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organic fuels presentation fo lichts 2008 04 23

organic fuels presentation fo lichts 2008 04 23

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Published by: EnvBiotech on Dec 08, 2008
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March 2008
\u00a9 Organic Fuels Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved
Thomas E. Gieskes
March 2008
\u00a9 Organic Fuels Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved
Organic Fuels
\u2022Houston based producer of biofuels
\u2022Operating 55 MM GPY biodiesel plant on Houston Ship Channel
since January 2006
\u2022Projects in development for ethanol from biomass and sugarcane
\u2022Biodiesel feedstock integration into palm, jatropha and algae
\u2022For ethanol, focus is on integrated biorefineries
March 2008
\u00a9 Organic Fuels Holdings, Inc. - All rights reserved
Renewable Fuels 101

\u2022Approximate chemical reaction: n CO2 + n H2O + 7n photons + nutrients => CnH2nOnNxSy + n O2
\u2022Solar Incidence is 4 to 7 kWh/m2, but only 47% is in the right frequency range for photosynthesis
\u2022Other inefficiencies and plants\u2019 internal energy usage make that less than 10% of available sunlight is actually

converted into usable biomass
\u2022Green algae are the most efficient, converting 7 - 8% of total sunlight into usable biomass with a maximum
theoretical yield of 140 ton DM/acre/year of which 40% could be available as lipids (15,000 gallons/acre/year)
\u2022By comparison, soy beans yield only 1.5 ton DM/acre/year containing only 20% oil (90 gallon/acre/year), while
sugarcane typically yields 15 ton DM/acre/year for 800 gallon/acre/year of ethanol
Converting CO2 into renewable fuels does not sequester much carbon, it just
slows down the continuing increase in atmospheric CO2 from burning fossil fuels

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