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Laughs & Lies or Knowledge & Truth?

Laughs & Lies or Knowledge & Truth?

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Published by Emmanuel Lopez
This is a draft, that doesn't need too much editing, of my college admission essay...
This is a draft, that doesn't need too much editing, of my college admission essay...

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Emmanuel Lopez on Dec 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Laughs and Lies or Knowledge and Truth?
December 8, 2008By: Emmanuel Lopez
I always wanted to be remembered greatly in someone’s life, so I saw this little kidlicking an ice cream, I ran towards him and smashed the cone in his face. I said “you remember me for the rest of your life,” and ran into the woods. Think that was funny? Here’s another,walking with my brother in the park one day, we see some ducks playing in the pond andquacking around. There were people feeding them, so we decided to go try and feed them aswell. One of the kids feeding the ducks started throwing rocks at one of the ducks trying to mate,when one of the rocks hit the duck it jumped up with feathers flying all over the place. He threwanother one and missed; the duck saw him and decided to run after him. The kid jumped up, andstarted running as fast as he could while screaming for his mom. He headed towards a statue inthe park to climb on top of it, his foot slip on the base of the statue, fell flat on his face and got bitten by the duck. Everyone there was laughing so hard that they couldn’t even breathe. Idropped to the floor laughing and my brother did too. As my brother stands up, I start laughingeven harder while pointing at my brother, he had lain down on a pile of duck feces and had itsmudged all over the back of his shirt. From that day on all I ever really wanted was to have people remember days like that for the rest of their lives, either by making them laugh or justhaving fun while they’re around me.Whenever I see a comedy show I don’t really laugh at what they are saying, but I take indetail what they are saying and how it actually relates to our world to actually make someonelaugh at those jokes. My favorite kind of stand-up comedy is when comedians try to push the bar on topics like racism and politics. In my lifetime I have been noticing how our lives seem to besurrounded by idiots and run by them too. For example how our country has been in totaldisagreement with each other on immigration, and comedian Carlos Mencia, coming fromMexican and Guatemalan descent, jokes about his childhood and growing up in Los Angeles. Hisfather wanted him to act like the “white man” and only speak English around the house becausethey are in America. It shows that not everyone feels the same about any one thing but mighthave similar views on a topic with quite different details toward it.Since the day at the park, seeing and making people happy has become a hobby to me, allI really want to do is make people happy and forget all of their worries and fears with the magicof laughter. That is why I would like to go to college and major in Psychology, maybe if I knewhow people think, I would have a greater chance of helping people be comfortable, happy, andlaugh while with me. I always thought that if you are good at something then be even better at itthen you are now and since I really love doing that maybe I thought I could make a career of it.Hold up. Those three paragraphs you have read were written as a draft for a collegeadmission essay on June 22
, 2006 while I was in UW-Madison for the PEOPLE Scholarship
Laughs and Lies or Knowledge and Truth?
December 8, 2008By: Emmanuel Lopez
Program. At the time I was struggling with everything in life and ended up finding comfort in thestreets which led to me losing 3 years of high school along with the possibility of a greatscholarship. However, I do not regret a second of it because I learned something the average person might not be able to fully comprehend. I also learned who I really was along with who Ireally want to be.It is considered out of the norm for them 3 years to happen to someone like me, anintellectual who succeeded at everything he did and always stood out from the rest. Ever since Iwas really young people have been acknowledging me for being a fast learner and intelligent,specially my teachers and family. I learned how to read and write in Spanish in less than an hour at the age of 4. A few months later while battling separation anxiety from my mother in K-5 Itaught myself how to read and write in English which earned me a trophy for Student of the Year.In third grade I was transferred to a new school by my teacher so I can participate inMilwaukee’s Gifted and Talented program because in her own words I wasn’t being challengedwhatsoever. From then on all my teachers told me I was ready for college but I just needed totake things seriously and not as a joke. Would you expect someone like that to end up scraping by just to pay for his GED Tests and try to get into college with a 9
Grade education?That first joke you read belongs to Dane Cook. I used to think that making people happythrough laughter was the only way I can make an impact in their lives but I realized thatentertainment is no different than using drugs or alcohol to make you forget about what istroubling you because your problems will always be there the next day. As a comedian peoplereally don’t take you seriously because you are just a joke and there to entertain. For instance,George Carlin is one of the greatest comedians I have ever watched and is probably one of the brightest individuals in the entertainment industry. Even though he spoke the truth he was just acomedian and to some people, a psychopath. It was quite naïve of me to think that comedy wasthe only way to reach people and for once I am taking the advice of my teachers.Entertainers will use anything to get a laugh out of people even if it means lying. DidDane Cook really smash an ice cream cone on a kid’s face? Did that story at the park reallyhappen? Neither are true but they certainly may have gotten the job done whether by bringing asmirk or smile to your face or even making you giggle and laugh. I don’t want lie to people, Iwant them to get the truth slapped in their face. I want to leave my mark on this planet bymaking a difference and be taken seriously for it.

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