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Campus Carrier 3/29/12

Campus Carrier 3/29/12

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Published by Austiz Sumter

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Published by: Austiz Sumter on Mar 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 11
Page 6-7
Volume 103 ∙ March 29, 2012 ∙ Number 21
Please recycle our paper.
Page 9
Fact of the Week:
Human thigh bones arestronger thanconcrete.
“Hunger Games”Movie Review
Equestrian Teamheads to Nationals
CreativeStudents’Arts andCrafts
Hate crime at Berry
Kelly dicKerson
News Editor
A student returned to his Deereld residence hall Mon
day night around 11:15 p.m. to nd liquid bleach poured
in his top two dresser drawers along with a note reading“faggot nigger fuck off.”“Racially it’s upsetting that someone hates me for whoI am,” the student said. “Sexually it’s upsetting that some-one hates me for who they think I am.”After discovering the damage the student said he called
his resident assistant who then called campus police ofcerSmith. The ofcer arrived around 11:45 p.m. and led a po
lice report and the resident assistant then led a Residence
Life report.The student said he planned on going home that night
 but arrived at his car to nd the back right tire slashed andthe bottle of bleach behind his car. He then called Ofcer
Smith who arrived and took pictures of the damage.“The past couple days have been extremely uncomfort-able,” the student said. “I consider Berry my home and Ifeel like I have been violated in my own home.”The student said he chose a college based on the com-munity, the support on campus, and the kind of people atthe school. He said he still feels safe and welcome at Berry but now with a degree of hesitation.The student said he was gone from his room from aboutnoon to 11:15 p.m. that day but he and his roommate leftthe door unlocked.Director of International Students Tasha Toy said therehave been incidents on campus before but nothing to thisdegree of severity.Dean of Students Debbie Heida said at the beginning ofthe fall semester, there was one incident of comments madeto a student and two incidents of writing on a whiteboard.However, Heida said this occurrence is a greater level ofseverity since a student’s property was damaged.Heida said she and Chief of Police Bobby Abrams metwith the student Tuesday. An investigation is underway to
nd the person or persons responsible.
The student said there has been an incredible responsefrom the administration, faculty and students.“They have all been very helpful and I can see there isa general disagreement with things like this,” the studentsaid.“Frankly, I hope people are angry,” Heida said.Heida said whoever is found to be responsible will bedisciplined according to Viking Code and this kind of of-fense is punishable by suspension. Heida said suspensionsare rarely less than one year.Heida said this kind of act can make the victim feel sin-gled out and fearful.
“I believe it’s very difcult to feel like you’re the tar
-get based on your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or re-ligion,” Heida said. “This kind of act arouses a great dealof fear.”The student said he thinks it is sad that in the 21st cen-tury this kind of thing is still going on.“My parents and grandparents experienced things likethis, hoping that I wouldn’t have to go through the samething,” the student said.Heida said she believes this kind of act impacts not onlythe victim but the community too.
Tut, tt at a
Head footballcoach searchnears close
Kelly dicKerson
News Editor
Associate Provost AndrewBressette said he believes tuitionhas increased at a rate of about sixpercent in recent years.“Six percent may seem like alot, but when you compare it toour peer and aspirant schools, thedollar amount is actually less,”Bressette said. “Our tuition is thesecond lowest in our peer andaspirant group so a six percent
increase of $24,000 tuition is sig
nicantly less than say a four per
cent increase of an almost $40,000
tuition institution.”Bressette said that keeping tu-ition on the lower end and giving
out more nancial aid than simi
-lar schools has been a priority forBerry.Dean of Students Debbie Heidasaid that need-based scholarshipsare adjusted proportionally withthe increase in tuition but meritscholarships are not.Heida said this year’s increasewas about the same as last year.Bressette said the increase islargely due to maintaining opera-tional costs.“Things like energy costs have
gone up signicantly,” Bressette
said. “Unfortunately most of the
increase is from xed costs like
utilities and insurance so it be-comes a take it or leave it kind ofthing.”Bressette said some of the in-crease also goes toward modestsalary increases for professors.College President Stephen R.Briggs said tuition is a cost that isnot necessarily obvious.“The ‘cost of tuition’ is the costof what students don’t pay for,
factoring nancial aid,” Briggs
said. “Tuition covers a small por-tion of overall expenses of thecollege, and other areas of the col-lege’s revenue that don’t grow asfast.”
