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Beautiful Social - Healthy Philadelphia Final1

Beautiful Social - Healthy Philadelphia Final1

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Published by Carmela Petitto

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Carmela Petitto on Mar 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Healthy Philadelphia 
Usability Test
A Usability Test measures the suitability of the website for its users. It is directed at measuring theeffectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of the website. Conducting a usability test is necessary for any business because if a website is difficult to use, people will leave. The homepage needs to clearly statewhat the business offers and what users can do on the site as well as be easy to navigate. We haveconducted a Usability Test for Healthy Philadelphia below with Morgan Kiley, a junior at Saint Joseph’sUniversity, who has never heard of Healthy Philadelphia’s website before:
Reaction to the Website:
1)What do you think the page is for?
From the title, we initially thought it was a food centered website. However, after further scanning, we think it is a site searching for and in need for health care programs and better living programs.
2)Scan-ability: Is the text in large intimidating chunks or is it scannable/skimmable?
Yes it is scannable and skimmable.
3)Are long entries divided with subtitles or images?
Yes, long entries are sectioned off with readable subtitles.
4)Does the overall design work for this site?
We feel that the website is overloaded with words. And we think that people who are in need for this type of help, the website should be more simplistic and easier to navigate. We could see it being difficult to navigate for someone searching for what they need.
5)What strikes you about the site?
The pictures along the top of the website stood out to me. Especially, the picture of the younger  boy with Down syndrome and his mother.
6)Text/font: Is the text font, size, color clear and readable?
The font and size are clear and readable. However, we do not like the red and orange coloredfonts especially when put next to each other.
7)Color: is the Use of color distracting? Complimentary?
We don’t think the color choices are complimentary. Red is some cases as a negativeconnotation.
8)Noise: Busyness? Is there too much going on? Can it be minimized?
We feel that the website is very busy. We feel that the pages shouldn’t be as jam packed withwords. We think it should be simpler.
We don’t think so. The entries appear to get right to the point.
10)Is site navigation obvious?
Yes, because there are tabs and scroll down menus labeled properly.
11)Is the tag-line descriptive or engaging?
 No, because when we first saw the tag-line we assumed the website was about living a healthylifestyle through a healthy diet.
12)About section: Is the website concept clear? Do you understand the purpose of the site, doyou “Get it”?
We think the “about section” makes it clear to the audience as to what the website is about.
13)Structure/Organization: Amateurish vs. Professional: (Is the site sloppy or neat and clear?Disorganized or organized? Professional or Unprofessional?)
We don’t think it is sloppy, but we also think it lacks creativity. We think its professional though because it lays out the information in an organized and clear manner.
After conducting the usability test with Morgan Kiley, it is evident that your website has many positive aspects. However, there is always room for improvement and we feel that Morgan gavesome great insights as to help add to your website. She enjoyed the information given on thewebsite, the structure was easy to navigate and understand, and overall the website was designed properly to convey your message. However, she felt the site was a little busy and overloaded withwords so we suggest to shorten your entries and provide links for viewers to click if they wouldlike to learn more about that particular entry. Also, she believes that the colors were notcomplimentary and that the color red can provide negative connotations. We suggest that you findcalmer colors for your website.
Background Research
Two organizations that are similar to Healthy Philadelphia that are using social media effectively are TheBill and Miranda Gates Foundation, and The Public Health Management Corporation.1.
Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation
The Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation website is one that is very organized and well laid out.The website homepage is extremely professional and has the perfect balance between text andimages, which makes the site aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The website is also very easy to
navigate, for example it is simple to find exactly what you’re looking for without clicking aroundand opening too many tabs.
Social Media
As for the social media, the Bill and Miranda Gates Foundation operate a Facebook page, as wellas, a Twitter page, a Flickr, and a YouTube channel. One can find all of their social media locatedon their website, on the right-hand side under “Stay Connected”; therefore, making their socialmedia easily accessible to those interested in staying in contact.
The Facebook page is very interactive, as you can see the page has 239,000 likes. Many of theusers share a lot of their personal stories on this fan page, as well, provide feedback (comments)on the articles and updates that are being posted. All of the information about the Bill andMiranda Gates foundation can be easily accessed in the about tab. The one thing that the Bill andMiranda Gates Foundation does not do that we highly recommend is linking your organizationsFacebook page and Twitter page. This is oneway to increase followers on both social media platforms. Below are some examples of Face book posts that this foundation makes.

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