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Table Of Contents

Getting Started
What Is TextWrangler?
How Can I Use TextWrangler?
Editing Source Code
Editing Text Files
Human Interface Notes
Dynamic Menus
Bypassing Options Dialogs
Contextual Menus
Snappy Palettes
Dialog Box Key Equivalents
Plug-ins Plug-In Tools palette
What’s New in this Version
Info on New Features
TextWrangler Discussion Group
Support Services
How to contact us
2Installing TextWrangler
Basic Installation
System Requirements
Installing TextWrangler
Updating an Existing Copy
Upgrading from a Previous Version
Welcome Dialog and Registration
TextWrangler’s Application Support Folders
Using the Global Application Support Folder
Using a Local Application Support Folder
Application Support Folder Contents
Language Modules
Menu Scripts
Shutdown Items
Text Factories
Unix Support
Preference Files and Folders
TextWrangler Preferences File
TextWrangler Preferences Folder
Grep Patterns.xml
3Working with Files
Launching TextWrangler
Startup Items
Creating and Saving Documents
Saving a Copy of a File
File Saving Options
File State
Long File Names
Saving with Authentication
Saving Compressed Files with bz2 and gzip
Opening Existing Documents
Choosing the Encoding for a Document
Using the Open Command
Opening bz2 or gzip Files and Binary plists
Using the Open Hidden Command
Using the Open from FTP/SFTP Server Command
Using the Open Selection Command
Using the Open File by Name Commands
Using the Open Counterpart Command
Using the Open Recent Command
Using the Reopen using Encoding Command
An International Text Primer
International Text in TextWrangler
Saving Unicode Files
Opening Unicode Files
Accessing FTP/SFTP Servers
Opening Files from FTP/SFTP Servers
Saving Files to FTP/SFTP Servers
Using TextWrangler from the Command Line
Using Stationery
Hex Dump for Files and Documents
Making Backups
Text Printing Options
Print Selection Only
Basic Editing
Moving Text
Multiple Clipboards
Drag and Drop
Multiple Undo
Window Anatomy
The Tool Bar
The Split Bar
The Navigation Bar
The Documents Drawer
The Status Bar
The View Menu
Text Display
Hide/Show Tool Bar
Hide/Show Navigation Bar
Hide/Show Documents Drawer
Previous Document/Next Document
Open in Separate Window
Get Info
Reveal in Finder
Open in Super Get Info
Cursor Movement and Text Selection
Clicking and Dragging
Arrow Keys
CamelCase Navigation
Rectangular Selections
Working with Rectangular Selections
Scrolling the View
The Delete Key
The Numeric Keypad
Go To Line Command
Function Keys
Resolving URLs
Text Options
Editing Options
Display Options
Page guide
How TextWrangler Wraps Text
Soft Wrapping
Hard Wrapping
The Insert Submenu
Inserting File Contents
Inserting File & Folder Paths
Inserting a Folder Listing
Inserting a Page Break
Inserting Time Stamps
Comparing Text Files
Compare Against Disk File
Multi-File Compare Options
Using Markers
Setting Markers
Clearing Markers
Using Grep to Set Markers
Spell Checking Documents
Check Spelling As You Type
Manual Spell Checking
The Spelling Panel
Using Excalibur for Spell Checking
5Text Transformations
Text Menu Commands
Exchange Characters
Change Case
Shift Left / Shift Right
Un/Comment Selection
Hard Wrap
Add Line Breaks
Remove Line Breaks
Apply Text Factory
Apply Last Text Factory
Convert to ASCII
Educate Quotes
Straighten Quotes
Add/Remove Line Numbers
Prefix/Suffix Lines
Sort Lines
Process Duplicate Lines
Process Lines Containing
Rewrap Quoted Text
Increase and Decrease Quote Level
Strip Quotes
Zap Gremlins
Zap Control Characters
Normalize Line Endings
Text Factories in TextWrangler
Installing Text Factories
The Text Factories Menu
Minimize Window
Bring All to Front
Unix Scripting Tools, Unix Filters, and Unix Scripts
Save Default Window
Basic Searching and Replacing
Search Settings
Special Characters
Multi-File Searching
Starting a Search
Find All and Multi-File Search Results
Specifying the Search Set
Saved Search Sets
Multi-File Search Options
File Filters
Searching CVS Directories
Quick Search
Multi-File Search
Find Next/Previous
Find All
Find Selected Text/Previous Selected Text
Use Selection for Find
Use Selection for Find (grep)
Use Selection for Replace
Use Selection for Replace (grep)
Replace All
Replace to End
Replace & Find Again
Go to Line
Go to Center Line
Go to Function Start/End
Go to Previous/Next Function
Jump Back
Jump Forward
Set Jump Mark
Find Differences
Compare Two Front Documents
Apply to New
Apply to Old
Compare Again
Find Definition
Find in Reference
8Searching with Grep
What Is Grep or Pattern Searching?
Recommended Books and Resources
Writing Search Patterns
Most Characters Match Themselves
Escaping Special Characters
Wildcards Match Types of Characters
Other Positional Assertions
Character Classes Match Sets or Ranges of Characters
Matching Non-Printing Characters
Other Special Character Classes
Quantifiers Repeat Subpatterns
Combining Patterns to Make Complex Patterns
Creating Subpatterns
Using Backreferences in Subpatterns
Using Alternation
