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The Griffin, Vol. 2.7 March 2012

The Griffin, Vol. 2.7 March 2012

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Published by The Griffin
Read the March 2012 Edition of The Griffin! Featuring two opinions on Kony2012, a recap of the newly-minted Social Room/McCaffery Lounge Café and this month's Style Spotter.
Read the March 2012 Edition of The Griffin! Featuring two opinions on Kony2012, a recap of the newly-minted Social Room/McCaffery Lounge Café and this month's Style Spotter.

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Published by: The Griffin on Mar 31, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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Phiadphia, PA March 2012
 Th Fr Stdnt Nwspapr f Chstnt Hi C
NEWS 2STYLE 4Opinion 6Sports 8
Bleu lANe’12D y knw wh JsphKny is? If y s Facbk, Twittr, r Tmbr and havchckd it within th past fw  wks, thn y ar prbaby famiiar with his nam. Aftrth ras f a 30-mintdcmntary n Kny, it wassminy impssib t scrthrh my nwsfd withtsin psts which shard th vid’s ink an with insihtfcmmnts sch as “Kny isman :(” r “if y hav a hart, watch/shar this vid.”Mayb y’v hard f Kny bfr this rcnt hyp.Kny and th lrd’s Rsistanc Army (lRA) hav bntrrriin parts f uanda,Sdan, Dmcratic Rpbicf th Cn, and Cntra African Rpbic fr dcads.Hwvr this vid, rasd by hmanitarian rp InvisibChidrn, maks it sm ik thisis sm rnd-brakin wrdnws. Amricans, spciay yn pp, ar ftnstrtypd as bin arrantand inrant; this vid fsbth f ths idas. A vid that is mant tsprad awarnss abt asbjct shd say incdaccrat facts abt saidsbjct. Kny 2012, hwvr,sms t b ackin ths. Th vid watrs dwn dcads f 
political conict, war-crimes,
and injstic t 30 mintsand ivs n ra backrndinfrmatin. Thr is n histry 
of the conict or explanation
f th factrs which havawd Kny and th lRA trin fr s n. Instad, w
are simply told that Kony exists
bcas w (Amricans) dn’tcar nh. Amrican sympathy hasnvr bn th prbm whnit cms t ba isss. Thrar and aways hav bn
horric things going on in the
 wrd arnd s and it is ntthat w ar insnsitiv, it is thatstins t sch isss ar ftnhihy cmpicatd. Th rad tstins can invv dath andfair. Th simpst stinsftn hav a t f risk invvd which is why actins ar nttakn smtims. Jasn Rss,dirctr f Kny 2012, mstnt hav takn ths thins intcnsidratin as h prsntsawarnss and makin Kny fams as th ny stin.I’m nt sr that bcmin atrndin tpic n Twittr andttin miins f viws n Ytb wi ad Kny t trnhimsf in, thh.I’m sr pp had dintntins whn sharin th vid n thir Facbk wasr hash-tain “Kny2012”n Twittr, bt th ntir Kny 
2012 movement has conrmed
mst strtyps f Amricaand its minnia nratin. A w-mad vid, cbrity 
: Social Media and the Kony Effect
screencap: http://the-sun-is-up-the-sky-is-blue.tumblr.com
“KONY 2012” is a social media phenomenon that after three weeks on Youtube.comhas recieved over 85 million views. The video was produced by Invisible Children, Inc..
MICHAel BRADleY ’14 Aftr wks f anticipatin,th Café catd insid f th
McCaffery Lounge is ofcially 
pn. Th Café, which is pratdby Chartws, is nt yt rnnin 
on a specic hourly schedule.
 Thy ar hpin t b pnfrm 8 a.m. t 12 p.m. frmMnday thrh Friday, and wi b adjstin th hrs asthy s ncssary.Stdnts wi b ab s
their Flex dollars to make
prchass frm th Café. Inadditin, caf-rs can scash t qnch thir thirst rhnr. Prics vary frm itmt itm, bt th nra pricschm is cmparab t th
Grifn’s Den.
