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Northampton MA Tree Committee Ordinance 2003

Northampton MA Tree Committee Ordinance 2003

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Published by Northampton Media

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Published by: Northampton Media on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Adopted 9-4-2003 (Ch. 2, Art. XLVII, of the 1977 Code)]§ 22-124. Purpose and mission statement.
 This article establishes the Northampton Tree Committee (hereinafter "NTC")whose mission is to increase, protect and maintain the health, beauty,quantity, diversity and vitality of Northampton's trees, for the benefit of itscitizens and future generations, and to assume the responsibilities of the TreeWarden under MGL c. 87, § 2.
A.Appointing authority. Committee members shall be appointed by theMayor and confirmed by the City Council.B.Membership. Membership shall be as follows:(1)Four members of the public (highest priority will be to have at leastone member of the Committee who holds a license as MA certified arboristor international certified arborist, or similar certification).(2)Member of the Planning Board (to be nominated by its members).(3)Member of the Board of Public Works (to be nominated by itsmembers),(4)Member of the Conservation Commission (to be nominated by itsmembers).(5)Director of Public Works or his/her designee.C.A Chair shall be elected annually in January.D.Term of appointment. The term of appointment shall be three years witha limit of two consecutive terms; the appointee may serve again after a one-term hiatus. The terms of the Mayoral appointees will be three years exceptfirst appointments, one of which will be for one year, one member for twoyears, and two members for three years. The Planning Board, Board of Public Works and Conservation Commission members of the first Committeewill likewise begin with staggered terms decided by the Mayor.
A.Duties shall be as follows:(1)Develop and recommend a Public Tree Management Plan for adoption
by the City Council.(2)Develop ordinances and guidelines governing the management of theCity's public trees, including planting strategies and protocols for care andmaintenance.(3)Seek grants and conduct fund-raising to assist the Committee'smission.(4)Oversee adherence to provisions to MGL c. 87 and c 40, § 15C,governing shade trees on public ways and scenic roads, as well asapplicable City ordinances.(5)Review and approve requests for removal of nonhazard public trees. The NTC will assume current Board of Public Works responsibility torespond to requests for removal of trees on City property and will receivethe Department of Public Works' recommendations in this regard.(6)Receive and update the procedures for identifying hazard trees anddetermine appropriate protocols for removal.(7)Develop and maintain a list of recommended species for planting.(8)Provide liaison and recommendations on tree-related matters to theCity Council and all other City boards and commissions and to communityorganizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Historic Northampton,and so forth.(9)Work with the Department of Public Works to conduct an inventory of existing public trees and forests, including historic and notable trees, inorder to improve understanding, management and protection of treeresources.(10)Promote knowledge and awareness of the benefits of trees and theirimpact on the quality of life in Northampton.(11)Serve as a catalyst for community education and outreach related totrees and forests.(12)Initiate a program for City and gateway beautification.(13)Seek recognition by relevant local, regional and nationalorganizations for excellence of Northampton's trees and community treeprograms.B.The Committee, acting as Tree Warden, will delegate to the Departmentof Public Works responsibility for determining hazard trees and removingthem. The Committee may rescind this authority by majority vote and the

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