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2012 New Speed Retrieve World Record

2012 New Speed Retrieve World Record

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Published by dockdogs

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Published by: dockdogs on Apr 01, 2012
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 Medina, OH – March 1, 2012 – 
We were happy to back for year number two at the Bismarck Tribune Sports Show as we rolled in to town this past weekend. After last year we dressed for cold weather and snow so to our surprise the sun was shining and we saw 45 degree temperaturesas we prepared for our move-in on Thursday.Due to high crowd volume during our debut here in 2011 we were moved in to the main arena toutilize the stadium seating for the crowd. We were soon to find out that it would still be standingroom only as much of Bismarck was out to catch this year’s DockDogs National ChampionshipSeries Event!We started out the weekend with a short evening of Big Air competitions as many familiar facesfrom last year came out once again to get in some dock time before the mad rush of the weekend.Tim DeKrey with “Sunny” and Kayla Smith with her dogs “Dakota” and “Bauer” both finalistsat this event in 2011 were two of the teams out. “Hershey”, handled by Ray McCarty was thefarthest traveler of the day. This team came all the way up from Independence, MO this weekendto get one more show under their belt in hopes of qualifying for DockDogs WorldChampionships at the end of the year. Blaine Rodacker and “Cooper” would be the team with thefar jump of the day coming in at 20’5”.Once again this year we saw an insurgence of local teams on Saturday morning, some new, someold. North Dakota dominated the dock with numbers, making up 70% of the teams competingtoday with teams from SD, MO, and MN in the house to represent. With the roughly 700 seatsfull and spectators surrounding the pool we saw some heated competition as these dogs spreadtheir wings and launched out in to the pool for some Big Air jumps that surpassed the best of what was seen here last year. John Wardner out of Bismarck made it back for the second year ina row to see if “Panther” still had his dock diving skills after competing for the first time ever last year and making a jump today that would secure him in the Semi-Pro Finals.It was nonstop action throughout the day with any free time on the dock being filled with manynew teams testing the waters. Gary Hansen with “Jackson Gauge” showed the crowd the veryfirst and only one of two Pro jumps of the weekend as they erupted with awe as the water camedown on the first few rows of spectators. One dog that stole my attention for the day was a teamthat was brand new to the sport today, Micheal Terras and “Maggie”. Each time this 1.5 year oldlab got onto the dock it was as if there was a pot of gold at the end of the pool as her eyes grew
so big with excitement. You could see “Maggie’s” excitement and large eyes at the end of thegrandstands!Pamela Freeman of St Paul, MN gives the crowd credit this weekend for helping her young pup,“Ike” build the courage to take his first ever dive in to the pool during competition. Ray and“Hershey” may have drawn the most crowd applause this weekend as spectators cheered them onwhen hearing that after months of Kemo, “Hershey” has beaten K-9 cancer into remission andwas out on tour celebrating life doing what he loves best here with DockDogs.We ended the day on Saturday as we always do with our crowd favorite, Extreme Vertical.Though, only four teams signed up this weekend, the crowd couldn’t have hoped for a better roster. Ray and “Hershey” came in to the competition with a starting height of 5’ while the nextteam entering wasn’t starting until 6’. This means the resilient; “Hershey” had to take seven back to back turns before the next dog entered the competition! With the crowd’s excitement makingthem cheer louder with each turn, he worked his way up to six feet before dropping out of thecompetition. It came down to two teams with personal best jumps within two inches of eachother for the first place battle with Tom Dropik’s “Remi” having the age advantage of the two.Apparently “old dogs” still have tricks up their sleeves though because the black lab, “Shadow”,handled by Bob Sorenson, pulled a jump of 7’4” out for an epic win this weekend!So you may be wondering just where this world record is? Well we saved that for Sunday!That’s right, we started the day off on Sunday with our one and only Speed Retrieve qualifier and it will now be one that is not soon forgotten. If you’ve been around the DockDogs world for very long there’s a few names that everyone seems know and respect. Those names are peoplethat have been advocate’s to the sport as they’ve helped it progress in to what you and I know itas today. Well Tom Dropik is one of those names and we were happy to see him return to TheBismarck Tribune Sports Show again this year to show the crowds the leaps and bounds of improvement he has made with his rescue dog “Remi”. Last year “Remi” was still having a hardtime building the courage to jump off of the dock which makes this story that much better. I had been telling the crowds all weekend that we had the number one ranked team in the world inSpeed Retrieve in the house and now they were finally getting to see them in action. During their first run Tom was ecstatic when “Remi” scored them a new personal best with a 58 foot retrievetime of 4.760. With this score alone I think they would have went home feeling great about their accomplishments. Already in the lead by a long shot Tome decided to push his luck with thefalse start and it couldn’t have worked out better. On the second run the reaction time was 0.086seconds from the time the light turned green to the time “Remi” crossed the sensor at the front of the starting blocks and in the blink of an eye the bumper was down! As we waited for the judge’sscore, the chatter of the crowd grew and then it became official when a score of 4.442 secondswas announced! A new world record by nearly two tenths of a second! This is now the newindoor world record and overall fastest retrieve in the world in the sport of Speed Retrieve. The previous record was held by Sean McCarthy of Iowa at 4.628 seconds. Sean McCarthy still holdsthe Outdoor world record in this sport.

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