Fr brakfast, th n isffrin a varity f pastris,incdin inr r cranbrry 
orange scones, mufns, pound
caks, cinnamn rs, atma,brakfast pia, and qich.lnch ptins incdsandwichs and saads.Sandwich ptins incda rastd prk sandwich, a vi wrap, a chickn ciabattasandwich, and a rastdndrsmnts, and prdctdi bas (disisd as“actin kits” in this cas) wi tamst anyn bhind a cas.I d nt in any way, shap, rfrm spprt Kny and I amnt sayin that this is an issthat shd  nrsvd. Awarnss is a pwrf t,yt it is arrant t prsmthat a wristband r pstr isin t sv dcads f war-crims. I am mry statin thatI think pp shd d thirwn rsarch n sbjcts asppsd t jmpin n a band wan. Mayb if pp dida itt mr rsarch n thKny 2012 mvmnt, thy  wd hsitat t prchas an
Long awaited cafe open for business
image: Nina Rosenberg ’12
 The McCaffrey Lounge offers a wide variety of beverageoptions for Chestnut Hill students. All items can be purchased with Flex dollars.
trky ciabatta sandwich.Saads ffrd ar a traditinacbb saad; a casar saad; a“Chstnt Hi Sinatr” withrns, candid pcans, chrry tmats and b chs; anda “Pad Thai Nd” saad withppprs, Thai ric nds,ciantr and basi. Asid frm fd ptins,th Café is as ffrin a varity f cff and sprss-basdbvras. Thr ar a varity 
of avored coffees (vanilla,
hant, and caram) as was cassic and dcaffinatd
Continued on page 3“McCaffrey Lounge Cafe”
actin kit cnsidrin InvisibChidrn spnds ss f thirbdt n prrams that hplRA-affctd cmmnitis andmr n thins ik mrchandis
and lm-making.
Go to page 6 to read another viewpoint,
“A Passionate Generation”
 The Grifn
Vol. II, Issue 7The Free StudentNewspaper of Chestnut Hill CollegeMary Marzano ’12
Westly Mandoske ’13Business ManagerZac Grubb ’12News EditorBleu Lane ’12Style Editor Jessie Pennell ’14Opinion EditorMarilee Gallagher ’14Sports EditorMary Frances Cavallaro ’13Online Editor Jess Veazey ’13Photo EditorMichael Bradley ’14Design DirectorSkyler Stillwaggon ’14
Layout Sta 
Andrea Wentzell ’15
Layout Sta 
Copy EditorsLiz Campbell ’12Nina Rosenberg ’12Sally Simons ’15Gabriel Henninger ’15Susan Magee, M.F.A.FacilitatorMake your opinion heardand submit editorials to
The Grin
. Submissionsbecome property of 
The Grin
and aresubject to editing forstyle, clarity and length.The views representedin submissions do notrepresent Chestnut HillCollege. Submissionsalso do not represent
’s position, or thatof its facilitator.
The Grin
strivesfor accuracy and fairrepresentation in allof its publications andfactual correctness. If an error is found, emailthe issue number, theerror, and the correctionthat needs to be made
to the.grin.chc@gmail.
com. Corrections may beprinted in the next issue.
Sta Spotlight: Student Success Director
 ASHleN STAYRooK ’12 AlYx BANoNIS ’12Natina Crim Victims’Rihts Wk (NCVRW) was
rst established in April, 1981
by thn uS Prsidnt, RnadRaan. Th a was tachiv spprt fr victims f crims and t prvid srvicsfr sccssf rtrn t thirnrma rtins in scity  – spciay sinc riinay,crim victims had n rihts rsrvics. Ths ffrts (andmany thrs) hav sccdd inincrasin nt ny awarnss,bt as prvidin assistanct raniatins wrkin trmdy th ffcts f crimfr victims. Whn victims f crimbcm invvd in thcrimina jstic systm, th
result is confusion, anxiety and
harm – smtims casd by th systm as mch as by thffndr. This anna wk rminds vryn t cntin
to expand on the vision that
inspird th mvmnt and tcbrat th prrss arady achivd. Nt ny has itcratd awarnss f victims’pihts, bt aws rstrin ky rihts sch as a riht tb infrmd, th riht tprtctin, th riht t attnda tria, th riht t b hard, th
right to be notied, and the right
t rstittin hav bn passd
or expanded upon through
th yars. Nvr hav schadvancs bn mr imprtantthan nw, whn nw crims f tchny, baiatin anddmraphics, mr vry day. Tday, NCVRW is
sponsored by the Ofce for
 Victims f Crim (oVC) f th uS Dpartmnt f Jstic(uSDoJ) and in rspnst th chanin fac f crimina victimiatin, oVC‘sstratic initiativ – Visin 21: Transfrmin Victim Srvics – is bin sd t chart acrs fr th ftr. oVChas hpd many stats and
Clean Closets for Charity
to beneft St. Francis InnSponsored by Career Development 
 Accptin ik-nw cthin!Stdnt, Facty, & Staff drp-ff: Apri 12-13, drin nch and dinnr hrsotsid th caftriaCmmnit & Amni drp-ff:
 April 14, 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
 Th Smmr HsQstins? Cntact: mccarthysa@chc.d
 TAYloR eBeN’14 At a sch ik Chstnt Hi, w rary s an nfamiiar facarnd camps. S whn a nw fac shwd p at th binnin f th sprin smstr, ymiht hav nticd. emiy Si is th dirctr f stdntsccss, a psitin that’s brandnw t th C.Si attndd Cncrdiaunivrsity in Irvin, Caifrnia.“I wantd t  away fr sch,”sh said. “I jk that it was a fr-yar vacatin with hmwrk.”Drin hr tim as an ndrrad,Si was vry invvd ncamps, participatin in stdntvrnmnt and chir amn thr activitis. “I ray t a t
of out of my experience.
