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Governor House Bengal

Governor House Bengal

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Published by Abhishek Sharma
All about the grand building built by the British for the Governor General and Viceroy of India.
All about the grand building built by the British for the Governor General and Viceroy of India.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Abhishek Sharma on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE STORY OF GOVERNMENT HOUSE ByN.V.H. Symons, M.C., I.C.S.Bengal Government Press, Alipore, BengalM C M X X X V
In Government House Library is an admirable work in two largevolumes by Marquis Curzon of Kedleston called
published in1925 by Cassell and Company.It is the result of indefatigable original researches made byLord Curzon during his Viceroyalty (1899-1905) and also afterwards,partly out of love of the great office he held, and partly out of lovefor Government House, Calcutta, which was modeled on his ancestral homeKedleston Hall. He states that it was the similarity between the twohouses that first turned his attention, when a boy, to India and plantedin him the ambition, from an early age, to pass from a Kedleston inDerbyshire to a Kedleston in Bengal. His ambition was fulfilled and herepaid the debt by writing the history of the house and its inmates.When he died in 1925 he volume collects together in the form more orless of a was still engaged in correcting the proofs and preparing theIndex.This small guide book, condenses and in some cases adds to suchinformation from the five hundred pages of Lord Curzon’s work as isthought by one who is interested in his surroundings may appeal toothers who are of like mind. Hundred pages of Lord Curzon’s work as isthought by one who is interested in his surroundings may appeal toothers who are of like mind. Those whom it interests are recommended toread the intensely interestingfull work by Lord Curzon.Those whom it interests are recommended to read the intenselyinteresting full work by Lord Curzon.
Private Secretary to His ExcellencySir John Anderson, P.G., G.C.B., G.C.I.E.,Governor of BengalGOVERNMENT HOUSE,CALCUTTAThe 4th July, 1935. 
CHAPTER IIntroductory
The design of Government House, Calcutta, is an adaptation of the plan of Kedleston Hallin Derbyshire which was built for Lord Scarsdale, the great-great-grandfather of Lord Curzon ofKedleston, in the years1759-1770 by the renowned architect Robert Adam. Although the fame ofKedleston was on many lips in the second half of the 18th century on account of its decorativefeatures and the beauty of its style, it was not this so much as the remarkable suitability of thegeneral design to the conditions of a tropical climate which led to its adoption as the general modelfor Government House, Calcutta, which was built in the years 1799-1803.The scheme of a great central pile with curving corridors radiating from its four angles todetached wings, each constituting a house in itself, was admirably adapted to a climate whereevery breath of air from whatever quarter must be seized.Government House resembles Kedleston Hall in the broad external Features of shape, designand orientation, in the extreme dimensions from East to West, in the concentration of the mainState rooms in the middle pile, in the placing there of a great marble hall supported by columnsand in the superimposition of a dome above the Southern façade, but the two houses differradically both in material and arrangement Kedleston is built mainly of a grey or yellowishsandstone and only partly of brick while Government House is built entirely of brick covered overwith white plaster which is color-washed every year. They differ also in completeness ofconstruction, only two of the projecting wings having been finished at Kedleston, whereasGovernment House has all four Government House also has a semi-circular projecting portico andcolonnade on the South front which Kedleston lacks. Another point ofdissimilarity is that the curved corridors at Government House are two story’s high and so their roofline is level with that of the wings and of the main building, whereas at Kedleston the corridors areonly one storey high so that the wings stand up higher than the curving corridorswhich join them to the central pile. Government House in addition has spacious verandahs on theSouthern face which are absent and unnecessaryat Kedleston.In the interior, Government House differs from Kedleston in that above the Marble Hall atGovernment House is a Ball Room, whereas at Kedleston the Marble Hall is carried right up to theroof and is lit by skylights. Also there is a grand central internal staircase at Kedleston whereas atGovernment House there are four comparatively small staircases at the four angles of the centralpile which are very much better suited for the arrangements which have to be made for the comingand going of public entrée and private entrée guests at large functions.

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