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Published by Mäeinstituut

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Published by: Mäeinstituut on Mar 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Today’s Recycling Solutions
is published by Highlands Publicationson behalf of Astec Industries, Inc., to provide informative andeducational industry news and articles on the recycling efforts forvarious materials including concrete, asphalt, shingles, and wood.
GREEN: Taking a balanced approach.
As a commitment to the environment,Astec Industries chose Chorus Art paper,which contains 50 percent post-consumerwaste fiber and is certified by the ForestStewardship Council (FSC).
Photo courtesy of Astec Mobile Screens, featuringthe ProSizer 2612V processing reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP)in Georgia.
Breaker Technology, Inc.35 Elgin Street Thornbury, Ontario, Canada N0H 2P0Osborn Engineered Products SA (Pty) Limited57 Jansen RoadElandsfontein, South Africa 1405(PO Box 8182)PetersonPO Box 40490Eugene, Oregon 97404Astec Mobile Screens2704 West LeFevre RoadSterling, Illinois 61081 Telsmith, Inc.PO Box 539Mequon, Wisconsin 53092-0539toll free: 800.765.6601tel: 262.242.6600fax: 262.242.5812sales@telsmith.com www.telsmith.comKolberg-Pioneer700 W 21st StreetYankton, South Dakota 57078toll free: 800.542.9311fax: 605.665.8858Johnson Crushers86470 Franklin Blvd.Eugene, Oregon 97405toll free: (800) 314-4656fax: (541) 736-1424
toll free: (800) 545-2125tel: (815) 626-6374fax: (815) 626-6430toll free: 800.567.8267tel: 519.599.2015fax: 519.599.6803tel: +27 11.820.7600fax: +27 11.388.1136osborn@osborn.co.za www.osborn.co.za
Volume 1, Number 1
Astec Aggregate & Mining GroupInternational Sales1833 NW 168th AvenuePembroke Pines, FL 33028toll free: 866.376.1331tel: 954.438.7747fax: 954.436.4724
HOW TO REACH US:Subscriptions
If you would like a FREE subscription to
Today’s RecyclingSolutions
, simply complete and mail the enclosed card, or goonline to our Web site: www.myrecyclemag.com.If you would like to receive a FREE subscription to Astec Industries,Inc. magazine,
Today’s Aggregate & Mining Solutions
, completeand mail the enclosed card or go online: www.myaggmag.com.
Customer Service/Address Changes
To make changes to your subscription, please contact Jackie Keul at 800.765.6601, fax 262.242.5812, or e-mailjkeul@telsmith.com. Be sure to put “myrecyclemag service” in thesubject line of the e-mail.
Editorial Comments
If you have any comments about the content of the magazine,please contact Highlands Publications Editor Donna Campbellat 866.251.1777, ext. 101, fax 205.824.9796, or e-mail
dcampbell@highlandspublications.com. Correspondence may bemailed to:
Highlands Publications, Inc.312 Lorna SquareBirmingham, Alabama 35216 USA
All material appearing in Today’s Recycling Solutions magazine is copyrighted.Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly forbidden without permission in writing from the editor.
Freelance contributions and submissions are welcomed by this magazine. No responsibility is accepted for unsolicited manuscripts, photographs and transparencies. The opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of the publisher. All statements made, although based on information believed to be reliable and accurate, cannot be guaranteed and no fault or liability can be accepted for error or omission.©2008. All rights reserved.
an Astec Industries Inc. Company
sales@astecmobilescreens.com www.astecmobilescreens.comsales@rockbreaker.com www.rockbreaker.comebarrera@astecindustries.com www.aggminegroup.comtoll free: 800.269.6520tel: 541.689.6520fax: 541.689.0804 www.petersoncorp.com www.kpijci.com
Keep, pass, or recycle this magazine.
Today’s RECyCLING soLuTIoNs
voLumE 1, NumbER 1
AT ASTEC MoBILE SCREEnS, we talk t materialprducers daily abut relatively the same thig—makigbetter prducts ad elimiatig waste, while reducigperatig csts. We are prud t say that we have beehelpig the aggregate idustry ver the past 32 years.Sice ur cmpay became a divisi (w 14 i ttal) Astec Idustries i 1997, we have played a similar rlei the recyclig idustry. The applicatis ur screeigplats ace vary csiderably, but they all share thesame ivative techlgy. This ivati allws AstecMbile Screes t er a screeig sluti that helps urcustmers perrm better ad saer, ad achieve maximumretur  their ivestmet.It is very evidet that recyclig has becme mre prevaleti ur busiess tday. oe just has t lk at hw we areutilizig materials tday versus i years past. Whether it isscrap metal, site cleaup, cmpst, wd waste, rgshigles, r recycled asphalt pavemet r ccrete, tday’smarketplace is lkig t recycle every bit  materialpssible. The prducer r ctractr that takes advatage recyclig mre material will be the wier i tday’scmpetitive market.oe majr example is the mst recycled prduct i thewrld, recycled asphalt pavemet (RAP). Ht-mix asphaltprducers, like mst material prducers, d themselveschalleged t be cmpetitive ad prtable i a marketthat has see virgi igrediets ctiue t rise i cst,while udig ctiues t decrease each year relative tthese csts. Virgi igrediets, such as il, have rise rm$200 per t t $500 per t i the last ve years, whilecurret aggregate pricig rages rm $10 t $25 per tdepedig  where yu perate. Cmbie these cstswith the gap betwee highway udig eeded t maitaiur system ad reveues t pay r it. Wuld’t it be greati e culd lwer peratig csts while still prducig agreat prduct r custmers?The aswer is that yu ca by reevaluatig the use  RAPi ht-mix asphalt (HMA) desigs. Mst RAP prcessedtday is ½ ich by zer, sice it is cmig rm milledmaterial, which is geerally surace mix. Csider that apile  RAP, crushed r milled t ½ ich by zer, is like ablack “crusher ru” aggregate prduct, ad is typicallyused i mixes at just 20 percet r less. What i yu
Tim Gigam
Presidet, Astec Mbile Screes
decided t treat this black “crusher ru” like yur virgiaggregate ad resize it? The yu culd have a ½ ich by¼ ich ad ¼ ich by zer, just like virgi igrediets, butwith a lm  asphalt already preset.I reality, ay recycled prduct is wrth what it replaces,ad its value ca be ehaced i the material is treatedlike virgi material. I yu thik abut it, 30,000 ts RAP equal 70 six-thusad-gall trasprt trailers  liquidasphalt ad 28,200 ts  virgi aggregates. T realize theull value  RAP, prducers must start by takig the milledRAP, prcessig (resize) it like virgi aggregate igrediets,ad the sedig it thrugh the asphalt acility where itis mixed with virgi materials t make a uirm prduct.Ultimately, prducers are helpig the evirmet byutilizig as much recycled material i mixes while reducigcstly virgi igrediets.As we ctiue t perate i this develpig “gree wrld”marketplace, we eed t cstatly review hw t best useall material surces. Whether yu are a material prducerr ctractr, hw yu utilize yur material surces culd bethe dierece betwee stayig cmpetitive ad prtable.As yu read thrugh this premier magazie, we hpe yu’ll d ways t icrease yur prts ad d slutist icrprate recyclig it yur perati. o behal the Astec Idustries cmpaies highlighted thrughut thesepages, we all lk rward t helpig yu maximize thebeets  recyclig.

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