 Aftr radatin, Simvd back t Minnsta and wrkd at anthr Cncrdiaunivrsity in St. Pa, which isa t ik Chstnt Hi. It hasarnd 1,000 ndrradatstdnts, is in an rban ara andis divisin tw. “I was a rcritrthr fr abt fr yars,”sh said. “It was rat. I vd wrkin fr a sch that wassimiar t whr I had attnddand I ikd hpin kids and
parents gure out what direction
thy wantd t had in, nt jst
contributed by: Emily Siegel
 with c, bt carr-wis. Wrkin in admissins wasfn, yt frstratin. “W wdrcrit a ths stdnts andthn w wd watch thm avbfr thy wd radat. Ift ik I had a d ratinship with thm [stdnts] and I saw sm f th isss thy wr
having that seemed xable to
m. That’s whr my passinfr [stdnt] rtntin startd.”Sh did a radat prram atCncrdia in hman srvics,fcsin a t f hr wrk nrtntin and th transitinfrm hih sch t cSh cam t Phiadphiaaftr hr hsband t a nw jb.“I knw that I vd wrkin fr a nivrsity and I wantdt cntin wrkin in hihrdcatin.” Aftr attndin and wrkin at sma schs,
she wanted to expand her
hrins and  n t a arrsch. Si andd a jb atth univrsity f Pnnsyvania, wrkin in amni ratins andacy admissins and advisin amni chidrn and amni nth admissins prcss. Whi wrkin at Pnn was a rat
experience, it did make Siegel
s th va f a sma-schdcatin, ik th n shrcivd. “I saw stdnts ttin 
lost in the shufe at such a large
sch,” sh said. “I missd thnrtrin nvirnmnt f asma sch.” Wrkin at thr diffrntinstittins and havin attndda frth t Si s thdiffrnt imprfctins thatach sch had r didn’t hav.
“Every school has its aws,”
sh said. “Y dn’t knw ntiy t thr.” A t f thtim stdnts think th rassis rnr at anthr sch, which, accrdin t Si, isn’tth cas. “Th rass isn’t rnr.It’s jst a diffrnt cr. Y
have to decide what aws you
ar wiin t iv with bcasvry sch has thm.”S what ds th dirctrf stdnt sccss at Chstnt
Hill College do exactly? Since
th psitin is s nw, it’s“vvin.” evntay, Si wi k at rtntin in a thrschs f stdy, bt rihtnw hr primary fcs is nth sch f ndrradat
studies. “I spent the rst 30 days
jst ttin t knw pp: wakin arnd camps, tryin t t t knw anyn and
everyone.” The next 30 days
 wr a cntind rintatin whr sh rsarchd rtntincmmitts, pt tthr artntin prpsa and fcsdn infrmatin athrin ina sris f fcs rps thatawd hr t t a ps nth stdnt bdy. Mtin withstdnts wi hp hr idpans in th riht dirctin.
“I’m really excited to get the
rtntin cmmitt in,” shsaid. Th rtntin cmmitt, which has bn drmant, wibrin diffrnt dpartmntstthr t cabrat. oftn,facty and staff ar fcsdsy n thir wn prjctsand activitis, bt Si’s nw psitin aws hr t k atth bir pictr. “Thr’s ny s mch I can d, bt I think cctivy, in r diffrntaras, w can d a t.”
Emily Siegel, director of student success, was hired in January to work on CHC’s student retention rate.
