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On the Descriptions of Fibers and Propagations in FaTe String Theory

On the Descriptions of Fibers and Propagations in FaTe String Theory

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Published by Shreyak Chakraborty

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: Shreyak Chakraborty on Mar 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright© 2012 Shreyak Chakraborty
On the Description of Fibers and Propagations inFaTe String Theory
Shreyak ChakrabortyIndependent Researchershreyak.rekshda@gmail.com 
FaTe String Theory which arises from the FaTe Model of Hyperspace [1.] is a setof mathematical and computational techniques [2.] that enables one tovisualize and analyze the structure and dynamics of 11-dimensional space time.This paper focuses on the mathematical treatment and study of fibers that ariseas a new construct in String Theory. First we shall discuss the mathematicaloccurrence of fibers from the treatment of brane bundles in [3.] and then we willmove to the formalism of fiber interactions.
A first look at the fibers 
From the actions used in [3.], we can write the component
 
   ̅
be a bundle on the braneThis implies 
   ̅   ̅| |
    ̅
(2)(1)and (2) are general brane stabilizations.From above two equations,
i.e. the base space of the bundle is afractal of dimension greater than 3 but less than 4
Mathematical treatment of fibers 
A formal definition of grid fibers is given using Matrix Theory. We first prove an
important result called the “Fiber Phase Theorem” which establishes the
significance of fibers in the framework of FaTe.
It states that an individual fiber in a given state is expressed as
(3)And has a length
It also states that the orientation number „o‟ in a given subspace is given as
Here, „J‟ is called the String Producer Constant and in constan
t for a given fiber.
We know that
„Dd‟ represents the dimensional dominance of the polynomial function f(x)
 But in hyperspace notation,
 The fiber matrix depends on other factors too i.e. J and o,Thus it must transform as
 Expanding the metric dS, we get
√ 

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