SUBBA, #data[2B]MULAB[4C]CJNE A,#data, rel[3B, 2C]SWAPADAACLRACPLA5MOVdir, dir[3B, 2C]SUBBA, dir[2B]CJNEA, dir, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, dir[2B]DJNZdir, rel[3B, 2C]MOVA, dir[2B]MOVdir, A[2B]6MOVdir, @R0[2B, 2C]SUBBA, @R0MOV@R0, dir[2B, 2C]CJNE@R0, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, @R0XCHDA, @R0MOVA, @R0MOV@R0, A7MOVdir, @R1[2B, 2C]SUBBA, @R1MOV@R1, dir[2B, 2C]CJNE@R1, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, @R1XCHDA, @R1MOVA, @R1MOV@R1, A8MOVdir, R0[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R0MOVR0, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER0, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R0DJNZR0, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R0MOVR0, A9MOVdir, R1[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R1MOVR1, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER1, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R1DJNZR1, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R1MOVR1, AAMOVdir, R2[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R2MOVR2, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER2, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R2DJNZR2, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R2MOVR2, ABMOVdir, R3[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R3MOVR3, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER3, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R3DJNZR3, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R3MOVR3, ACMOVdir, R4[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R4MOVR4, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER4, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R4DJNZR4, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R4MOVR4, ADMOVdir, R5[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R5MOVR5, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER5, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R5DJNZR5, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R5MOVR5, AEMOVdir, R6[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R6MOVR6, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER6, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R6DJNZR6, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R6MOVR6. AFMOVdir, R7[2B, 2C]SUBBA, R7MOVR7, dir[2B, 2C]CJNER7, #data, rel[3B, 2C]XCHA, R7DJNZR7, rel[2B, 2C]MOVA, R7MOVR7, A

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