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Measures of Central Tendency-ADY

Measures of Central Tendency-ADY

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Published by mukesh_kumar_47

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Published by: mukesh_kumar_47 on Mar 31, 2012
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Measures of Central Tendency(Mean, Median, Mode, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean)
Q.1. Of a batch of 20 students, 4 students failed while 7 student passed with distinction.The remaining student who passed ordinarily scored the following marks.47, 52, 49, 57, 52, 58, 66, 64, 59The student who failed scored 23 marks on an average while the student who passed withdistinction scored 76 marks on an average. With this information you are required to findthe mean marks and median marks.Q.2. The mean and standard deviation of Marks obtained by 40 student of a class instatistic are 55 and 8 respectively. If there are only 5 girls in the class and their respectivemarks are 40,55,63,75 and 87. Find the mean and standard deviation of the marks obtained by boys.Q.3. Mr. Ram travels from Delhi to Shimla at a speed of 40km per hour. While returningfrom Shimla to Delhi, he travels at a speed of 50km per hour. What is this average speedfor the entire journey?Q.4.A distribution consist of three component with total frequency of 200, 250 and 300having mean 25,10 and 15 respectively. Find the mean of combined distribution.Q.5. A man traveled by Auto for 3 days. He covered 480 km each day. He drive the firstday 10 hours @ 48km /hour. The second day 12 hour @ 40km/hour and third day 15 hour @ 32km/hour. What was his average speed?Q.6. Pearson’s coefficient of skewness for a distribution is 0.4 and Coefficient of Variationis 30%. Its mode is 88. Find the mean and Median.Q.7.A motorist took 12 hours to travel from place A to place B which are situated 300kmapart. On the return journey he took 15 hours to cover this distance. What is the averagespeed of motorist?Q.8. Calculate the mean deviation and its Coefficient:Marks21-2526-3031-3536-4041-4545-5051-55 No. Of Students515284215123
Ph: - 9212528831
Q.9. A piece of property was purchased for Rs.20 Lakh and sold for Rs.32.6 Lakh after 10years. What is the average annual rate of return on the original investment? [Using logtable]Q.10. If the Arithmetic mean of two items of a series is 12.5 and G.M. is 10. What is thedifference of the two items?Q.11. Find the value of missing frequencies for the following. Compute distribution byusing appropriate formula when mode value given is 36.VariableFrequency0-1010-2020-3030-4040-5050-6057F1F210.650
Q.12. What do you mean by an inclusive series? How can an inclusive series be convertedin exclusive series? Illustrate with the help of an example.Q.13. A candidate obtained the following percentage of marks in different subjects in thehalf yearly examination.SubjectsMarks (%age)EnglishStatisticsCost AccountancyEconomicsIncome tax4667725853It is agreed to give double weight to Marks in English and Statistics as compared toother subjects. What is the simple and weighted arithmetic mean?Q.14. A stockist of ready-made garments should follow which type of average and why?
Q.15. A person purchases one kilograms of cabbages from each of the four places at therate of 20Kg, 16Kg, 12Kg and 10Kg per rupee respectively. On the average how many Kgof cabbages has he purchased per rupee?Q.16. Fifty Students took up a test. The result of those who passed the test is given below:Marks4567 No. Of Students81096
Ph: - 9212528831
8943If the average for all the 50 students was 5.16 marks, find the average of those who failed.Q.17. Explain the specific uses of Harmonic Mean.Q.18. Sh. Narendra Kumar has invested his capital in three securities namely Reliance Ltd.,TISCO and Satyam; Rs. 40000, Rs.50000 and Rs.80000 respectively. If he collectsdividends of Rs.10000 from each company, compute his average return from threesecurities.Q.19. Average Marks in statistics of 10 students of a class was 68. a new student took admission with 72 marks whereas two existing students left the college. If the marks of these students were 40 and 39, find the average marks of the remaining students.Q.20. Briefly explains the role of grouping and analysis table in calculation of Modes.Q.21. The distance covered is fixed out speeds are varying and an average speed is to becalculated. State giving reason which average is more appropriate in this statement.Q.22. State giving reasons which average will be more appropriate in the following cases:I.The distribution has open-end classes.II.The distribution has wide range of variation.III.When diminishing balance method charges depreciation and average rate of depreciation is to be calculated.Q.23. If X travels 8km at 4km/hour, 6km at 3km/hour and 4km at 2km/hour what would bethe average rate per hour at which he traveled?
Q.24. What is the meant by a ‘bi-variate series? Taking 15 imaginary figures, construct aseries of this type on discrete pattern.Q.25. State two important objects of measures of central value.Q.26. When is Mode said to be ill defined?Q.27. The Mean of the following frequency table is 50. but the frequencies F
and F
inclasses 20-40 and 60-80 are missing. Find the missing frequencies.Class0-2020-4040-6060-8080-100Frequency17F

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