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Liberty Newspost Mar-30-2012

Liberty Newspost Mar-30-2012

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A compelling mix of curated news. Easy to read. Great content.
A compelling mix of curated news. Easy to read. Great content.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Mar 30, 2012
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Curated News Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 30/03/12
Submitted at 3/30/2012 1:58:00 PM
The hunt for Trayvon Martin’skiller, George Zimmerman, hasreached cyberspace.This past Saturday a Twitteraccount with the handle“@KillZimmerman” was created.According to the user’s Twitterpage, “ this page is 4 da ppl whobelieve Zimmerman should beshot dead in the street the sameway Travyvon was,” the bioreads.The account has caught someattention gaining 440 followers.Since the account began, 454tweets have been sent.Although most of the tweets arein defense to people requestingthe person behind the accountdelete the profile, a message sentby @KillZimmerman has stated “every1 is going to die one daysum ppl deserve to die today#killzimmerman.”Zimmerman, who was the self-proclaimed neighborhoodwatchman shot and killed the 17-year-old Martin on February 26.Despite many requests to deletethe account, Twitter refused to doso. The only comment theyoffered was " no comment."“ We don’t comment on specificusers or the status of accounts forprivacy reasons,” reads thecompany's statement." Privacy reasons" didn't stopTwitter in the past from deletingor suspending various accountsfor relatively minor offenses likespamming celebrates.RT's regular guest, blogger DavidSeaman had his Twitter accounttemporarily shut down. This aftertrying to draw the attention of popular micro-bloggers to issueslike legalizedindefinite detentionand torture of AmericansunderNDAA and the OccupyWall Street movement. But in the@KillZimmerman case the onlinegiant refused to take down theaccount urging to kill a personwithout prosecution.Some groups and politicianshavecalled for the arrest of Zimmerman including The NewBlack Panther Party.The black political organizationcalled upon a militia of black volunteers to help captureTrayvon’s murderer.As RT reported, the Panthershave begun posting flyers callingfor Zimmerman’s capture “ deador alive” and are offering a rewardof $10,000 to the person whocaptures him. Reportedly thebounty increased to $1 million onWednesday.“ George Zimmerman was not apolice officer he was acommunity volunteer,” saidMikhail Muhammad, SouthernRegional Director of the NewBlack Panther Party.Earlier this week a video showingZimmerman in police custodysurfaced. Many see the footage asproof that Zimmerman’sallegations of self-defense arefalse.In the recording a handcuffedZimmerman appears to be injuryfree and many non-believers of the self-defense story claim if Trayvon punched him in the faceand slam his head on the concretehis face would show it.According to Reuters,“Zimmerman’s lawyers insist thefootage is too grain to proveanything.”Some believe the video showingZimmerman unimpaired willsimply spark more demand forvigilante justice.“ It’s time for us as black men totake justice in our own hands,”said Muhammad just outside theneighborhood where Martin wasgunned down.The sender’s tweets also echoThe New Black Panther’smessage, “No Justice NoPeace!!!!!!!!!!”This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readthe FAQ atfivefilters.org/content-only/faq.php#publishers.FiveFiltersrecommends:Donate toWikileaks.[unable to retrieve full-textcontent]
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Submitted at 3/30/2012 3:15:07 PM
APAnti-Syrian regime activistscover their faces with scarves asthey prepare an Arabic banner.TRIPOLI, Lebanon (AP) — Lastyear, Khalid was a 19-year-oldSyrian university student whosemodest dreams were to land a joband earn enough to marry hisgirlfriend — not simple tasksgiven Syria's weak economy andhis lack of connections to theruling elite.Since then, he's become afugitive activist in the fight totopple President Bashar Assad.Khalid said he has been torturedby security forces and hasn'tspoken to his loved ones inmonths for fear he'll endangertheir lives.Young people like Khalid havemanned the front lines in theuprisings across the Arab world,organizing protests, documentingviolence and taking up armsagainst government troops.Analysts say youth frustrationhas proven to be a potent force inan area where some 60 percent of people are under 25 — making itone of the world's youngestregions.Many youth activists say theyhad plenty to protest, facingadulthood in societies wheredecades of autocratic rule leftthem with limited freedom andconstricted economies. For Khalidand other young Syrians, theuprising is about more than justtoppling