P. 2
ryder McenTyre,
Graphics Editor
KrisTen sellers
Deputy News Editor
Beginning in October 2011, the
future plans for Berry football be-
come ofcial and started a new
chapter in Berry history. Amongmany simultaneous aspects be-ing planned, currently the searchand decision for the head coach iscoming to a close with the top twocandidates visiting the campus.
The nal decision of the top
two candidates was recently madeafter multiple sessions of closely
examining all details of over 260
applications. Athletic DirectorTodd Brooks released the namesin a campus-wide email Tuesday,March 27.Tony Kunczewski of LaGrange,Ga. is visiting Berry Wednesday,March 28 and Thursday, March
29. The other nalist, Rick Fox
of West Des Moines, Ia. is visit-ing Sunday, April 1 and Monday,April 2.“These two are the ones wehave the most excitement about,”College President Stephen R.Briggs said.Among the plans on the sched-uled itinerary for the candidatesare tours of the campus, the Ste-ven J. Cage Athletic and Recre-ation Center, as well as Rome.They will have the chance to meetwith faculty and students each intheir own open forum where theywill introduce themselves, pro-vide background information andanswer any questions.Brooks said he hopes facul-ty and students will attend theopen forums and get to know thecandidates.“We do want to be transpar-ent and let everyone be involvedand meet the candidates,” Brookssaid.At each forum, the attendeeswill receive an evaluation form tocomplete and return before leav-ing. These will be taken into ac-count as a voice from the campus
for the nal decision.
P. 3
‘raa t’ upttg that m hat m f wh i am.’ -Vtm
“hate crime”
P. 2
PAGe 2, CAMPUs CARRIeRMARCh 29, 2012
Pp aa-
OMarc 27 a tudtrportd ukopro() trd i
room in Deereld Halland poured bleach onclothes in his dresserdrawer. He later dis
-covrd omo ad
also punctured a tireon his parked vehicle.“Guard your personal
iformatio agait
identication theft.”
continued from Pg. 1
Briggs said colleges are a professional service industry which
td to b mor xpiv ta t coumr pric idx.
“We look at all the expense areas, and also analyze revenue ser
vices,” Briggs said.Bressette said retention has been increasing slightly over the
pat f yar.
“Not only have we seen better retention with the freshmanclass, the upper classmen rate has gone up,” Bressette said. “Rightnow about 92 percent of students who are eligible to register forthe fall have registered.”
Brtt aid prrgitratio for xt yar appar to b about
the same amount as last year.“We’ve seen our largest incoming classes in the last few yearsand next year could be the rst year we top 2,000 students,” Bres
-tt aid. “I av b at Brry ic 1998 ad I’v vr  t
student population over that.”Bressette said the president’s ofce has set a goal of about2,000-2,100 students. Once this goal has been reached, the ofcewill assess any changes that need to be made to accommodatemore students, like adding more faculty or residences while still
maitaiig otr dpartmt ad xitig ifratructur.
The science department in particular has experienced rapidgrowth in the past three years. Bressette said the Ofce of the Pro
-vot a b mtig it t cair of t cic dpartmt
to assess the needs of each department in regards to faculty anddepartmental budget.Bressette said sometimes an incoming class will have an usu
ally high proportion of one major choice.
“T trick i dtrmiig if t icra i cic tudt i a
temporary blip or a steady trend,” Bressette said. “It then becomesa question of how do we respond by still maintaining quality inevery other department and not increasing tuition too much.”
