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why_were_you_born house church

why_were_you_born house church

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Published by Jesus only

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Published by: Jesus only on Dec 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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T\ue000inking Cap TimeJ
Do you ever stop to ask yoursel\ue002 big questions? Like\u2026\u201cWho am I?\u201d \u201cWhat
was I born \ue002or?\u201d \u201cWhat is li\ue002e really all about, anyway?\u201d

Is it too \u201cbig\u201d to think about? Or are you just too content with li\ue002e, so why bother about such things? Or maybe you think you have li\ue002e all \ue000gured out. Or you\u2019re buried in a deep, deep pit and you think that it will never change. Whatever the case, I\u2019m asking you to stop right now and take a deliberate, quiet look at some things\u2014as though \ue002or the \ue000rst time ever. Stop and get gut-level honest with yoursel\ue002.

Like\u2026have you ever \ue002elt just crummy about a particular bad habit or some compulsion or addiction you\u2019ve had? No matter what you do, it\u2019s tied to you like a ball and chain.

What about the big \u201clet down\u201d a\ue002ter some big event or holiday? It didn\u2019t
quite \u201cdeliver\u201d what you thought it would.

Maybe you\u2019re totally \ue002ed up or \ue002rustrated with your circumstances or the people around you. Te children \u201crule\u201d and make you want to pull your hair out! Te honeymoon and new little baby are \ue002oggy, \ue002ar-of memories.

Can you identi\ue002y with \ue002eeling ripped of at work or at home or cheated in
some way or another? \u201cTey\u201d did it to me.

Ten there\u2019s the boredom or \ue002rustration with the day-to-day rat race o\ue002 li\ue002e. Or you\u2019re up and down like a yo-yo in your emotions. Or uncertainties loom with your \ue000nances or relationships, and you\u2019re never sure o\ue002 what\u2019s going to happen next. Tere\u2019s no one to really turn to and trust. And when you think you\u2019ve \ue002ound someone, they drop you or cut you of. You know\u2026the basic bummers o\ue002 li\ue002e. \ue001aking junk and dishing it out.

Were you Born?

As always, if we can help you in any way, please
contact the church here at:
P.O. Box 68309, Indianapolis, IN 46268 USA


\u00a92002 AllAtHisFeet.com
Copyright laws, as crazy as they are when we are talking about
God\u2019s Word, require us to say the following: This material is
copyrighted and may not be quoted and/or reproduced
except by permission of the individual writers or copyright owners.
This publication is NEVER to be sold for any price
(2 Corinthians 2:17, Matthew 10:8).


Well\u2026have any o\ue002 those things ever made you wonder, \u201cIsn\u2019t there more to li\ue002e than this? Tere\u2019s got to be more to li\ue002e than this!\u201d Have you ever stopped long enough to get of the Ferris wheel o\ue002 li\ue002e and \ue000nd some solid answers to those questions? Te kinds o\ue002 answers that will change everything, \ue002or the rest o\ue002 your li\ue002e and beyond?? Have you ever really S\ue001OPPED and pondered and thought about your li\ue002e, about God and where you\u2019re going \ue002rom here?

Well, there\u2019s no time like the present! And I promise you that the \u201crat race\u201d o\ue002 li\ue002e, and the emptiness that youk n ow you\u2019ve \ue002elt at some time or another is not the extent o\ue002 God\u2019s will \ue002or you on planet earth, that\u2019s \ue002or sure! Tere is in\ue000nitely more to li\ue002e than the little all-American li\ue002estyle with its work-a-day treadmill, waiting \ue002or the weekends, the \u201c\ue002amily times,\u201d an x-mas tree once a year, not to mention the unspoken heartaches and sin galore. Without even thinking about it, we get hypnotized into thinking that\u2019s the extent o\ue002 our 30 or 50 or 80-year li\ue002e, day in and day out, year a\ue002ter year. We get mesmerized and spellbound by the routine o\ue002 living and the merry-go-round existence. Isn\u2019t it true? You have this idea (in theory at least) that li\ue002e is\u2014or someday will be\u2014just so wonder\ue002ul.

