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With Every Change Comes a New Age

With Every Change Comes a New Age

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Published by Tariq Rehman

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Published by: Tariq Rehman on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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With Every Change Comes a New Age
 A New Age Reflection of “The Help” 
 This is a personal reflection on the movie,
The Help
, and the subtitle, “Changebegins with a whisper” really speaks volumes on what the pivotal point of change can be in an individual’s life. Sometimes it can start out as a whisper,and then increase in volume into a shout, and eventually a united shout frommillions of people. I’m not going to discuss the Civil Right movement or theprejudice society of 1960s Jackson, Mississippi; but there is a hidden messagefrom
The Help
.A young, college-educated, white woman decides to write stories aboutthe 1960s Jackson, Mississippi, from the perspective of the black maids who
work in white homes. The maids are cooking, cleaning, serving, as well asraising the children in high society homes. Sure, they’re getting paid for theirwork, but there is still prejudice that runs through the town. It’s the 1960s,what do you expect? The young, college-educated, white woman, Skeeter,provides a gateway for the maids to tell their stories about the homes theywork in, and about the lives they live in Jackson. The character of Celia Footeexemplifies what change should be in that type of society; care-free. She hireda maid to help her cook food; however Celia also grew up poor, and marriedinto high society. With children of her own, she relied on her maid to help hercook, and basically keep her company through the days, to the confusion andreluctance of the maid. There was a particular scene in the movie where themaid, Minny, sat at a table by herself, eating the chicken she had made for herand Celia. Celia decides to come over and sit with Minny at the table, at whichpoint Minny tells to go back and sit in the dining room, “I sit here and you sit inthe dining room Miss Celia, that’s the way it goes.” Celia’s response, “I’m fineright here” as she continues to eat the chicken, complimenting Minny on hercooking skills. The scene shows the two of them sitting in front of each other,sharing in conversation over fried chicken. Celia’s character didn’t care whatsociety deemed suitable or the norm. Turns out Celia’s husband, Johnny, is apretty good guy too, as he values Minny’s company to his wife as well.“Sometimes courage skips a generation,” rings true to finding thepivotal point in an individual’s life. Some would want society to stay in thestatus quo because it is easier to keep things the way they are. However, if 
there is a silent injustice occurring, then expect someone to speak up about it.Now there are so many avenues for people to start speaking up and initializeworldwide movements against various injustices committed.I am also reminded of the film Crash while discussing the topic of changing perceptions of a society. This was another film that brought out the hidden prejudices in present-day United States. When does the pivotal point come for people to put asidetheir prejudices and start respecting each other as humans? Sandra Bullock’scharacter hit the spot when it comes to getting out of our shells. I’m not goingto say much about this film, probably because I want you to go watch it, but it

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