nw aa  ABc, nPr  pa
kelly dickerson
News Editor
Political commentator and news ana
lyst Cokie Roberts will be this year’s GloriaShatto lecturer.Roberts will give her speech “Insider’sView of Washington D.C.” Thursday nightat 8 p.m. in the Stephen J. Cage Athletic and
Rcratio Ctr.Robrt a ad ovr 40 yar of xpri-
ence in broadcast journalism, has won three
emmy Aard ad b iductd ito t
Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame.From 1996-2002 Roberts co-anchored theABC program “This Week.” Roberts was also
amd by t Amrica wom i Radio ad
Television as one of the fty greatest women
i t itory of broadcatig.Robrt ad r ubad, stv Robrt,
are editors at USA Weekend Magazine andwrote the New York Time’s bestseller “Fromthis Day Forward.” The book is an account of
tir ovr 40-yar marriag ad otr mar-riag trougout Amrica itory. Rob-
erts has written three additional bestsellers:“We Are Our Mother’s Daughters” in 1998,“Founding Mothers” in 2004 and “Ladies ofLiberty” in 2008.Roberts graduated from Wellesley Collegewith a bachelor’s degree in political scienceand holds over 20 honorary degrees. Robertsis also involved in several nonprot organi
zations and the President’s Commission on
srvic ad Civic Participatio.
The Gloria Shatto Lecture Series is inmemory of Gloria Shatto, who served aspresident of Berry College from 1980-1998.Shatto made history as the rst female col
lege president in Georgia.
contriButed By PuBlic relAtions
Thereisnospokespersonwithacatchyphrasetoremindthedriver toslowdown,stopeating,
quit messing withtheradioor payattentiontotheroad.
There’s Only You. Speak Up.
Hate Crime
continued from Pg. 1
“I think we all think of Berry as a safe place,” Heida said. “Sosomething like this makes us all react. Something like this canmake students think will I be the next target?”
“I tik t tr motio aroud by ti ar far, agr ad
frustration,” Heida said. “Fear of being targeted, angry that some
thing like this could happen at Berry and frustration since individ
uals responsible in the fall were not identied. I hope that studentswill not have to be frustrated again.”Heida said she believes Berry is built on a sense of caring.“I encourage students to speak up,” Heida said. “We need to
tad up agait ti kid of tig ad b t carig commuity
that we say we are.”
studt o ca offr ay iformatio ar couragd to
immediately contact Campus Safety.Heida said tomorrow there will be a presentation on the Tray
von Martin case and said she expects this instance will be broughtinto the discussion as well.Heida said the “Speak Listen Stand” campaign the senior classand SGA developed last year in response to the incidents in thefall will continue to be active and provide an outlet for students to
tak a tad agait ti kid of bavior.
march 29, 2012camPUs carrIer, PaGe 3
Mov Nght
wt “a Butiful mind”nd join in on t follo-ing diuion on ntlilln Tudy m29 t 6 p.. in cook 304.ce dit offd.
Gloa Shatto Lct
h aBc nd NPr nion nlyt coki robt n “Inid’ Vi ofwington D.c.” Tu-dy m 29 t 8 p.. int stvn J. cg P-fon Gy. ce ditoffd.
enjoy t Dotin-nt ody goup ofou on ollg lifFidy m 30 t 8 p..in spuill Blloo.
Otdoo Mov Nght
Tk tuk, , blnkto i nd t tovi “slok hol(a G of sdo)”Fidy m 30 t 10 p..in cl Bol.
Th 25th Annal PtnamCont Spllng B
s  Tony ad inningpodution pfod byt By collg Ttcopny Fidy m30 t 7:30 p.., studym 31 t 2 p.. nd 7:30p.. o sundy apil 1 t2 p.. in t Fod audito-iu. ce dit offd.
Th Vagna Monologs
h onologu pfo-n lbting flxulity Fidy m 30t 11 p.., study m31 t 8 p.. o sundy ap.1 t 2 p.. in KnntUndgound. ce ditoffd.
At and Msc Fstvals
s t nd ft ll -td by By tudnt ndro ounity - b study m 31 t10 .. on t moon Ln.Tn njoy t woldmui nd Dn Ftivlt 2 p.. on t moilLiby Ln.
Vtals Lab
Ln t pop y tok vitl ign nd tty n study m31 t 10 .. in t sinBuilding.
M. B
s o n ti y’titl of m. By studym 31 t 6:30 p.. inspuill Blloo.
Jst’s Ball
enjoy dning long toliv bnd “Gntln ofsing” study m 31t 7 p.. in t Fod Din-ing hll.
