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EDTC6037 a Ray Staff Development

EDTC6037 a Ray Staff Development

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Published by raya3055

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Published by: raya3055 on Apr 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EDTC 6037 Alicia Ray, Stephanie HolmesStaff Development Project Fall 2011
Staff Development Project: DeliciousStephanie Holmes and Alicia RayEDTC 6037Fall 2011
EDTC 6037 Alicia Ray, Stephanie HolmesStaff Development Project Fall 2011
This staff development project will focus on training first and fifth grade teachers to useDelicious, a website that acts as a search engine for people to view approved and previously usedwebsites. This project will be implemented by two different instructors and in two differentlocations. Stephanie Holmes at Unionville Elementary will be instructing first grade teachers andAlicia Ray at Dobson Elementary will be instructing fifth grade teachers. The students of thisstaff development project are experienced with technology, using computers, Promethean boards(Holmes), SMARTboards (Ray), and data projectors. However, they are not as comfortablesearching for different grade level appropriate websites. The training requires at least 90 minutesof instructional time, including guided practice and independent practice.
Needs Assessment
The needs assessment was provided to the certified staff members attending the staff development project through a Google Doc, in an effort to limit paperwork. The questions andresponses are included in a separate document. In addition to the document, the questions arelisted below:What forms of technology do you have in your classroom?Are there any technology instruments for which you would like more ideas?How do you use technology resources during the school day?How do you find a previously used website that you liked?Do you currently bookmark your most-
used websites as “favorites”?
 How do you direct students to a new website?What search engines do you currently use to find new sites?
EDTC 6037 Alicia Ray, Stephanie HolmesStaff Development Project Fall 2011
How do you currently share online resources with coworkers?Which of the following would you like to learn more about: Google docs, Delicious,Smart ResponseWould you rather have staff development during planning or after school?After conducting the needs assessment, it has been determined that this group of teachersshould be trained how to find effective websites for classroom use. To assist with their process of determining how to search for appropriate websites, the teachers will be trained on Delicious.Delicious is a search engine created by account users. Account holders can search for varioustopics and will be provided with website links that other individuals and users have determinedto be appropriate and effective. Training on this website will increase the opportunities forteachers to find appropriate websites and decrease the time wasted on searching.
Design and Development of Instruction
In an effort to actively engage the students, a Power Point presentation was createdcollaboratively using actual images of the website and each slide contained speaker notes to stayon topic. The instructional materials, the presentation and speaker notes, were created by usingscreen shots of the website as we were accessing the website and our accounts. Slowly analyzingthe Delicious website and taking several images of the many different options on the screenallowed us to create a step-by-step presentation that correlated to the verbal directions.Reviewing the needs assessment assisted us with remaining on task and only exposing
the students to the website’s main possibilities of appropriateness and accessibility in the
classroom. Knowing that the teachers were stressed about having to incorporate technology intotheir daily instruction (based on verbal discussion in previous Professional LearningCommunities) and being unfamiliar with useful websites focusing on the Delicious search engine

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