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Project Ppt

Project Ppt

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Published by Chandan Kumar

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Published by: Chandan Kumar on Mar 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Online Book Store
Our client is a retail dealer for the books and sells the booksat his shop General Book Stores . He sells different types ofbooks of different publications of stories, school related textbooks, note books, essay writing books,some of books for thecompetitions like General Knowledge, Essay Writing, and alsonovels, books to improve vocabulary, for learning otherlanguages, etc and also he sells some of the book relatedmaterials like covers, pens, pencils, etc. Also theslam books, Files, etc. are available at his shop.
The requirement process is the sequence of activities that needto be performed in the requirement phase and culminate inproducing a high-quality document containing the softwarerequirements specification (SRS). The diagrammatic representationof the requirement process is as follows:
:The basic aim of requirement or problem analysis is to obtain aclear understanding of the needs of the clients and the users,what exactly is desired from the software, and what theconstraints on the solution are. Analysis leads to the actualspecification.On the basis of analyzing the project under consideration, we canobserve the following limitations.
Limitation of this project
The limitations are being treated as future scope of thisproject.
Requirement Description
To bring the Automation in the system and to cope up in thiscompetitive world,our client now wants to incorporate an online sale system wherethe customers candirectly interact and place their orders through online itself.So he has approached usfor developing the website. He wants the following list to bemaintained andimplemented for the website.
 Non-Financial :
The website should bewww.GeneralBookstores.comHe wants the website to be navigated through different pages likecontactinformation, About Us (information about the dealer), Products(Books, etc),FAQ s, Order Tracking, Buying a product, Feedback and Queries andthe ADMIN.For the Products there should be information categorized based onthe categorieslike Books, Magazines, Files, CD s, DVD s, Utilities like Pen,Pencil, Paper,Sketches, etc . and the sub categories based on the Publisher,type of theProducts (like for books novel, Magazine, etc., for CD s readableor rewritable, etc and similarly is the case with the other products)Also for the products like books, CD s, DVD etc . the detailslike themanufacturer, price, and the type of the product (like for CD sit will be readableor re writable) should be indicatedFor the Books like Novels, Preparation books like learningvocabulary, GeneraKnowledge, etc the brief description is to be included (like whatis the book allabout and for what it is used, Author Name, Publisher Name,Release Date,Version, etc.)The products to be assigned with a unique seven digit code, whichwill be asfollows:1. The Category of the Products (like Book, Magazine, Files, CDs, DVD s, etcutilities etc) are to be assigned with the Unique 2 digit alphanumeric code(first being Alphabet and the second one being the Numeric digit)2. The subcategory of the Products are to be assigned with a
unique 5 DigitCode (First three Digits being the first three acronyms of theManufacturerand the remaining two being the Numeric digit) so as to separatethe differentproducts being manufactured by a single manufacturer (like if amanufacturerAb Cd manufactures products X and Y, then the Code for X can beAC001 and for Y it can be AC002 , where AC0 is representing themanufacturer, AC being the first two acronyms of the manufacturerand thedigit zero being added as the third one, as the manufacturer ishaving onlytwo acronyms, and the remaining two will be the numeric order,which can bein the order you maintain the list of the products of thatmanufacturer).The details of the Products should be easily inserted, updatedand deleted.The admin alone will be able to insert, update or delete aproduct. So thereshould be a login for the Admin.When one places the order, the order number is to be auto-generated and thecode will be a unique 8 digit code, which will depend on theserial order of thereceipt of the booking (order placed).On the Order Tracking Page there should be two links, one is totrack the statusof the order and the other is to cancel or update the order.Also one can track the order through the Order Tracking link inthe Navigationbar. Also in this page alone one can cancel or update an orderbased on theconditions applicable.And One can provide a feedback and also can post their queriesthrough Onlinethrough the Link Feedback and Queries in the navigation bar.In the Feedback and Queries and the Order Form (available when aproduct ischosen for placing an order i.e., Buy a Product page) page theEmail id will betaken for further conversation.When an Order is to be Placed, i.e., in the order form, thefollowing Message is tobe displayed Apart from the Product Charges, the Delivery chargeswill be Nil, if<3 KMs and if >3KMs is as per the Delivery charges based on thetype of thedelivery chosenAs per the orders received, the customer details is to bemaintained so as to

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