Fulty atlti rpnttiv Pulengli id t viit by t poibl futuo  vy ipotnt nd ill llot to xpin By lif.“Ti i u n ipotnt diion foBy o  nt to bing in t igt pon
to t Berry and our culture,” Englis said.
aft t viit, o vlution ill bd onning Kunzki nd Fox nd
who would best ll the role of the rst foot
 ball coach and t into the Berry lifestyle and
Brooks said the nal choice will hope
-fully b d by t ond o tid k ofapil, o t ndidt on n ov to
Rome and be in his new ofce by May 1.Once the head coach is nal and settledin at Berry, then the process to nd and hire
to itnt o ill bgin. Ty plnnd to b nd ov t u.aoding to Book, ll o ill not b full ti o nd ill v ot ux-iliy ponibiliti.
 212 689-8585
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. V
Event aimed at sustainability
keLLy DiCkerSON
News Editor
T envionntl sinmtod l eVs 405 ill bognizing n vnt in apil todut ounity b ononvtion nd utinbility.T pojt ill fou on t biodivity of t nottGogi nd coo riv Bin.aitnt Pofo of Gol-ogy Ti Jovnlly id bfodiding on t pojt to do,t l uvyd t ou-nity to  t lol flt t jo nvionntl iu int .“Ot tn t qulityonn  didn’t  ny jotnd,” Jovnlly id. Jovnlly id t uvyult inludd onn lik iqulity, bik ln, yling, lit-ting nd ol ngy. Jovnlly id t p-t fo t pojt  tt itd to b lolly ointd ndt  poitiv ng in tounity.“w didd on n nvion-ntl in dution poj-t,” Jovnlly id.T l  ptnd itt ro/Floyd county eo cn-t nd Dito ei Lindbg.T tudnt ill b buildingdiply  fo t eo cnt.so of t diply ill inludinfotion bout tlnd,
energy efciency and geology.
T l i lo digninginttiv oponnt fo tdiply nd op to digno tiviti tt ill pootutinbility onioun.T opning of t diply ill tk pl t t eo cntt t “eo Jubil” on apil 21.T vnt i f nd opn to tpubli.e diply ill v  tfoot by fou foot pot. sodiply t tudnt  ok-ing on inlud  gology diplytt ill ftu  bint itok, inl nd foil nd n
energy efciency display which
ill inlud  bik ud to poligt bulb. Jovnlly id tt t di-ply  bing built it  ulid nd yld til poibl.studnt sijo mion id gology diply bint i bing built it lid ood nd ill b oking it  pof-o t Gogi higlnd collgto gt o of t til fot .“It’ tuly boing  ou-nity pojt nd tt’ t ouinitil intnt fo t pojt ,”mion id. Jovnlly id t l ud vl dono nd oodintd it nyon-pu nd off-puogniztion.“w ivd  gnt fot Bonn cnt nd Lo’,” Jovnlly id. “w’v lo dlp fo t ltil dpt-nt, lding op, hou o’D, t bik op nd Kpro Floyd Butiful (KrFB).”snio mtt higdon i ing of oodinting t eo Jubil. higdon id vl Bystudnt entpi ill b p-nt t t vnt inluding JyBf, Viking ction nd Vikingcyl wok. higdon id till lo b food vndo, ui by alx willougby nd JffyLidk, oit pofo of li-gion nd  Nin ybid  ondiply. Jovnlly id t vnt illlt fo 10 .. to 5p.. ndvy lf ou, t tudnt inenvionntl sin mtodill b giving  gn tnol-ogy donttion. Tou of ttlnd outid t eo cntnd of t diply inid teo cnt ill lo b givntougout t dy. snio KlyBlnknip i ognizing il-dn’ tiviti tt ill lo untougout t vnt. Jovnlly id t pojt utilizd not only t tudnt’di knoldg, but otptil kill lik pnty,titi kill nd vnt plnning. Jovnlly id t l ouldppit volunt fo tvnt nd nyon inttdy ontt  by il t tjo-vnlly@by.du.
 -When: April 2110 a.m. to 5p.m.-Where: Rome/Floyd County EcoCenter-Admission: Free-Berry EVS role:Designing dis-plays for the EcoCenter and dem-onstrating greentechnology use.
Stdnts condct sach, cat pojcts to mpov local nvonmnt

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