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Published by Kieran James Hole
A short story about a boy called Lester.
A short story about a boy called Lester.

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Published by: Kieran James Hole on Mar 29, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lester The Library’s redwood shelves stood up high in the room, and the small windows muskylight shined in as much as they possibly could. The noise of books rustling around fromthe inside was slim, as not many people stirred inside. The room was incredibly high, withhigh looming bookshelves with far too many books. The bookshelves had many emptyspaces, where the place had too little money to buy more. There were no lights in theroom, as the library closed before it got too late. The library was divided into categories,including a sci-fi one. In this section, was a teen boy rummaging around through theshelves, looking for a certain something. His hair was typically ginger, and fairly rugged.It was slightly going over his face, but his thick-rimmed glasses pushed them back up sothey didn’t obstruct his vision. His glasses had a black frame, and thick lenses. It wasimpossible to see his eyes through the other end, making his face a seldom seen one. Hewas wearing parts of a school uniform, which included a white shirt, with the top button undone, and the shirt hanging out from behind him. His trousers were a dark grey, and were alittle too tight. He wore black socks, however odd as they read different things. His shoeswere standard school wear. On his right arm was a digital watch, with the time set wrong.The boy continued to search the shelves looking for a certain book, until the bell of theschool in which the library was situated went off, signalling the five o’clock hour. A fewun savoury voices could be heard entering the library a few minutes later. The boy reacted by turning his head to the right, towards the door, to notice them, upon realising who the people were, he his head back, and stopped searching. He picked up a backpack from thefloor, and slung it over his left shoulder, then proceeded to walk away from the voices atthe entrance.“Hey, Lester!” One of the voices shouted. The boy turned around upon hearing hisname; only to his dismay did he see a group of six older looking boys. Two of them werewearing their uniform like the boy was; the other four were wearing more casual clothing.The leader of the six boys led the pack towards him. His skin was tanned, not like theother boy who’s skin was pale from a lack of sunlight. His hair was gelled up at the front,which was also a natural chocolate brown colour. The rest of his hair was gelled towardsthe front, and was a dyed blonde. He wore a red sporting jacket with the buttons done up.It looked too small for him, but he wore it anyway. He had mustard coloured trousers on,and big multi-coloured shoes. He approached the boy, keeping his group behind him at alltimes.“Hey buddy, what are y’ lookin’ for?” He asked. His voice had a patronizing toneto it. He was no friend of the pale skinned boy.“Leave me alone, Derek. I was just leaving.” He replied. The pale skinned boy’svoice was similar to that of most teenage boys, however it was only slightly higher. Hewas not used to talking in situations like this.“Really Lester? It didn’t look like you were leaving. Lookin’ for a book, Lester?”Derek asked, as if being friendly.“No, leave me alone Derek.” Lester said calmly. One of Derek’s friends called outto him, calling Lester boring, and telling them they should go and pick of some of the newkids.“Shut up!” Derek shouted back to him. His group became silent, but stayed wherethey were. Derek took a few more steps forward towards Lester, and grabbed his shirt.
Lester dropped his bag and was almost hanging in the air. Derek was considerably taller than him.“You like books, right Lester?” Derek whispered to him.“And what if I do?” Lester’s almost antagonizing attitude towards Derek frustratedhim.“Shut up!” Derek shouted again, he proceeded to slap Lester in the face, and bydoing so dropped him on his feet. Lester grunted, but stayed on the floor in an almost balllike shape. Derek picked him up again, but Lester resisted. This proved to be pointless, asDerek slapped him again, but much harder. Lester grunted even louder and fell to the floor in a heap. By now Derek’s rage had slightly subsided, and his friends who laughing anincredible amount, and were crying like crocodiles from the immense humour they had justwitnessed. As Derek and his friends proceeded to leave, Lester over heard one of themasking him why they were not going to Derek’s home after the beating, to which Derek replied that Tommy would be there, and he’d ruin everything. Lester climbed back ontohis feet, and sighed. He pushed his glasses back onto his face, and realising that he wasalone again, started searching for the book. Much to his dismay, he was interrupted soonenough. A girl of the same height walked round the corner. Her hair was dyed pink, andshe wore a lot of make up. Her foundation kept her face smooth looking, where her eyeliner gave her black eyes. She had a dark purple lipstick on, and in her hair were twochop sticks, keeping the bun in her hair up. She wore a jacket with obscene cartoon imagesof cats where their brains had been removed. She was wearing no shoes.