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Spotlight Monologue- My Body 2012 Audience Responses

Spotlight Monologue- My Body 2012 Audience Responses

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Published by: BlackWomen's Blueprint on Mar 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My Body Affirmations By Audience at Mother Tongue Monologues 2012“My body, my journey, My journey of growth, utilizing voice, self-love, community-love,transformation, love of justice and action, and continued connection to my ancestors andmy country. All this and more manifested in this physical space which also holds myspiritual soul. My body, my journey which includes who I choose to join with on my many journeys and who I choose to allow to connect to this body and spirit.”
"My body, My own... is beautifully brown, plump and round, and definitely myhome, because it is my very own!"My body my choice, my body my voice not to be silenced but to be amplified withtruth, love and freedom.
“My Body, My Game to Name”“My body is my machine.”“My Body, My Freedom”
My Body, My Place To Do and Not Do Whatever I Want With It!
My body, my priority. My first love is a love for me. I seek to be whole and to behealthy. My body is me.”“My Body, My Instrument”
My Body, My Story...to create, write, and share in my own words and damn sure,on my own terms.”“My Body, My life source”“My Body, My Altar…so deserving of worship”“My Body, MY BODY!!!’“My Body, Just that, MINE”
“My Body, My Right to Protect and Defend Myself”“My body, My Sanctuary”“My Body. My r/evolution(s)”“My Body, My Journey“My Body, My Gratitude”“My Body, My Choice”
“My Body, My Rights”
“My body, my STORY!”
“My Body, My Space”“My Body, My Treasure”“My Body, My Spirit, My Soul”“My Body, My Rights”“My Body, My Voice”“My Body, My Refusal to be Immobilized”
“My body is the road map to my own liberation... In this lifetime, my body is a partof a continuum of unknown and known Black women who lived at theintersections of race, gender, class, sexual orientation. These womenprayed for, meditated for, fought for, died for peace, love, justice, andequality for all. I literally and metaphorically stand on their shouldersknowing that I have a responsibility to take it to the next level for myknown and unknown (blood and spirit) descendants.”“My body, my vehicle to give voice, to agitate, to rail against all the systems of oppression that end in "ism", and those that don't; systems spawnedby colonization, imperialist, neocolonial and transnational exploitationand the every day, in my backyard, in my face micro-aggressions thateveryone seems to be so danm ok about.
“My Body, My Cause”“My Body, My Flaws”“My Body, My Choice”“My Body, My Temple. DIVINE”“My Body, My Love”“My Body, My Soul”“My Body, My Heart”“My Body, My Home”“My Body, My Boundaries”“My Body, My Vessel”

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