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March 29: GOP Legislators Offer Budget Plans

March 29: GOP Legislators Offer Budget Plans

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Published by John Myers
A list of budget proposals GOP legislators in Sacramento say could be used to avoid the proposed "trigger cuts" to education outlined by Gov. Jerry Brown
A list of budget proposals GOP legislators in Sacramento say could be used to avoid the proposed "trigger cuts" to education outlined by Gov. Jerry Brown

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Published by: John Myers on Mar 29, 2012
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Options to Eliminate t
he Governor’s Proposed Education Trigger Cuts
The Goal:
K-14 Funding Schools at 2011-12 Programmatic Funding Level $3.0 billionHigher Ed Eliminate proposed trigger reduction $0.4 billion$3.4 billion
: This package includes $4.4 billion in solutions. Other proposed cuts, such as the $125 million cut tocourts, could be eliminated if proposed solutions are adopted above the $3.4 billion level.Source
Proposal Comments ProposedSavings ToEliminateTrigger CutEnsure Schools Get FundingThey Deserve
AB 1X 26 (2011) Consistent with current law-Allow RDA funds to flow toschoolsAB 1X 26 dissolved redevelopment agencies. Allunencumbered funds from redevelopmentagencies are to revert to the local agenciesincluding local school districts. The LegislativeAnalyst believes there is approximately $2 billionof unencumbered low income housing funds thatwould revert to local agencies. Under current law,schools would get approximately $1 billion of those funds.$1.0 billion
Use of Prior BudgetSolutions
2011-12 budget Use Proposition 63unanticipated revenuegrowth ($906m) andreserves ($423m)The 2011-12 Budget Act shifted $861 million inProp. 63 funds to the Early and Periodic Screening,Diagnosis, and Treatment Program, Mental HealthManaged Care, and Mental Health Services forSpecial Education Pupils. This proposal continuesuse of excess Prop. 63 funds for the samepurposes.$1.33 billion2011-12 budget Use Proposition 99 Fundsconsistent with past stateBudget ActsProposition 99 funds are funds collected from a.25% tax on cigarettes. Proposition 99 allows thestate to use these funds for healthcare serviceswith a 4/5ths vote of the Legislature. These fundshave been used as budget solutions several timesover the last 20 years.$95 million2010-11 and2011-12BudgetsUse Proposition 10 Fundsconsistent with recent stateBudget ActsIn the 2010-11 Budget Act the state First 5Commission gave $81M to HFP and $50M to DDS,for a total of $131M. The $50M for DDS was alsoincluded in the 2011-12 Budget Act. There arenumerous news accounts and audits thatdemonstrate waste and abuse of First 5 funds.Funding proven programs should be a priority.$131 million2010-11 and2012-13budgetsAB 590 (2009) creates a newlocal program.This new program was suspended in 2009-10 and2010-11, but was initiated in 2011-12 and isassumed to continue in 2012-13 even thoughthere is a $9.2 billion shortfall.$11 million
2009-11budgetsState Worker Participation From 2009-11, state employees were subject to a3 day a month furlough. This had the effect of reducing employee pay by 13.86%, but thosefurloughs have ended and State employee salariesare set to increase by about 5% in July 2013 perrecent MOUs. This proposal assumes savings of 4.6% from reducing salaries equivalent to 1-dayfurlough. The proposal does not require afurlough or a pay cut. These savings could befound by reducing operating expenses or byfinding savings in other ways.$400 millionLAO/2011-12budgetIHSS Extend current 3.6 percent reduction to IHSSrecipients authorized service hours. Current lawsunsets this reduction the end of 2011-12 fiscalyear.$60 millionLAO/ 2009-10budgetIHSS Reduce wages consistent with 2009-10 budget.The pending wage study should address anypotential legal challenges.$98 million2011-12 budget Extend repayment of internal loans
In 2011-12, Governor Brown extended loanrepayments for loans from internal funds as ameans of avoiding service reductions. These loanscan be repaid when education funding is notsubject to damaging trigger cuts. This proposaldoes not contemplate delaying the repayment of Proposition 1a. Note: special funds with largefund balances should be audited and the fees paidby the users reduced going forward.$316 millionGov. Brown Litigation Set-Aside
The Governor’s Budget includes $
440 million tobackfill spending reductions that are currentlybeing litigated. The Administration has stated thatit expects to prevail in these cases. This proposalassumes the Governor prevails in many of thelawsuits (50 percent of the amount the Governorproposes to set-aside).$220 million
GovernmentEfficiencies/StopUnnecessary Spending
LAO Operational efficiencies inCourts.LAO proposals to implement Electronic CourtReporting (3yr phase-in), ensure courts collectexisting charge for civil court reporter costs, andcontract out court interpreting services.$78 millionLAO Delay Development of FISCAL systemDelay for one-year the FISCAL financial informationsystem. New IT system development is a lowerpriority.$40 millionLAO Eliminate General Fundsupport for CA ScienceCenterAccording to the CPR report the California ScienceCenter is primarily a local oriented facility but thestate pays for maintenance. The CSC does notcharge entrance fees like other museums. The CPRrecommended that state support be replaced withan appropriate admissions charge.$15 millionLAO Reject Mental HealthStaffing AugmentationReject the augmentation for mental healthservices for inmates and fund mental healthprogram consistent with the level approved by the$60 million

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