 Awareness and Support for Crime Victims
cmmnity raniatins carry t ca vnts and stabish
benecial stepping stones that
 wi cntin t imprv thrihts f crim victims. This yar’s Natina Crim Victims’ Rihts Wk is bin hd frm Apri 22-28, 2012
 with a theme of “Extending 
th Visin: Rachin evry  Victim”. As yn Amricans,
 we are all urged to re-examine,
rvitai, and dvp th visin that av if t thisyary mvmnt and tcntin t imprv th rihtsand srvics avaiab t crim victims.D y want t knw mrabt what y can d nw?First and frmst, b awar
and be willing to extend a hand
in kindnss t smn whmay nd it. Atrnativy,stdnts can visit th Facbk pa fr th Natina Crim Victims’ Rihts Wk t arn what thr cntis and statsar din.
 The Grifn
 Many students at the college are involved in exciting internships. The Intern Diaries is where students are invited to share their experiences.This issue’s diary entrant is Michael Bruan ’12.
 The best way to nd out whether or not you can swim
is t div in. Th acadmic qivant t knwin whthrr nt y hav chsn th riht majr is by participatin inan intrnship. Thr is n way t s whthr y wi ika crtain carr r nt nti y ar actay invvd, bt
an internship is the preview to what you can expect. This
intrnship with th Dtctivs Divisin at Nrthamptn Twp.Pic Dpartmnt is tachin m thins that  bynd th
textbooks, teachers, and lessons that I have experienced during 
my fr yars at Chstnt Hi. Jbs in th Crimina Jstic
eld are not like Law and Order and other dramas on T.V.
bcas in a prfssin in aw nfrcmnt, tim n th cck incds ts f dwntim, paprwrk, and fw-ps that thshws inr. By takin pac in this prram that is rqirdfr radatin, I hav arnd hw t d sarch and sirs,
computer forensics, execute a search warrant (and the process
in btainin n), as w as dr bys and bsts. Ths arthins that cannt b taht in th cassrm, bt can  an way t trnin an dcatin int a carr.PAge DeRR ’13 Th dath pnaty has awaysbn a vry cntrvrsia tpic.It is widy prtstd, bt ashaviy spprtd. Th pay Dad Man Wakin is basd n
real life events experienced by 
Hn Prjan, SSJ, abt thpain and sffrin th dathpnaty can brin t vryninvvd. Th pay fws thstry f Sistr Prjan as shcnss dath rw inmat,Matthw Pnct. It is ata f th chans brhtn by imminnt dath, andth accptanc f th sinscmmittd in a iftim. Th
play doesn’t give a denite feel
f whthr th dath pnaty isa d r bad thin. It is jstmant t mak pp think abt th ffcts and tak astand. Travis Wf ’12, dirctr f th shw and snir at ChstntHi C, is vry passinatabt this shw and cannt wait t t pp thinkin.“I biv f a th mtinspp can f, apathy is th wrst,” Wf said. “Whthry’r fr th dath pnaty raainst is dsn’t mattr; whatmattrs is th abiity t tak astand fr what y biv in. Arady this pay is ttin stdnts’ attntin. JssicaSchmidt ’12, a snir payin th mthr f Hp Prcy,n f Pnct’s victims, isnw qstinin hr bifs.“This pay has ivn ma nw prspctiv n thdath pnaty,” Schmidt said.“Thh I’m sti nt sr hw I f abt it.” Wf is as fin thffct th shw has n pp.“Th bst part abt this shw is that th actrs bcm thsntins,” Wf said. “Thact f takin abt th dathpnaty actay happns assn as th actrs aditin, andthn thy carry that mssa with thm bynd thirprfrmanc.”Dad Man Wakin wi bprfrmd in grbr Thatr
on March 29 and 30.
