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Interactive assembly - based on Daniel 3

Interactive assembly - based on Daniel 3

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Published by Fiona L Cooper
The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, designed for Primary school assemblies
The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, designed for Primary school assemblies

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Published by: Fiona L Cooper on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Who can remember who was in the story we learned about last time?What was the name of the king? [slide 2] This time, the story is about Daniel's 3 friends [slide 3] and their nameswere:Shadrach, Meshach and AbednegoLet's have a go at saying those names.Now I'm going to need some help as I tell today's story:Whenever I say these names, you can say them with me, so let's try that...I'll hold up my fingers like this one at a time as we say the names...In this story, there's a fiery furnace [slide 4] and I need you to listen out forthe words, 'fiery furnace,' and every time you hear that phrase, you have tosay, "
Oh no, not the fiery furnace!
" with gestures.So let's try that: I was walking along one day when by the side of the road Isaw the fiery furnace... oh yes, the fiery furnace... and the fiery furnace...was so hot that I ran past it as fast as I could.Now, when I say, 'heat up the furnace' you need to say, "
more heat, moreheat
" with gestures.Let's try that: The man said, 'heat up the furnace'... but it wasn't hotenough, so he said it again, 'heat up the furnace,'...
King Nebuchadnezzar built a tall, tall statue made out of gold. It was27 metres tall (as tall as a 9 storey building) and 2.5 metres wide.Huge! And made out of gold. Everyone could see it from milesaround.
 The king ordered everyone to bow down and worship this statue he'dmade, whenever they heard the music playing. And if they didn't, hewould throw them in the fiery furnace!
oh no, not the fiery furnace!
yes, the fiery furnace
oh no, not the fiery furnace!S,M &A REFUSE
So whenever the people heard the music, they would all bow down toworship the golden statue. Everyone, that is, except...
shadrach,meshach and abednego
 You see, they worshiped God, just likeDaniel did, so they didn't want to worship the statue.Now, when the officials found out that
shadrach, meshach andabednego
wouldn't bow down and worship the golden statue, theytold the king.
 The king called for
shadrach, meshach and abednego
and said, "Isit true that you don't serve my gods? And is it true that you won't bowdown and worship the golden statue? Now come on, it's not that hard,you just need to listen out for the music, and when you hear it, youbow down and worship the statue, and that's good. But, if you don'tdo that, then I'll have to throw you into the fiery furnace
oh no, notthe fiery furnace!
and no god can save you from that."But
shadrach, meshach and abednego
said, "We will not worshipthe statue. You can throw us into the fiery furnace
oh no, not thefiery furnace!
but our God is able to save us. And even if he doesn'tsave us, we will still not worship the statue. We will only worship theGod who made the heavens and the earth."
Well that made the king furious and he said,
"right! that's it!you're going into the fiery furnace!"
oh no, not the fieryfurnace!
He was so angry, he wanted the furnace to be even hotter thannormal, so he said, "heat up the furnace!"
more heat, more heat
but it still wasn't hot enough, so he said, "heat up the furnace!"
moreheat, more heat
but it still wasn't hot enough, so he said, "heat upthe furnace!"
more heat, more heat
In the end, the furnace wasnot once, not twice, not 3 times, not 4 times, not 5 times, not 6 times,but 7 times hotter than usual. Then he had
shadrach, meshach andabednego
tied up so they couldn't move. The guards took them tothe furnace, but it was so hot that it killed the guards and
shadrach,meshach and abednego
fell into the flames.
Now the king looked into the furnace and saw an amazing thing - firstof all, the men inside weren't dead, and they weren't tied up anymore,they were walking around. And, even more amazing, he counted themen.. 1 2 3 4 and shook his head and tried again, 1 2 3 4, and thenasked - "how many people did we throw into the fire?" "3" the officialssaid. "Well how come there are four people there now? And one of them looks like an angel!"
Suddenly he realised that the God who
shadrach, meshach andabednego
worshiped was a powerful God and he had saved themfrom dying in the fire. So he called to the three friends to come out of the furnace, and they came out unharmed - none of them had beenburnt at all.King Nebuchadnezzar was astounded, and he said, "Praise the God of 
shadrach, meshach and abednego
, who sent an angel and savedthese men from the fire! These men were willing to die rather thanobey me and serve any other god but their own. Their God isamazing!"

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