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Published by Regan Lee

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Published by: Regan Lee on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We Met the Space People: The story of the Mitchell Sisters
by Helen and Betty Mitchell
introduction by Regan Lee
 About this book
We Met the Space People; The Story of the Marcel Sisters,
by Betty andHelen Mitchell, is in the public domain. It was originally published bySaucerian Books, 1959, Clarksburg West Virginia.Cover art: “The First Nano second,” acrylic, by James Rich 
Cafe Esoterica Press
IntroductionHelen and Betty Mitchell. Two female contactees that were fortunateenough to have met Space People. Or so they said. Is their story true?We’ll never know if their adventures with the Space Brothers Tegron, Elenand Zelas and others were literal experiences, sheer fantasy, themanifestations of a shared psychological event, or a delightful hoax. Inmany ways it simply doesn't matter. Their story belongs in the context of folklore of the contactee era. (the term folklore is not to be confused with“lie” or “untruth.) Like many of the contactees, the messages the Mitchellsisters came away with contained warnings of coming earth changes dueto humanity’s insistence on creating and using weapons of war, as well ascontinuing practices that caused harm to the environment and the planetearth. Pole shifts, global warming and visitations from “evil space beings”all are prophesied in We Met the Space People. Eerily prophetic (this canbe seen in contactee Dana Howard’s books) whatever we may think of the contactee’s stories, elements of their encounters parallel what we areexperiencing today in terms of global upheavals and societal disruptions.These sermons from space brothers and sisters were the mantras of theETs that visited earthlings during The Time of the Contactee. As with the majority of the contactees, Betty and Helen’s spacebeings were from Venus and Mars, the two favorite home planets it

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