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Part5 - Ralph Sends Lloyd a Mast

Part5 - Ralph Sends Lloyd a Mast

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Published by Gifford Watkins

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Published by: Gifford Watkins on May 28, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PART FIVE - RALPH SENDS LLOYD A MASTEXTERIOR. FIELD NEXT TO ROAD CHURCHILL FARM. DAY.LLOYD is out in one of his gardens, with a hoe in his hands. Ahorsedrawn postal wagon with a large mast hanging off the back,pulls up to the road end of the field. LLOYD looks up and pauses,then begins to meander over to the wire fence separating them.LLOYD(shouting)Hey boy, I'll be right there!The POSTMAN sits disinterested. LLOYD approaches and leans upagainst a fence pole.LLOYDWhat can I do for you?POSTMANYou can tell me what to do with thisthing.LLOYDWell, it looks like a mast. Who's itfor?POSTMAN(gets upwith papersin hand andsteps downwalking overa smallditch)Well, maybe you can tell me.LLOYD(smiles agreeably)Well, OK, let's have a look, shall we?The POSTMAN approaches and opens up the documents for them bothto view.POSTMANWell, it says here this here pole camefrom the States.LLOYD(puzzled)Well, does it say who sent it?POSTMAN
© Gifford Watkins
Says it came from Seagramms NauticalShop in Port Huron.LLOYDWell, I'll be. That's in Michigan, butI don't know anyone who lives there.It's addressed to Churchill Bros.Farm, Overton.POSTMANWell, I don't know who sent it. Itlooks like someone may have put thewrong address on here, where do youwant it? Oh, here's a letter for youtoo.POSTMAN reaches into his pocket and pulls out a letter.LLOYD(takers itand looksat thereturnaddress)Well I'll be. This is from Uncle RALPHin Ontario. You know he went away toschool and now he has his doctorate.I'll bet he heard I was buildin' asailboat and he sent me this mast. Boyoh boy, now isn't that something, JOE?POSTMAN JOE(unimpressed)Yeah, big deal, where do you want thisthing?LLOYDWell now, I'll tell you what. You be agood boy now and take that mast up tothe top of the hill. Right next to thesilo is a little barn, that mast'llfit right in there, ok?JOE(turns andhops theditch, getson hisbuggy)See yah, LLOYD!LLOYD(smilingbroadly):Yeah, ok Boy
© Gifford Watkins
LLOYD turns his attention back to the letter and reads aloud:AUDIO PLAYS – FADING SHOTS OF FOLLOWINGDear LLOYD,Your Aunt NELLIE said you mentionedkeeping your new boat down at thesummerhouse on the park. You build thehull and I'll find the rigging. It'sbeen a long time since we've sailed. Ihope you are well. Shall we set a saildate for April 21 next spring? I'llsee you then.Your Uncle RALPHLLOYD smiles broadly now and throws down his hoe, jumps over thebarbed wire fence and starts running until he catches up to thepostwagon, and jumps aboard.LLOYDJOE, we're going to sail! We're goingto sail!JOE(Notinterestedbut grinningat LLOYD):Sail on, LLOYDEnd of Scene:INTERIOR. BOATSHOP. DAY and NIGHT ALT.Sequence of camera shots take place throughout the year beforeSpring.LLOYD receiving brass cleats, sails, rigging from the postman.Shots alternate between LLOYD receiving and installing them onthe boat.During shots of LLOYD installing hardware on the sailboat areFLASHBACKS of RALPH and LLOYD sailing the model boat RALPH builtfor LLOYD.INTERIOR. BOATSHOP. DAY and NIGHT ALT.LLOYD’s face is grim with determination as he puts the hardwareinto place. The image fades into a recollection from his past.FLASHBACK. EXTERIOR. SALT POND. DAY.
© Gifford Watkins

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