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First Shots to Last Shots of Pearl Harbor

First Shots to Last Shots of Pearl Harbor

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Published by Jordan Suggs

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Published by: Jordan Suggs on Mar 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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First shots to Last Shots of Pearl Harbor
Of the 90 ships at anchor in Pearl Harbor the 8 Battleships were the primary target
At 6 A.M. on December 7
, six Japanese carriers launched first wave of 183 planescomposed of torpedo bomber, dive bombers, horizontal bombers, and fighters.
Of the 90 ships at anchor in Pearl Harbor the 8 Battleships were the primary target
In hours before dawn, US Navy vessels spotted an unidentified submarine near the entranceof Pearl Harbor. It was reported and sunk by the destroyer USS Ward.
As the first wave approached Oahu, a U.S. Army SCR-270 radar at Opana Point near theisland's northern tip called in a warning. However, expecting 6 B-
17 bombers they didn’t
heed the warning.
First shots fired on American ships and Military installations on Oahu at about 7:48 A.M.
By approximately 8:10, USS West Virginia was sank, USS Oklahoma was topsided andsank, and the USS Arizona was wounded causing an explosion on the forward ammunition.
The rest of the battleships had suffered varying amounts of damage within the first half hourof the raid.
There was a short lull in the fury at about 8:30. USS Nevada used this to try to escape downthe channel to the open sea. However, before this could happen a second wave of 171Japanese planes were launched to destroy moving ships.
USS Nevada beached herself from harbor control tower orders at hospital point and thechannel remained clear.
The attack ended shortly before 10 A.M.
The Japanese damaged or sank all 8 battleships, damaged or sank 3 destroyers, 3 cruisers, ananti-aircraft training ship, one minelayer, and 188 U.S aircraft.
2,402 total Americans killed, and another 1,282 wounded.
Nearly half of the American fatalities occurred when USS Arizona was hit by a midfied 40cm shell and the forward magazine exploded.
Mitsuo Fuchida and Minoru Genda urged that a third wave of planes be launched. However,this would have required planes to come back and refuel and rearm.Interesting fact: The first shots fired by an American at Pearl Harbor was by Mack Abbott, aresident of Gainesville and originally from Birmingham, AL. Abbott and 12 followingcompanions managed to shoot down 3 enemy planes.
8 battleships
8 cruisers30 destroyers4 submarines49 other ships
~390 aircraft
 6 aircraft carriers2 battleships
2 heavy cruisers1 light cruiser9 destroyers8 tankers23 fleet submarines5 midget submarines414 aircraft
Casualties and losses
4 battleships sunk 3 battleships damaged1 battleship grounded2 destroyers sunk 1 other ship sunk 3 cruisers damaged
 1 destroyer damaged3 other ships damaged188 aircraft destroyed159
 aircraft damaged
2,402 killed1,247 wounded
4 midget submarinessunk 1 midget submarinegrounded29 aircraft destroyed64 killed1 captured
Civilian casualties:

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