We convince ourselves that li\ue002e will be better when we\u2019re married and have a baby, then another. Ten we are \ue002rustrated that the children aren\u2019t old enough, and we will be more content when they are. A\ue002ter that we\u2019re \ue002rustrated that we have challenging children to deal with. We will certainly be happy when they are out o\ue002 that stage. We tell ourselves that our li\ue002e will be complete when our spouse or roommate gets his or her act together, when we get a better car, and are able to pay the bills without pressure. We\u2019re waiting until we know more, are more, have more, or are appreciated more. Te truth is that we chase these empty dreams that don\u2019t deliver the happiness we always thought would be there.

So, again, no time better than the present to think about God and what HE wants \ue002or your li\ue002e! I\ue002 not now\u2026 when? Your li\ue002e will always be \ue000lled with challenges. Remember, that \u201ctime\u201d waits \ue002or no one. So stop waiting until you \ue000nish school, until you lose ten pounds, until you gain ten pounds, until you have children, until you have a good job, until you retire, until you get married, until the weekend, until you get a new car or home, until your new car or home is paid of, until your spouse treats you right, until spring, until \ue002all, until winter, until summer, until the \ue000rst or \ue000\ue002teenth, until your song comes on, or until you die (and that\u2019s too late!!).T e re\u2019s

no better time than right now to decide to turn to God.

Te way things are \ue002or you now (without God), i\ue002 you\u2019re really honest about it, you know that there are miseries, heartbreaks, loneliness, emptiness, sel\ue002-centeredness, pride, vanity, greed, jealousy, envy, anger and sin o\ue002 every kind. Te truth is, that apart from knowing God, the hurt\ue002ul ugliness and \ue002estering sins are very much a part o\ue002 human li\ue002e. In \ue002act, it saturates everything. And truth be told, we\u2019re doomed because o\ue002 it. It\u2019s morbid, I know, but unless you do something about it, it\u2019ll be more o\ue002 the same, nothing ever changing\u2026right on into eternity and hell\ue000re.

And \ue001HA\ue001 is DEFINI\ue001ELY NO\ue001 what you were born \ue002or!!
So Why Were You Born??
JESUS is W\ue000\ue001 you Were Born!
You were born \ue002orHi m! You were given li\ue002e so you could \ue000nd and know
God and Jesus, His Son.
Stay with me here, okay? Don\u2019t quit reading because you think you\u2019ve
\u201cheard it all be\ue002ore\u2026\u201d
He\u2019s care\ue002ully and lovingly watching you, and He\u2019s placed you here \ue002or a
far greater purpose than you could ever imagine! Certainly not to live a

9 to 5 run-o\ue002-the-mill li\ue002e. And certainly not to live in misery, sel\ue000shness, heartache and boredom\u2014that\u2019s \ue002or sure! He wants to wash you clean and set youf re e \ue002rom all the guilt and sin in your heart and rotten attitudes and emotional bouts. He wants to open your eyes to a world \ue002ull o\ue002 Glory, Power and Beauty in Jesus, the King o\ue002 all kings and the Lord o\ue002 all lords. He longs to \ue000ll you and make you Rich beyond measure in the Li\ue002e o\ue002 God and His Precious Son, Jesus. He ofers you Life to the full \u2014not just a patchwork o\ue002 things that will vanish nearly be\ue002ore the next sunrise over your gravesite. And Li\ue002e to the FULL is \ue002ound only in the One you were created \ue002or\u2014God made it that way! \ue001o live in Him and with Him and \ue002or Him.T a t\u2019s why you were born! You were born to be \ue002riends with God and live with Him now and \ue002orever.

Since God has made you \ue002or a purpose like that, why would you keep running around in circles, pushing your little \u201cpiles o\ue002 sand\u201d \ue002rom place to place? Where is that leading you, anyway?? He made you, and has a plan \ue002or you. He wants you to come out \ue002rom the li\ue002e you currently live. He has Wonder\ue002ul things to show you. Te In\ue000nite, All-power\ue002ul Lord and Maker o\ue002 the heavens and the earth wants to \ue000ll you up with a brand-new li\ue002e in

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