The “Longest Match” Issue
Non-Greedy Quantifiers
Writing Replacement Patterns
Subpatterns Make Replacement Powerful
Using the Entire Matched Pattern
Using Parts of the Matched Pattern
Case Transformations
Matching Identifiers
Matching White Space
Matching Delimited Strings
Marking Structured Text
Marking a Mail Digest
Rearranging Name Lists
Advanced Grep Topics
Matching Nulls
POSIX-Style Character Classes
Non-Capturing Parentheses
Perl-Style Pattern Extensions
Pattern Modifiers
Positional Assertions
Conditional Subpatterns
Once-Only Subpatterns
Recursive Patterns
Browser Overview
List Pane
Tool Bar
Text View Pane
Disk Browsers
Disk Browser Controls
Searching the Preferences
Application Preferences
Software Update
List Display Font
Automatically refresh documents as they change on disk
Remember the N most recently used items
At Startup
Documents & Drawer Preferences
New & Opened Documents
Warn Before Closing a Window Containing Multiple Documents
Open the Documents Drawer
Next Document and Previous Document Navigate in
Allow Documents Drawer to Acquire Keyboard Focus
Editing: General Preferences
Allow Single-Click Line Selection
Double-Click to Balance
Include Delimiter Characters when Balancing
Use “Hard” Lines in Soft-Wrapped Views
Soft Wrapped Line Indentation
Extra Space in Text Views
Turn Off Text Smoothing
Editing: Keyboard Preferences
“Home” and “End” Keys
Allow Tab Key to Indent Text Blocks
Exchange Command and Option Key Behavior
Enable Shift-Delete for Forward Delete
Use Numeric Keypad for Cursor Movement
When Auto-Indenting
Option-¥ on Japanese Keyboards
Use Emacs Key Bindings
Editor Defaults Preferences
Balance While Typing
Smart Quotes
Auto-Expand Tabs
Show Invisibles
Suffix Mappings
Menus Preferences
Menu Key Equivalents and Item Visibility
Allow Menu Key Equivalents to Autorepeat
Include Contextual Menu Items for
Text Colors Preferences
How to Change Colors
Use Custom Highlight Color
Highlight Insertion Point
Source Code
Text Encodings Preferences
Link File’s Encoding to HTML/XML Character Set
If File’s Encoding Can’t Be Guessed, Use
Default Text Encoding for New Documents
Use UTF-8 for Unix Script I/O
Text Files Preferences
Translate Line Breaks
Default Line Breaks
If a File’s Type Is Unknown
Honor Saved State
Save Document State
Force New Line at End
Strip Trailing Whitespace
Use Unicode Line Breaks
Make Backup Before Saving
Text Printing Preferences
Printing Font
Use Document’s Font
Frame Printing Area
Print Page Headers
Print Full Pathname
Print Line Numbers
1-Inch Gutter
Print Color Syntax
Time Stamp
Print Rubber Stamp
Text Search Preferences
Color Grep Patterns in Find Dialog
Use Modal Find Dialog
Report Single-File “Replace All” Results
Include Search Source types
Grep Patterns
Text Status Display Preferences
Show Toolbar
Documents Drawer Toggle
Show Navigation Bar
Show Status Bar
Show Page Guide
Show Tab Stops
Show Line Numbers
Function List
Windows Preferences
Window Stacking
When Arranging Windows
Leave Room for Palettes
Leave Room for DragThing Docks
Window Menu and Palette
Optional settings via ‘defaults write’
Controlling Extended Attributes for Files
11Scripting TextWrangler
AppleScript Overview
About AppleScript
Scriptable Applications and Apple Events
Reading an AppleScript Dictionary
Recordable Applications
Saving Scripts
Using Scripts with Applications
Scripting Resources
Using AppleScripts in TextWrangler
Recording Scripts in TextWrangler
The Scripts Menu
The Scripts Palette
Organizing Scripts
Attaching Scripts to Menu Items
TextWrangler’s Scripting Model
Script Compatibility
Getting and Setting Properties
Performing Actions
Common AppleScript Pitfalls
Configuring TextWrangler
Switching Between Source and Header Files
TextWrangler and the Unix Command Line
Installing the Command Line Tools
The “edit” Command Line Tool
The “twdiff” Command Line Tool
Unix Scripting: Perl, Python, Ruby, Shells and more!
Using Unix Scripts
Language Resources
Environment Variables
Line Endings and Unix Scripts
Configuring Perl
Configuring Python
Configuring Ruby
Shebang Menu
Filters and Scripts
Additional Notes
Installing Language Modules and Plug-Ins
Using Language Modules
Codeless Language Modules
Language Module Compatibility
Overriding Existing Modules
Using Plug-Ins
The Tools Menu and Palette
Setting Key Equivalents for Plug-Ins
Supplied Plug-Ins
Third-Party Plug-Ins
Plug-In Compatibility
Developer Information
ACommand Reference
Keyboard Shortcuts for Commands
Assigning Keys to Menu Commands
Available Key Combinations
Listing by Menu and Command Name
Listing by Default Key Equivalents
Arrow and Delete Keys
Emacs Key Bindings
Using universal-argument
Creating a Module
Required Elements
Installing Codeless Language Modules
Function Scanning with Regular Expressions
Spell Checking Code Runs
Starting from a Template
Language Keys and Properties
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Text Wrangler User Manual

Text Wrangler User Manual

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