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Persuasive Policy Essay

Persuasive Policy Essay

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Published by Ben Henderson

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Published by: Ben Henderson on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Persuasive Essay
LA101H – Ben HendersonThe aim of this
5-7 page
essay is to draw on all the rhetorical skills you have been building in this course to write a persuasive argument that first educates the reader on the importance andscope of a significant social problem, and then advocates for a specific solution to the problem.Specifically, this essay will ask you to present, explain, and argue for the adoption of a specific policy(for example, a new law, regulation, program, or community practice) to be implemented by somecollective agent of social change (for example, the student body, the university, the local community, thestate, the federal government, the UN, etc.). Understand that your proposed policy might not be able to
the problem you describe entirely, but it should show evidence that the policy could
it.You do not have to create a policy of your own. In fact, it is recommended that you argue for a policythat has been proposed by an individual or a group, or one that has been adopted in another community or similar situation. Conducting extensive research, quoting reliable sources, and drawing on the work or experts will improve your own credibility.Your main goals for this essay are:
raise awareness and inform
your readers about the problem.
your readers that the proposed policy is feasible to implement.
that the policy will work.If these goals are reached, your readers should have assurance that the plan is realistic and will produceresults. To keep in alignment with the proper persuasive purpose, please refrain from requestingindividual action. The goal of this essay is
to convince
your readers that your policy is sound and best,not to persuade them to act.You’ll need to do something more complex than a traditional five paragraph essay to make this argument.Yet your paper still should have discernible structure (in addition to a strong thesis and topic sentences).One effective way to organize this essay is in terms of 
need, plan, and practicality/advantages
First, explain the
for a solution by educating us on the problem at hand, specifically its severity,scope, and urgency. Consider addressing questions such as: Where is this problem happening? Whois being affected? What are the causes and effects of the problem? Organize this section of the essaylogically, and support the existence of the problem with credible research. Also, consider what ageneral audience might already know about this. If the problem you’re addressing is very familiar,you might spend more time exploring its causes than rehashing details that everyone already knows.
 Next, explain the
to solve this problem. Explain what your policy is and how it would work byaddressing the method of implementation in specific terms. In other words, tell us what the policyentails, who will enact the policy, where it will be instated, and how it will be done, etc. Note the useof journalistic terms here. In order for us to be able to judge whether the policy could be effective,we first must understand its workings fully. This section should be direct and informative.
Finally, deliberate on the
practicality and advantages
of the policy. Now that you have explainedthe problem and have informed us of the proposed policy, you must then convince your readers thatthis policy will reduce the problem and produce positive results if implemented. This section is

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