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2008 Cornshucker Tab Summary

2008 Cornshucker Tab Summary

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Published by anemani10

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Published by: anemani10 on Dec 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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8th Annual Cornshucker ChallengeUniversity of Iowa
Iowa City, IATABULATION ROOM SUMMARYDecember 6-7, 2008Team Name/NumberRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Summary
Colgate 782Δ v. 782L L-3 -20Π v. 500L T-5 0Δ v. 768L L-6 -9Π v. 408W W+18 +122.5Columbia 514Δ v. 632L W-7 +9Π v. 768W W+17 +9Π v. 528W W+17 +13Δ v. 708W W+6 +47Columbia 515Δ v. 768W L+4 -2Π v. 612L L-4 -2Π v. 529W T+5 0Δ v. 500W W+1 +54.5Cornell 404Π v. 992L T-6 0Δ v. 872L W-3 +3Π v. 500W W+17 +1Δ v. 864W W+6 +95.5Cornell 405Δ v. 682L L-19 -10Π v. 524L L-28 -10Δ v. 408W W+7 +5Π v. 993L L-15 -142Fresno State 408Δ v. 708L L-15 -18Π v. 616L L-29 -21Π v. 405L L-7 -5Δ v. 782L L-18 -120Grinnell 616Π v. 633L L-9 -1Δ v. 408W W+29 +21Δ v. 682L T-5 0Π v. 873W L+4 -13.5Hamline 768Π v. 515L W-4 +2Δ v. 514L L-17 -9Π v. 782W W+6 +9Δ v. 613L T-6 03.5Illinois 708Π v. 408W W+15 +18Δ v. 633L W-8 +4Δ v. 306L T-6 0Π v. 514L L-6 -43.5Iowa 612Π v. 872W W+3 +9Δ v. 515W W+4 +2Δ v. 518W W+16 +17Π v. 633W W+7 +98Iowa 613Δ v. 873W L+11 -3Π v. 993L L-6 -3Δ v. 872L W-3 +5Π v. 768W T+6 03.5
Team Name/NumberRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Summary
Kansas 864Δ v. 993L W-19 +4Π v. 632L T-3 0Δ v. 873L T-4 0Π v. 404L L-6 -92Loras 528Δ v. 782W W+3 +20Π v. 576W L+4 -3Δ v. 514L L-17 -13Π v. 992L T-6 03.5Loras 529Δ v. 306L L-7 -11Π v. 873W L+1 -1Δ v. 515L T-5 0Π v. 872L L-11 -141.5Macalester 576Π v. 500W W+17 +18Δ v. 528L W-4 +3Δ v. 633L L-7 -7Π v. 518W W+1 +15Miami 992Δ v. 404W T-6 0Π v. 306W L+9 -10Π v. 524W L+6 -5Δ v. 528W T+6 05Miami 993Π v. 864W L+19 -4Δ v. 613W W+6 +3Π v. 632L L-4 -2Δ v. 405W W+15 +145Michigan 524Π v. 518L L-7 -1Δ v. 405W W+28 +10Δ v. 992L W-6 +5Π v. 682W W+8 +25Minnesota 500Δ v. 576L L-17 -18Π v. 782W T+5 0Δ v. 404L L-17 -1Π v. 515L L-1 -51.5Ohio State 306Π v. 529W W+7 +11Π v. 992L W-9 +10Π v. 708W T+6 0Δ v. 632L W-2 +35.5Rhodes 872Δ v. 612L L-3 -9Π v. 404W L+3 -3Π v. 613W L+3 -5Δ v. 529W W+11 +144Rhodes 873Π v. 613L W-11 +3Δ v. 529L W-1 +1Π v. 864W T+4 0Δ v. 616L W-4 +14.5St. Olaf 682Π v. 405W W+19 +10Δ v. 518L L-13 -6Π v. 616W T+5 0Δ v. 524L L-8 -23.5UMKC 518Δ v. 524W W+7 +1Π v. 682W W+13 +6Π v. 612L L-16 -17Δ v. 576L L-1 -14Washington 632Π v. 514W L+7 -9Δ v. 864W T+3 0Δ v. 993W W+4 +2Π v. 306W L+2 -35.5Washington 633Δ v. 616W W+9 +1Π v.708W L+8 -4Π v. 576W W+7 +7Δ v. 612L L-9 -75

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