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A Letter to the 21st Century Church

A Letter to the 21st Century Church

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Published by Irene McGough
A letter to all of us as the Lord gave me this in poetry form
A letter to all of us as the Lord gave me this in poetry form

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Published by: Irene McGough on Dec 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A letter to the 21
Century Church.
Come and listen to what the Lord has to say to you today,“Many of you are faithful in attending church every Sunday,But where are you on Monday in school, college or the work place?Yet your Pastor preached the message that you must surely seek my face.And many of you seek to be filled up with the Spirit,Coming to church looking for God to keep blessing you,Oh, foolish generation can’t you see there is a reason you are filled?Yet I shower love, grace and mercy upon you and call you to love me too.I want to impart my Spirit to you and fill you up to overflowing,That you might come and with me sup that I might prepare you,To go on out into your community seeds for the harvest sowing,Come spend time with me and you will be amazed at what I do through you.I am the way, the truth and the life and I want to give you abundant life,My plans for you are amazing you know but you have to say yes to my call,That’s right each of you has been called as a disciple of mine and I want yourall,So child of mine will you respond today and give me your whole life?Some of you have swallowed a lie which has enveloped the church throughoutthe ages,You believe that I stopped healing and the gift of prophecy disappeared at theclose of the New Testament Canon,But this is a lie that satan has perpetuated to keep the body of Christ fromfulfilling the commission,Yet I have told you that “I AM, I AM and yesterday today and forever I am thesame.”My nature speaks of who I am, for I am your healer, and your provider,I am your shepherd, your sanctifier, I give you peace, and I your creator am alsoyour protector,And I have said that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout theworld,For that to happen the body of Christ need to tell the people that I am Lord.
 I have said to you my people, that you would do even greater works than I,And yet it has still to happen even where revival is flowing and I want to ask youwhy?Could it be that you have yet to learn to really walk with me in intimacy in thesecret place?Come right up into those heavenly places and abide with me and you will see myface.Return my people to your first love, can’t you hear my voice calling to you?I will return for a bride whose hearts are truly committed to loving me too,I said to you seek my face, but many of you your love has waxed cold,Repent and return to me and I will not forget you in the days when you are old.Many have been ravaged with sickness in the body, forgetting sometimes tocommune with me,Others among you have not correctly discerned my body when taking the breadand wine,Yet I have said that by the scourging that I took you will be healed can’t you see?It was for you, yes you that my blood was shed you see, so remember that whenyou take the bread and wine.I have told you that each of your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit,Yet many of you have abused your bodies with sins like gluttony,This is a hard message I know but I want you to know that you have always beenloved,Humbly turn your whole hearts over to me today and I will heal your land andpour out my Spirit.And yet I see there are growing numbers in the church who are turning theirfaces towards me,It truly delights my heart when you my beloved come seeking for a great revivalto see,And I delight to make my presence know to you as you come seeking my face,The veil was rent in two that you might enter the Holy of Holies in the secretplace.So my dearly beloved, I want you to truly desire and love me, for I so long foryou,Come take my hand and walk with me, give me your all this day and every day,And you will know sweet intimacy and no matter what this world puts your waypeace I will give you,Take my hand and I will direct all your paths and show you the way”As the Lord gave me this for the church 2008Irene McGough

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