Sr. Prejean’s Story Comes to Life
(L to R) Dave Forster ’12, Raymond Haig ’14, ResidenceCoordinator Rachel Mingle, Gabriel Henninger ’15and Caroline Oddo ’15 are pictured in scene during arehearsal of Dead Man Walking. Forster, who plays MattPonceleot is meeting with his mother (Rachel Mingle)and siblings during
image: Jess Veazey ’13
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 ANDReA WeNTzell’15Intrstd in nar-dath
experiences, dinosaurs,
astrnmy, and faith? A fr sbjcts ar ratdthrh th Sprin lctrSris hstd by th Instittf Riin and Scinc.Binnin th sris ast Wdnsday, th Institt washst t David Hffrd, Ph.D., aSnir Fw frm th SamiInstitt and his prsntatin
on Near-Death Experiences,
 Aftr Dath Cntacts, andSpirits f Sp Paraysis. Thvnt had a wndrf trn tand thr was rat rspnst Dr. Hffrd’s prsntatin.In his prsntatin, hincdd svra prsnastris frm his prfssinas a psychist and hw hhimsf has hpd patintscp with ths “spirit”
experiences scientically and
riisy. Dr. Hffrd, asa mmbr f th Institt frRiin and Scinc’s Advisry 
Committee, was the rst in a
prsntatin sris, fcsin n scintists’ cnnctins triin.Fndd t prmtth cnstrctiv diabtwn riin and scinc,th Institt fr Riin andScinc at Chstnt Hi C
 was ofcially formed in May of 
2011. Dirctr f th Institt,Sistr Kathn Dffy, Ph.D.,
SSJ, explained that the Institute
f Riin and Scinc is an
offshoot of the Metanexus
Institt fr Riin andScinc that was frmay basd hr in Phiadphia. Wantin a prsnc sti inth Phiadphia ara, th
Metanexus Institute charged
Sr. Dffy with frmin thInstitt. With a warm wcmfrm Chstnt Hi Cand Prsidnt Car Jan Va, Ph.D., SSJ, th Instittfr Riin and Scinc hasbn t mak an impact inth c and th cmmnity. With mmbrs spannin th Tri-Stat rin, thraniatin and its mmbrsk t dcat thrs n hw scinc, tchny, riin,and spiritay can cnnct
 without conict. With a mix of professionals
in ithr scinc, riin,r bth, th Institt andits mmbrs cntin tk ahad t s hw thy can ncra cnstrctivdia. Prvis vnts hdby th Institt incdd a
Religion and Science Find Harmony 
prsntatin n “Tihard dChardin’s Mysticism” and th viwin and discssin f th
lm Journey of the Universe.
Bth f ths prsntatinsprmptd rat discssin nhw th idas f riin andscinc can b intrcnnctd.othr prsntatins tcm in th Sprin lctrSris incdd: Ptr
Dodson’s, Ph.D., “Reections
n Fssis and Faith” n Apri2; and edward Dvinny’s,Ph.D., “Havns and Havns”n Apri 12. Bth wi b hdat 7p.m. in th Saraf Chata. Th Institt wias b hstin svra bk 
discussions; the rst book of 
intrst is Jhn Haht’s, Ph.D.,Makin Sns f evtin,
and the rst meeting will beheld on April 19 in the Logue
library.If y ar intrstd inth Institt f Riin andScinc hr at ChstntHi C pas chck thttp://chc.d/irands frmr infrmatin.ptins. Th sprss barffrs atts, cappccins,amricans, and ta atts.Qicky bcmin a stdntfavrit ar th cstmiabsmthis. Mad simpy frmjic, frit and ic, thy ara hathy way t satisfy yrswt tth.“My favrit drink is thchai ta att,” said jnir KimKashnski. “Thy’r awsm.” As bin ffrd atth café is a varity f cd,bttd bvras ranin frm Starbcks Dbshtsprss-drinks t Prrirbrand sparkin watr t btts
mccaffrey lounge cafe
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f watr, a rady fr stdntst rab n th way t cass.Stdnts ar thrhy njyin th additin f thScia Café, and th vraatmsphr f th nw McCaffry ln. Tyin tthr th ambianc cratd
by the crackling replace and
sft cassica msic, th SciaCafé cmpts th n.“It’s ray nic t havsmwhr t cm btwncasss and rab a cff,” saidsnir B lan. Th Café is sr t brin stdnts tthr drin thirdaiy cmmts t and frmcass.BeCKY BoND’12Chstnt Hi stdnts,staff, and facty: yr vry wn Fgd chaptr is n amissin. A missin t start th
 very rst community garden
hr n camps, bt w ndyr hp. W ar askin vrynt tnd t a sdin in thir
room or ofce. All you haveto do is water it and expose
it t snshin and v. Thn whn th prdctin f thardn is cmpt, w ask yt brin yr pant t th frntf th earth Cntr, catd
next to the Summerhouse, to
pac arnd th bas f rvatd ranic cmmnity ardn.Pas chck yr mairary fr pdats n thinitiativ and th ardn. Frmr infrmatin y cancntact s at chcfd@mai.cm. W ratfy apprciat ayr v and spprt! Pashp s accmpish r at rw r Chstnt Hicmmnity vn mr!
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