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IEP Narrative

IEP Narrative

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Published by: Jill Bardin Christmus on Mar 30, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IEP ProcessJill Bardin ChristmusBefore the meeting, I created a draft of Lilly's Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Isent the draft home to the parents with the word draft written on it three days prior to themeeting. A contact was sent to everyone involved in the IEP meeting with the date, time, andpurpose of the meeting.At the beginning of the meeting, we introduced ourselves by stating our name andposition. I started the meeting by sharing Lilly's progress towards her current IEP goals. Ishared graphs of Lilly's progress towards her IEP goals. I also shared work samples. She hasmade tremendous progress this year, and everyone on the team was pleased. The generaleducation teacher (the music teacher) shared how she does in her class. Lilly's mom said shesaw great progress at home as well. After sharing Lilly's present levels, that naturally lead toreviewing the proposed IEP goals. After going over the present levels and goals, we reviewedthe rest of the IEP. Throughout the meeting, I was very professional, and I showed respect tothe parent. I maintained the meetings focus and kept everyone on topic. During the meeting, if there were changes that needed to be made, I wrote the changes in pen on the IEP. The minuteswere taken by the District Representative. Before everyone signed the IEP, the DistrictRepresentative read the minutes aloud. All team members accepted the new IEP. At the end of the meeting, all of the team members including the parent signed the IEP. After everyone signedthe IEP, the meeting was adjourned.After the meeting, I made the changes to the IEP that we discussed in the meeting inExcent. After I made the changes, I validated the IEP to make sure everything was correct in the
IEP. After all changes were made and the IEP was validated, I marked it complete. Since theparents attended and were involved in the meeting, I marked that the parents participated in themeeting. I printed out the corrected IEP, and sent a copy of it along with the signature page tothe parents. I sent the IEP home with the student in a sealed envelope marked "To Ms. JenniferEkstrom." Since I told the parents in the meeting that I would send completed copy home thatday, she knew to expect it in her child's bookbag.Because hand washing is an important daily living skill, it will be taught at everyopportunity. It will be taught after she uses the restroom, before snack, and any otheropportunity. It will be taught and assessed through the use of a task analysis before lunch. Toteach this skill, I will need a sink, soap, paper towels, and a trash can. I will assess herhandwashing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It will taught before lunch on days that she isnot being assessed. I will use a most to least prompting system while teaching Lilly to wash herhands, and a least to most prompting system while I am assessing her. The assessment willdetermine the level of assistance I need to give Lilly while I teacher her to wash her hands.Lilly loves yogurt and has that daily at lunch and snack, so using a spoon is an essentiallife skill that she needs to learn in order to be as independent as possible. I will need a fewmaterials to teach this skill. One thing I will need is a spoon, and the other is food that requiresthe use of a spoon. This skill will be taught at lunch and at snack. It will be taught and assessedthrough the use of a task analysis. I will use a most to least prompting system while teachingLilly to use a spoon, and a least to most prompting system while I am assessing her. Theassessment will determine the level of assistance I need to give Lilly when I teacher her to use aspoon.
I gave a copy of the IEP to each related arts teacher and her 1st grade general educationteacher. The teachers signed a form that stated they received the IEP, would keep theinformation in the IEP confidential, and they knew the student's accommodations and wouldimplement them. I have the copy of their signed forms in the student's data notebook.In addition to giving the teachers copies of the IEP, I gave a copy of the accommodationspage and goals to my assistants. I reviewed the accommodations and goals with my assistants. Ihad them sign a confidentiality form that is also kept in the student's data notebook.The original copy of the IEP is located in a locked file cabinet that I can access asneeded. I have a copy of the IEP in her data notebook.Data is collected three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Data is kept inexcel and on teacher made data sheets on each of the Lilly's IEP objectives. Lilly has a datanotebook that shows her objectives and progress. I frequently look at this data to help guideinstruction.I will send letters home to parents on Lilly's progress each month. I will also sendprogress reports on each objective and Lilly's graphs on her progress home every four and a half weeks. I will also send them home two or three times randomly throughout the nine week period, and I will make positive calls to the parents at least once a semester to report progress.Her data notebook is also brought to all IEP meetings. Her data notebook is kept in a lockedcabinet.

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