“Lester?” She said. She spoke in a calm tone, she, like Lester, rarely spoke to people. Lester turned round to find out who was talking to him.“Oh, it’s you. What do you want, Hannah?” He asked, as he turned his head back to the shelves.“I… heard what happened. Are you okay?” She asked worryingly.“I’m fine. Are you done?”“Uh, what are you looking for?” She asked, still sounding worried.“Looking for a book. Are you done here, Hannah?” He scowled.“I know you’re sore from what Derek and his thugs did to you and I have beenfriends since primary school!” She cried. Lester pushed his glasses up his face a little.“I wouldn’t say friends.” He replied.“Ugh, I was just trying to be nice! Sometimes I wish I could just kill you!” Shescreamed. Lester turned around at the absurdity of the comment she’d made.“Kill me?” He asked curiously. He was now completely focused on Hannah.“I… I… no. Not kill you. People just make me so angry sometimes and I-” Lester had turned round and returned to searching for his book before Hannah had finishedtalking. He was no longer interested.“Even if I did kill you,” She continued, “I wouldn’t want to upset your mother.”She said. Lester stopped searching through his books, and stood still, but not looking atHannah. Hannah waited for Lester’s response, hoping it would be an apology of some sort.Awkwardness reared it’s ugly head into the conversation.“Are you done?” He asked once more. Hannah scowled at him and walked awayfrom Lester, leaving them both alone. Lester continued to stay still, despite the fact he wasno longer in conversation. Suddenly he picked up his bag and decided to leave the library.Like he had done previously, he slung it over his shoulder and walked away from the
library. The outside of the library led into the school corridor, which circulated around theschool in a pentagon shape, and it had two floors. The library was dead in the centre, onthe second floor. The corridors had a laminated wooden plank-flooring running throughthe centre, with a white painted border. The walls were painted white in the same way.The corridors were fairly well lit, as there were beam shaped bulbs following the ceilingaround the entire corridor, as they’d been fitted that way. On the walls were hugewindows, the size that someone could sit out of if they were open. If there wasn’t awindow, there were posters. The football team needed new members, as their team was toosmall and they had a game coming up. The PE department had been advertising space on acommon occasion, however no one was interested. Lester began walking to the stairs atthe back of the school, so he could head home. Very few students were around now,except for the ones in the library and trying out for extra curricular activities, like thefootball team. Lester walked out the door, and the brilliant sunshine shined directly intohis eyes, and they screamed in pain, refusing to allow the cruel light in. Soon, Lester couldsee again, and his eyes adjusted to how bright it was. Lester began walking down the pathuntil he reached the bus stop. Luckily for him, the bus pulled up straight away. The doorsopened and Lester walked in.“Where you-” The driver was cut off by Lester ignoring him.“Hey! Kid, get outta here!” Hannah walked onto the bus at the time, and paid thedriver for both her and Lester. She sat in front of Lester, but made no attempt atcommunication.“Thanks.” He said bluntly. There was no reply. The same awkwardness revealeditself to be sitting with them too.“It’s okay.” She said, without looking back at him. Soon enough, the bus hadarrived at Lester’s stop, and he got off, and started walking. Hannah walked to her house,which was in a slightly different direction to Lester’s. The streets around him were so greyand bland. All the houses were attached, with flat roofs. No one Lester had deemedworthy enough of him lived around, so he spent his time in doors. All the houses were painted white, with blue borders on the windows. The actual glass was dirty, and it lookedugly on the blue and white. There were shops on the other side of the road; they wereyellow buildings, which were bigger, and older. They too, were ugly in Lester’s opinion.Lester approached his house, but made no attempt to enter. He instead turned a corner andcontinued walking. Eventually, he reached a block of houses he hadn’t seen in years. Herecognized number 13 in the row of houses straight away. He approached, and rang thedoorbell. Sweat ran down his face. The wooden door in front of him was badly damaged,and looked like one of the oldest in the block. There was no attempt of a garden, or  perhaps there was, but only it’s corpse lay there now. The door opened, and a small boor answered on the other side of it. He had spiked up, long blonde hair, and looked far tooinnocent. His mouth was open in awe.“Hello?” He asked.“Is anyone else home?” Lester replied. His voice was not subtle.“Uh, no. Why?” The boy replied.“Good.” Lester pushed the door open and walked in, and then he slammed the door  behind him.“Ah! What are y’ doin’?” The boy cried.

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