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The Brawl at Fruit Park, Hopkinton

The Brawl at Fruit Park, Hopkinton

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Published by Seif-Eldeine O
Find out about Team Red Rum and their wangsta ways in 'The Brawl," a story about how me and my friends, as teenagers, would get into stupid fights over little things. 30 on 10.
Find out about Team Red Rum and their wangsta ways in 'The Brawl," a story about how me and my friends, as teenagers, would get into stupid fights over little things. 30 on 10.

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Published by: Seif-Eldeine O on Mar 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Brawl at Fruit Park, Hopkinton
The flat tire should have been an omen Team Red Rum would encounter somechallenges in their wangstaways. We were less than a minute on our journey from myhouse to a fight before we had to use the jack to get the spare back on.The brawl occurred some 8 years ago in Fruit Park , Hopkinton, where Ryan Hamilton and I first got acquainted at 5 years-old, playing little league baseball. The day Iturned 6, my father took me and a few friends, including Ryan, to the Worcester IceCats  game in Worcester , Massachusetts. My dad said that day he did not like Ryan. I took 11 more years to find out for myself why he didn't.The day of that infamous fight, which all of Hopkinton High soon found out about,my friends and I were actually on the way to another fight. The rules were clear, the other fight was to be ten on ten with no weapons. My friends and I took ten people, and bats justin case those rules were broken.We had one stop to make, over at Jon Tuite's house, before moving on to Upton. Tuite, the week before, had snatched a hat and wallet off one of our friends, Matt Galvin.Galvin was hanging off the side of a porch at a party, puking his brains out.A mutual friend told Tuite to give the hat and wallet back, and Tuite refused. She gave usthe impression that Tuite had no friends in Hopkinton, that he was a complete outcast andthat retrieving the hat should be no issue. We got the address for Tuite's house and showedup planning to rough him up and continue with our day.When we reached his house, his father and little brother were playing outside. We askedthem where he could be found and got no answer. Then, with the intel that Tuite had nofriends in town, we cruised around searching for someone who might know him.We ran into a high school aged kid, Tom Moroney. Like an idiot, I told Moroney we weregoing to "rough [Tuite] up a bit" before retaking Galvin's stuff. Tom told us Tuite was atRyan Hamilton's house, and because of my familiarity with Ryan, I figured we could atleast get the wallet and hat back.Ryan told us to meet him at McIntyre Marble [name check needed]. We went there as Tuiteand crew probably cased out our firepower. We had two cars, Ray Monroe's pick-up andmy dad's Escalade.My car had 7 people in it and Ray's 3, Bobby, Eddie and Ray. After 45 minutes, and itchingto go to our fight in Upton, Ryan finally called us and told us to meet him at Fruit Park.I placed way too much trust in Ryan's words, and against my better judgment drove up toFruit Park, a place invisible to any roads or cars that might drive by, and on an elevated plain with a baseball field and a couple soccer fields.
After waiting another 15 minutes, 5 cars full of people rolled up in front of us, and a bunchof people came from behind trucks parked near the baseball field. All of a sudden, analmost certainly coked up Ian Rollins punched out my brother's sideview mirror and waskicking the door so he could not get out.Rollins then rolled around to the front as I took the keys out of the ignition and pitchedthem to my brother.I believe Ian, T Morningstar and Glenn were the first 3 to rush me as I was in front of thecar. I punched Ian and knocked him down, but Glenn and T were already hitting andkicking me as I fell to the ground. I got up and hit Glenn in the nose while another 3 kidsrushed me. I hit and knocked down someone before the rush was too much for me, and was punched in the nose by Glenn, breaking it for about the 4th or 5th time, and was pusheddown into the car, blacking out for a couple seconds before regaining consciousness.Meanwhile, Ray and Eddie's car was surrounded by people. Bobby jumped out and usedhis skateboard to fend off the attackers. Eddie and Ray remained in the car. We were prepared for the Upton kids, who none of us were friends with, but Eddie had a great dealof friends in Hopkinton, some of which were at the fight.By the time of Bobby's small skirmish, Kurt, Ian and Jonny funneled out of my car with bats in hand. Someone said to Kurt "hey man, that's no fair! You can't use bats. Kurt toldme later the Hopkinton kids had hammers.After the big group broke up because of the bats, me and my bloodied face wanted to fightJon Tuite. Tuite took one good swing at my right temple, which over the next week swelledup to about the size of a golf ball, before I pinned Tuite by his neck to one of the trucks. Icould have done more damage, but only wanted to make a point that we weren't going to put up with his shit. Next, I asked who broke my nose. Glenn, a lacrosse and football player that weighed about200 pounds, volunteered that he had.Ryan Hamilton, grinning like an idiot, said "you don't want to fight him." But I did, and Idid.I took Glenn to the ground in a flash, and from there, with me on top, Glenn and I traded punches, with neither of us doing any real damage.I forgot what broke up that fight, probably apathy on my part and remorse on Glenn's part,I was already bleeding badly from so many places on my face.Ryan still had not left his spot in the outfield, some good 50 yards safely away from thefighting.After the fight, someone, I believe Ryan or Tuite, threw Matt Galvin's hat to the ground,

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