a dictator. It's a fight fortheir generation's dreams."I can't think about my own lifenow," said Khalid, now 20, aftersneaking across the Syrian borderinto Lebanon. "All I can think about is working to make therevolution succeed because it willhave a huge effect on the lives of all youth."The young have been key playersin Syria's uprising since its start inMarch 2011, when security forcesarrested a group of teenagers whoscrawled anti-regime graffiti on awall in the southern city of Daraa,generating huge protests.Assad's security forces violentlycracked down, deploying tanks,snipers and thugs to quash thespreading dissent. Later, manycivilians took up arms to defendtheir communities and attack security forces. TheU.N.saysmore than 9,000 people have beenkilled, including at least 500children. Hundreds more childrenhave been injured, detained orabused.As the death toll mounts, youngactivists acknowledge somenaivete in their decision tochallenge one of the region's mostbrutal police states. Their eldersoften tried to dissuade them,recalling how Assad's father andpredecessor, Hafez, killedbetween 10,000 and 25,000people while crushing a 1982rebellion in the city of Hama."Many of them were scared. Theysaw what the regime can do andtold us, 'We were there in 1982.You weren't.'" said Mustafa, 24,who fled the coastal city of Baniasto Lebanon last year. Like Khalid,he asked only that his first namebe used for fear of endangeringrelatives inside Syria.Still, many have decided that achance at better lives was worthdropping their studies, jobs andmarriage plans.Before the uprising, Khalidstudied engineering at a universityin the central city of Homs, eventhough he was interested incomputers and wasn't sure he'dever get a job. He dreamed of going to school abroad, butgovernment scholarships went tostudents in the rulingBaath Party.He never thought about politics,but began paying close attentionwhen uprisings toppled dictatorsin Tunisia and Egypt last year. InMarch, security forces stopped ananti-regime demonstration oncampus, then forced students toattend a pro-Assad rally.In April, security forces killedprotesters in his neighborhood,Baba Amr, then posted troops todeter future gatherings."That was the first time I got madand decided I was against theregime," Khalid said.Anger grew in the neighborhoodas the regime crushed moreprotests and raided homes toarrest activists, sometimesdetaining their parents, he said.Khalid started a Facebook pageto commemorate those killedwhile working with other activiststo film protests to post online.In October, security forcesstopped him at a checkpoint andfound a photo on his cellphone of a government sniper, Khalid said.At the police station, he wasbeaten with a mop handle until hisback was numb, then locked withsix others in a cell so small thatonly three people could sit downat a time, he added.For 20 days, he was regularlybeaten during interrogations andsuspended by plastic strips aroundhis wrists, he said. He finallyescaped with the help of asympathetic security officer."After that, I knew I'd never shutup," he said. "I wanted to do theimpossible to make the revolutionsucceed."But first, he broke up with hisgirlfriend, worrying that theirrelationship would endanger her.She cried when he told her."I had to do it for her safety," hesaid. "I have set out on a martyrmission. As soon as you say, 'I'man activist,' you know you coulddie."At that time, Baba Amr wasbecoming a national symbol of the uprising. Army defectors hasflocked to the area, making itharder for troops to come in,protests grew and the youthorganized into media, medical andeven trash pickup committees.That defiance drew the regime'swrath, and in early Februarytroops surrounded Baba Amr andshelled it daily. Khalid and themedia team kept working, filmingand uploading videos andcommunicating with journalistsand other activists via Skype.Despite the violence, there wasyouthful mischief. When anexplosion near their makeshiftmedia center silenced a roosteroften heard in their videos, theycommemorated him with his ownFacebook page.On Feb. 22, government rocketshit the media center, killing anumber of activists and foreign journalistsMarie ColvinandRemi Ochlik, who had sneakedinto Syria. Government troopscaptured the area on March 1,after armed rebels and activistspulled out.Khalid says he's seen the bodiesof some of his relatives in activist
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3Curated News Edition
Submitted at 3/30/2012 3:42:03 PM
