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2012 - Spring - Summer Rules Revised

2012 - Spring - Summer Rules Revised

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2012 Spring - Summer Rules for the Southwest Houston Shuffleboard League
2012 Spring - Summer Rules for the Southwest Houston Shuffleboard League

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Published by: houstonshuffleboardleague on Mar 28, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rev 03/12
Southwest Houston Shuffleboard League
Article 1
The name of this league will be the Southwest Houston Shuffleboard League (SHSL).
Article 2
These are the rules and regulations that will govern all play in this league. Noexceptions.
Article 3
The main objectives of the league are:A. To promote and introduce shuffleboard as a clean and competitive sport forboth men and women,B. To promote good sportsmanship,C. To provide clean entertainmentD. To make new friendsE. To have a good time.
Article 4
The organization of team sponsorships and player memberships.
Sponsors will pay $50.00 per team, with sponsorship fee to be contributed to thegeneral prize fund. (mod. 9/10)
Player Memberships
a. Each player will pay a $5.00 membership fee, which must be renewed at thebeginning of each new season.b. Each team must have a minimum of 6 (six) players and a maximum of 15(fifteen) players on their original roster. One player, and no more, must bedesignated as team captain; any number of players, up to the maximumallowable per roster, may be designated as co-captains. (mod. 3/10)
Article 5 League Money
A. A checking account will be maintained in the league name.B. All sponsorship fees, membership fees and weekly league fees will be deposited inthis account at the earliest possible after receipt.C. All money handled by the league will be accounted for by the league officers.D. All expenses incurred by and for the league will be paid from the league account andrecorded by the league secretary. All league checks will require the signatures of 2(two) officers.E. League records and books will be open for inspection by any sponsor or memberwith proper notice.
Article 6 League Awards
A. The amount of prize money at the end of the season is to be distributed as follows:1
place team receives 50% of the prize money2
place team receives 30% of the prize money3
place team receives 20% of the prize moneyB. All teams receive $25.00 per win at the end of the seasonC. Commemorative plaques or trophies are to be awarded to the top three teamsaccording to the final standings. (4/08)
Rev 03/12
Article 7 Meetings
A. The site of all league meetings will be determined by rotation of all the sponsors.Should a new club join, their name will be added last in the order of rotation.B. Two meetings will be held at the end of each season, and are designated as theAwards-Organizational Meeting and the Voting Meeting. (3/10)C. No one individual may represent more than one team.D. All league meetings will start at 7:30 pm.
Article 8 League Officers
A. The officers of this league will serve one-season terms, with no term to expire duringthe season. Elections for officers will be held at the end of each season. (mod. 3/10)B. League officers must be members of this league in good standing.C. The positions will be those of President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.D. The Secretary-Treasurer will be paid $35.00 per week of play from the leagueaccount. (mod. 1/09)E. The Secretary-Treasurer will decide which club will be the designated drop-off point.This cannot be changed during a season unless this club closes. (3/11)
Part II
Article 1 Team Rosters
A. Each team roster, on match night, will consist of a minimum of 6 (six) players and amaximum of 15 (fifteen) players.B. Each team will have their sponsorship fees, team rosters, and membership feesturned in to the league by the Voting Meeting prior to the projected season.a. The addition of any new sponsors (clubs) proposing to join the league mustlet a board member know before the Awards-Organizational meeting. Thesponsor will be approved or denied by a “show of hands” vote at the Awards-Organizational meeting. If the sponsor is approved, any teams playing at theclub will turn in all monies (membership fees, sponsorship fees, and weeklydues) and rosters at the beginning of the Voting meeting. (03/12)b. Any sponsor/bar who has been absent from our league for at least 5 (five)prior seasons must be voted into the league as according to the above rule. Ifa sponsor/bar has participated in our league in the past five seasons, thesponsor/bar will be allowed to play in our league without a vote. (8/11)c. If a team forfeits out of the league, to re-enter they must pay for the entireseason (membership fees, sponsorship fees, and weekly dues) when therosters are due. (03/12)C. The membership fee is $5.00 per player (see Part I, Article 4, Rule B.a above).D. Players added to a roster before the first match of the season are immediatelyeligible to play.E. Players added to a roster after the first match of the season must wait 1 (one) weekbefore being eligible to play.F. No new player may be added to any team roster during the last five weeks of play.G. Should a player want to change teams during the season, that player must wait untilthe mid-season to change. If this occurs after the half, that player must wait until thenext season.a. A player must contact the Secretary-Treasurer and both captains involved tochange teams.b. A player dropped from a team may not rejoin the same team until thefollowing year.H. No teams may change sponsoring clubs during league play, except when:
Rev 03/12
a. the sponsoring club closes down,b. the shuffleboard is removed from the club, orc. the team becomes barred from the club.I. If there are 6 or less teams in the league, teams will play each of the other teams twiceper half-season. Once as the home team and once as the visiting team so teams willplay each other a total of 4 times per season. (03/12)
Article 2 Forfeits
A. Should any team drop out of the league, all its matches scheduled for that seasonwill be converted to byes, and all money collected from that team to date will remainin the league account. Active teams will receive award money (per Part I, Article 6,Rule B) for wins scored against the team that dropped out; however, wins and lossesincurred against that team will not be reflected in standings.B. Any team that forfeits 3 (three) matches in any one season of play will be droppedfrom the league that season. (03/12)
Article 3 Score keeping
A. All matches will be scored on the official league score sheet by the home team. Theleague will have a uniform scoring method.B. Official score sheets must have first and last names.C. The final results of the evenings play will be clearly marked and attested to by thesignatures of both team captains. By signing this document, the event of the nightwill become final and no challenge will be made afterward. When challenging, theteam must identify the specific rule that is being challenged. (03/12)D. The home team captain assumes the responsibility to deliver the envelopecontaining the score sheet and fees for that night’s play to one of the designateddrop-off points no later than the following Sunday by 5 pm. Penalty: If the envelope isnot turned in on time, the team will be fined $25.00. This will be assessed at the endof the season.E. The league secretary will be responsible for distributing current standings to eachparticipating team and it will the team captains’ responsibility to post the sheet priorto that week’s play.
Article 4 Collections
Each team captain will be responsible to collect his team’s $25.00 fee prior to thebeginning of play. The home captain will hold his team’s $25.00 plus that of the visitingteam. At the conclusion of play for the night, the $50.00 will be handled in accordancewith Part II, Article 3, Rule D.
Article 5 Equipment Regulations
A. All equipment will meet the requirements of the league with no exceptions.B. No part of a shuffleboard table may be closer than 6 (six) inches from any structurewhich interferes with freedom of play. (i.e. walls, tables, partitions, etc.)C. All shuffleboard playing surfaces will meet the approval of at least two league officersas to speed, levelness, and straightness.Officers will be required to check all tables.
D. Lighting
a. No part of a hanging light can be closer than 28 inches from the playingsurface.b. Lighting attached to the table will not be allowed to obstruct the view of theshooter.c. Any corrective decisions concerning the two above lighting rules will be made

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