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Published by Suyog Patil

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Suyog Patil on Apr 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Catroid ProposalPROPOSAL’S TITLE
Implementation of Gesture Recognition Technology with Augmented Reality in Catroid IDE,scripts,Paint application and Bubble-touch game
Suyog Appasaheb Patil
Suyog Patil
:I am student of 3
year B.Tech of Electronics Engineering in Veermata Jijabai TechnologicalInstitute,Mumbai,India.I am a guy who loves programming and have vast experience inalgorithm developments .I help other programmers by writing programming tutorials inMatlab,OpenCV on my blog and by giving them useful links and updates about robotic activitieson my facebook page.I am not much familiar with android development but I am familiar with OpenCVwhich is mainlyrequired to develop my ideasin Android.I am a quick learner so getting used to androiddevelopment won’t be difficult for me.
Contact data:
Mumbai universityIRC-@suyogpGithub-@suyogpatilEmail ID
suyogpatil36@gmail.comBlog-http://sprobotics.blogspot.in/ I have three ideas in my mindbased on Gesture Recognition technology and AugmentedReality
1)Catroid Gesture Paint:
In this fingertip detection and color recognition will be used.This techniques will be applied onvideo captured by front camera of Android device.This paint application will be having two modes as following:
a)Paint with fingertip:
I.It will paint on device screen with just fingertip action of userin air as fingertip ofuser will be tracked and painting will be drawn according to its path of movement.II.Color of object to be drawn can be set runtime.III.It is more user friendly paint application giving a feel of writing in airwhich isusually shown in Sci-fi movies.
b)Paint with colors:
I.In this user will show object ofparticular color to camera and camera will trackthat colorand according to its coordinate figure will be drawn with same color asthat of object.II.Advantage of this method isthat one can simultaneously draw with differentobjects.Kids will love this kind of painting with lots of colors.III.This method is easy to implement than fingertip detection and will require lessprocessing and hence it will be fast.IV.This will give feel of colors in air like ‘Holi’(the festival of colors in India).In Holipeople apply colors to faces of each other and celebrate the divine season.Paint background can be real-time video captured by front camera or just white screen withsmall camera view at corner of display.
2)Control of IDE and scripts using gestures:
I.In this using gestures by hand user interface of Catroidcan be controlled.II.For example if user want to go to next screen then he will just move his hand infront of camera from left to right and to go back to previous screen he will movehis hand from right to left.III.Zoom in and zoom out can be also done by gesture which will be similar togesture we do on touch screen devices.IV.This again will give fantastic feel of controlling devices without touchingthem.This technique can be thought as next step of advancement in technologyafter touch screen devices.V.This technology requires lot of processing and can be implemented efficientlyusing training of user hand gestures at the start.
3)Finger Bubble-touchgame:
I.This game will be basically developed for kids.II.In this game Augmented Reality and Fingertip detection will be used.III.In this gamebubbles will be plotted or augmented on real-time video captured byfront camera.Small kids will popthis bubble with touching bubble by fingertip inair and gain points.IV.The game will have increasing difficulty levels which will include more speed ofbubbles and negative points for poppingwrong bubbles.V.Kids like to play with bubbles and hence this game can become famous amongkids due to its uniqueness.I have already done this kind of project using Gesture Recognition Technology with AugmentedReality on PC in mypastproject.The projectwas based on color recognition algorithm.
Software tools that can be used to developproposed applicationsare:1.Eclipse and Android SDKs2.OpenCVfor Android3.AR toolkit
:I always prefer innovative and attractive technology development hence I have proposed thiskind of technology to Catroid.I am also interested in User interace enhancement idea using skins and actionbars.Ilikedeigning user interfaces.If given a chance then I am ready to work for it.
:I always prefer technology which make life of user more sophisticated rather than complicated.I like playing with kids and to make tool for their enjoyment will be awesome experience for me.This technology will definitely trigger everybody’s mind and this has been observed by me whenI exhibited my project in various colleges of Mumbai,India.So developing this technology in android devices will be motivational for me as it can be carriedanywhere unlike Personal computers.
: I don’t have android device now but I am planning to buy SamsungGalaxy S in May 2012.It has Android 2.2 (Froyo) can be upgraded to 2.3.I will work on both emulator and my device.
: I have beagleboard XM rev C on which android can be installed.Beagleboard specifications-ARM Cortex -A8Processorfrequency
1 GHzDDR RAM.-512MBUSB slots-4Ethernet connectionIt is called fan-less PC due to its computer like specificationsand performance.We can implement catroid applications on beagleboard.
:Native language I used is Marathi.I am totally unfamiliar with Marathi typing hence I have writtenit on paper and uploaded photosas said by Mentor on IRC.

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