By Yamiche Alcindor andNatalie DiBlasio, USA TODAYUpdatedOn one side there is a visceralreaction to the man who pulledthe trigger in theTrayvon Martinkilling: Thousands of people haveused social media to labelGeorgeZimmermanguilty of racialprofiling and murder. A"KillZimmerman" Twitteraccount began publishing calls forviolence against him.By Robyn Beck, AFP/GettyImages Robert Zimmerman Jr.,the brother of GeorgeZimmerman, arrives for aninterview on CNN's "PiersMorgan Tonight" in Hollywoodon Thursday.By Robyn Beck, AFP/GettyImagesRobert Zimmerman Jr., thebrother of George Zimmerman,arrives for an interview on CNN's"Piers Morgan Tonight" inHollywood on Thursday.On the other side, particularly inthe past few days, there areimpassioned pleas byZimmerman's brother, father,lawyer and friends begging thepublic to consider the counter-argument: The 28-year-oldneighborhood watch captainstruggled for his life against anaggressive attacker. He fired thegun, they say, in a kill-or-be-killed moment."Nobody just stood there with abag of Skittles and an iced tea,"Robert ZimmermanJr. said onCNN's Piers Morgan Tonight,alleging that Trayvon smashed hisbrother's head into the pavementin a rage. "You return force whensomebody assaults you. … Therewould have been George dead hadhe not acted decisively andinstantaneously in that momentwhen he was being disarmed."Robert Zimmerman added,"That's called saving your life."Calls for vigilante justice andpleas for a fair shake in the courtof public opinion have createdone of the most stirring nationalcrime debates in recent years. Thekilling Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla.,has sparked more than a dozenrallies across the country, largelyfueled by the belief of many thatthe case is the tip of the iceberg of a glaring problem of racialinjustice in the USA.Family photoTrayvon Martin was shot andkilled in February.Zimmerman's family says he isHispanic; Trayvon is black.George Zimmerman:Neighborhood watch captaininvolved in shooting death of Trayvon Martin"I have to think back to O.J.Simpson to find a case thatgrabbed the nation in this way,"said Randy Reep, a criminaldefense attorney based inJacksonville. "It's alarming to methat I've seen bounties for asuspect on a case before they'vebeen indicted. The rhetoric hastaken on such a violent tone. Itwould not take much of a leap of irrational behavior to have thisbecome violent."Trayvon's family andZimmerman's family tell differentstories, but it's important that bothsides and the public be preparedto accept the decision of the grand jury and the state and federalofficials handling the case, Reepsaid. TheSeminole Countygrand jury considering the case willconvene April 10."This case needs to play out in thecourt of law and not the court of public opinion," he said.Emotion has played a bigger rolefor some than reason. A groupidentifying itself as theNewBlack Panther Partyoffers$10,000 to anyone who makes acitizen's arrest of Zimmerman,and there have been a spate of death threats against him.Thursday, an elderly couplereached a settlement withHollywood directorSpike Leeover a tweet he circulatedincorrectly identifying theiraddress as that of Zimmerman.Elaine and David McClain saidthey fearfully left their Sanfordhome after receiving hate mailand unwanted guests. Thecouple's attorney,Matt Morgan,announced the settlementThursday."The matter is fully resolved,"Morgan said. "Spike has agreed tocompensate the McClains for theirloss and for the disruption intotheir lives. He's taken fullresponsibility."Details of the settlement have notbeen disclosed.Lee called and apologized to thecouple as requested by theirfamily on television."He was really kind," ElaineMcClain said. "And when hecalled us, you could just tell hereally felt bad about it. And it was just a slip, and I just know that hereally, really has been concerned."Zimmerman's brother said thehatred in the case is astounding.He said the case is being drivenby a "carnival of hatred" and a"mythology" surrounding GeorgeZimmerman that isn't true."He's the neighbor that everybodywould want to have," RobertZimmerman said. "He's the kindof guy that sees somebodystruggling with changing a tireand stops to help them or helpsolder people with their groceries.He goes out of his way to helppeople."Contributing: Associated PressFor more information aboutreprints & permissions, visit ourFAQ's. To report corrections andclarifications, contact StandardsEditor Brent Jones. Forpublication consideration in thenewspaper, send comments toletters@usatoday.com. Includename, phone number, city andstate for verification. To view ourcorrections, go tocorrections.usatoday.com. USATODAY is now using Facebook Comments on our stories and blogposts to provide an enhanced userexperience. To post a comment,log into Facebook and then "Add"your comment. To report spam orabuse, click the "X" in the upperright corner of the comment box.To find out more, read theFAQandConversation Guidelines.This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice — if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please read
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