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Rizal X

Rizal X

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Published by Nathalie Dagmang
A paper on drama (english 11)
A paper on drama (english 11)

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Published by: Nathalie Dagmang on Apr 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Nathalie Dagmang2010-24702 BFA SculptureOctober 11, 2011Eng 11 WFU3
Rizal X: Paper on Drama
Basically, the play talked about the youth, using Rizal’s life story and works to illustrate
our present situation. All throughout the play, allusions on Rizal was seen in the scenes anddialogues showing the different scenes in our own lives.One scene showed the transformation of three old-age social climbers (who look likethose in the times of Rizal) who slowly transformed into the modern-
day “conos”
by also
transforming their clothes (from the clothes of the elites from Rizal’s time to the hiphop trends
at present). Another scene showed the different lovers of Rizal and all the sufferings andobstacles that they have gone through. Other scenes also showed the woes of OFWs like howthey miss their loved ones at home, how they degrade themselves by lowering their statusthrough acceptance of underemployment (in the case of the doctor turned nurse) or doing
things that are against their will (in the case of the “japayuki”).
 How we view Rizal, or if all of us even know him, was shown in a clip where Dorainterviewed people on facts about our national hero which actually showed the ignorance of some to his life story and works.One of the final scenes in the play showed the struggles of the youth today, particularlythe student activists who fight for the rights of their generation. This scene, in my opinion, hassome similarities with the story of Elias in El Filibusterismo. Both situations show therevolutions the youth has attempted to start in response to the violation of their rights indifferent times. There was also an old woman in this scene who talked about the parable of afirefly that was too determined to come closer to the fire that it was licked by the fire and wasburned. This story, which was also told to the young Rizal, showed the risk-taking characteristicthat persists in the youth through the years.2)I noticed that the youth in the present times and in the past was being compared allthroughout the play. Thus, I thought of adding a scene that portrays another characteristic thatis seen in most of the young today and how it differs from the young ones
of Rizal’s time.
Teenagers today who go to school usually has this mentality that being a diligent
student is not something that would make someone “cool” or “in”. Maybe teenagers thought of 
this because those who are too much focused on school usually do not have time for partyingand socializing. Most of the time, they are the ones who are very obedient to their parents, sothey do not have the chance to try out new things and vices like alcohol and cigarette.From my own experience, the nerdy ones in our high school, those who are always busy
studying and are conscious of acing their exams, are often teased by the “cool” people, or those
who are always seen talking with their friends and just hanging out in the corridors. They would
make face and say “eww” to whoever they see studying their readings or practicing math.
It annoys me that these people actually have the guts to degrade the “nerds” when they
are the ones who should be ashamed of theirselves. They fail in exams, have vices, called to theguidance office and being punished my the school for misbehavior and rule violations.Sometimes, I would think that this is just one of their defense mechanisms, a way to lift theirown levels amidst all their failures.I also noticed that the ones who pursue their studies usually are the ones who have lessin life and those who are well-off usually do not care about their studies. In the short scene thatI wrote, I tried to show these observations.
Setting: Inside Character A’s bedroom
 ; a small and simple bedroom<phone ringing>
 Character A: Oh no, oh no
<phone continues to ring>
A: Where’s my pen?
A: Goddamn it! I’m busy!
<Answers phone>
Character B: Hey dude, my dad just went off to Mindanao for peace talks on something. He’ll
stay there for 3 days! 3 days, man!
<A continues to panic and look for his pen>
We can drive his
car, drink at the club, bring our girlfriends,…A: I don’t have a girlfriend…
 B: Oh.
But when we hit the club, we could score some hot girls then we could bringthem
home or even to school so our classmates would see…
 A: Wait, wait, dude
—stop! I have some finals on Wednesday and 2 papers due tomorrow… Ireally can’t, I’m sorry.
 B: But we--
<A hangs up the phone>
<leafing through a book>
Uh… okay… Rizal studied in…
 Character C: Hey! Dude I have some new stuff here. We could install all theses games in yourPC! I have a new online game we could play with other

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