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Forever Frozen

Forever Frozen



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Published by J
umm its not completed yet, i'll post the finished product asap.

just tell me if you like it
umm its not completed yet, i'll post the finished product asap.

just tell me if you like it

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Published by: J on Dec 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I could feel the cold stone counterpressing up against my back. I couldhear voices.‘She may not come to’ one was saying. The other was uttering ‘Well if shedoesn’t, we can do without another oneof her type.’I could sense that there was anotherperson in the room, but I couldn’t tellwhere. He was very close.I couldn’t lie here any longer withoutmoving. It was distracting.‘Hey! She’s awake. Hold her down!’ Iheard someone shout.My eyes shot wide open. The room wasdark and smelt of salt and rust. A deepsnarl started in the base of my chestand worked its way up my throat andripped through my teeth that wereunnaturally sharp.It was deafening and it caused one of the people around me to scream inpain. I didn’t recognise the voice so itmust have been the other person I
sensed before.I could feel strong hands holding thesides of my head, and one hand oneach of my own, pinning them down.Wrought iron chains slid over my wristsand ankles. They silently locked intoplace.‘Shit! She’s so cold! It’s burning me! Jason! Get off your arse! Help me!’ avoice screamed over my wails.It was directly above me. I’m guessingit was the person holding my head.‘You know what Steven! I didn’t evenwant to catch this one!’ screamed Jason, I’m guessing.‘Jesus Jason! We all have problems!Now get over there and help Stevenhold her head down!’ The voice frommy feet screamed.‘Fine. I’ll just sacrifice my hands just tohold another blood-sucker down,’moaned Jason, as his hands swappedwith Stevens. I could hear Steven’s feetscuffing what I assumed to be aconcrete floor, most likely looking foran ice pack. I thrashed in pain as
 Jason’s hands held me tighter andstronger than Stevens’ did. The iron chains burned my skin. Ishrieked in pain. It was high pitchedand loud enough to deafen a normalperson. Another scream of agony, fromwho I’m guessing was Jason…again,reverberated around the room whichhad surprisingly good acoustics for asealed stone chamber.I writhed in pain as the wrought ironchains choked the ends of my limbs.Bridging onto my head, I supportedmyself with my neck and growled atmy capturers, like a wild animal thathas just been caught by poachers. The burning of my limbs enraged mywill to bite and kill. The smell of burning sage, candles, holy water andblood asphyxiated the inside of mythroat and burnt the inside of my nose.I stopped moving for a few seconds tolook at my surroundings properly. Itwas a square-ish room made of concrete. The room was dimly lit with adozen candles randomly placed aroundthe walls.

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