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Evaluaion Question 1

Evaluaion Question 1

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Published by 05dinnesl3197

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Published by: 05dinnesl3197 on Apr 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Question 1
In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge form and conventions of real media products?Our Soap Opera Trailer.
Shot 1The first shot is taken from one of Hollyoaks's trailers,It portrays a love triangle between three of thecharacters, this screen shot shows a mid-shot of the girland then it focuses on the couple kissing which givesthe audience connotations of jealousy. This then createsan over the shoulder shot sothat you could
see the girl’s
point of view. This shot givesthe audience a detailed sense of the storylines within the soap butdoes not give too much away so that it creates an active audience toquestion what happens therefore at the same time creates an opennarrative. We took inspiration from this trailer as we decided to usea similar storyline within our own soap opera trailer. Within ourtrailer you see a loving couple and another girl looking jealous andgiving connotations of causing trouble. This is the perfect storylineto use in order to make sure we were following the genericconventions of a soap opera.Shot 2This establishing shot is from the most recent EastendersChristmas trailer. The music and lighting that is used withinthis trailer immediately highlight the Christmas theme to theaudience. The shot introduces the location effectively to givethe audience a sense of the setting (The Queen Victoria). Apub is the biggest social location of the community in soapsand a conventional location featured in every episode of thesoap. The main setting that we used within our soap is a pub;we took inspiration from this trailer as it has an establishingshot of the pub which is where the main storylines takeplace within this trailer. Audiences can relate to pubs ashaving drunken and violent atmospheres and charactersalso being drunk and violent. As pubs are one of the moregeneric locations in soap operas it was easy to decide thatwe wanted to use a pub as our main location. Within ourown soap opera trailer we started off with using anestablishing shot of the front of the pub so that theaudience know exactly where the soap storyline is goingto be set. It is also one of the only places where you seemost of the characters in the soap all at once.
Shot 3This is a shot taken from another Eastenders trailer, it isa close up of the characters feet and in the trailer it isalso a tracking shot following the characters footsteps.By showing the audience someone walking you knowsthat they are going to somewhere in particular and byonly showing their feet and not giving an indication of who the character is it creates a large amount of tensionfor the audience. As soap operas generically have anopen narrative, creating tension and not even givingaway the characters identity until the end means that the audience are intrigued as to what isgoing to happen, what the story line is going to be and what characters will be involved. Bydoing this in a trailer the audience will really want to watch the episode or the soap to findout all of the information that is kept from them in the trailer.We wanted to use this within our trailer at the beginningto build up the tension so we decided to have thecharacters walk in individually into the pub; we also hadthe camera in the position so that you could only see thecharacters legs. With the use of costume we useddifferent trousers and shoes which showed the audiencesome personality and style that each character hadwithout seeing the rest of them. This again helped tobuild up the tension so that the audience want to watchthe soap opera itself.Shot 4This is a mid-shot of a group of characters taken froman Eastenders trailer, where the characters are standingat the bar. This trailer shows the emotions of thecharacters and that the storyline is about a party that istaking place in the local pub. Soap opera trailers
generically follow Todorov’s theory of equilibrium,
this shows that there is equilibrium and that thetension is being built up for a disruption to happen andfor the equilibrium to be broken. The trailer normallyend after it is broken so that the audience watch the soap opera to find out how the charactersreact to the disruption and then how the equilibrium is restored. For our own soap operatrailer we took quite a lot of inspiration from this particular trailer, our trailer is set in a pub asit is the most conventional location or setting in soap operas, within our trailer the audiencesees all of our characters standing in a line like what the audience see in this trailer. We also
wanted to follow Todorov’s theory so that the
audience want to watch the soap opera to find outwhat happens. Within our trailer we build up thetension by showing our characters entering the pubindividually and between each one we showcharacters that are locals to the pub and that arealready settled in the pub in their own groups. Thismeans that the new characters entering are creatingthe disruption and building up the tension for theaudience at the same time.
Shot 5This is a long shot showing the majority of thecharacters that are in the soap opera, this means
that the audience won’t get confused by seeing
all the characters at different times. This trailershows a large amount of new characters enteringthe soap op
era, this also follows Todorov’s
theory as there are characters that are establishedin the soap opera and then the equilibrium isdisrupted by these new characters entering theirterritory. All of the characters are dressed in veryglamorous clothing as if it is a competition and a cat walk. This also causing a disruption asthe audience can see the tension between the characters and the audience then want to watchthe soap as they can then see the types of relationships between the characters. We took inspiration from this trailer as this trailer is introducing new characters to an existing soap,
this is the closest type of trailer to what wanted to crate, but there haven’t been any brand
new soap operas that have been made using new technology. Our trailer is for a brand newsoap but we could still have people living in the area and then new people move in to createthe soap which is what we decided to do. At the beginning of this trailer the audience areshown all the characters entering individually which is what we decided to do in order tobuild up the tension, they show the originalcharacters after each new character enterswhich we also decided to do. We thoughtthat by doing this the audience will be leftwondering what could happen between thenew and old characters and how thedisruption of the equilibrium is going to berestored. At the end of our trailer we haveall of our characters stood in a line so thatthe individuals can be identified and so that
our own audience won’t get confused.
Shot 6Once we had figured out what order we wanted our footage torun we needed to sort out some titles, we wanted to introduce ourcharacters to the audience by either using their names or theirindividual personalities. We decided to research into titles thatare used in soap opera trailers so that we were still bale to followthe generic conventions. We came across this trailer taken fromthe Eastenders trailer that introduces the characters Ronnie andRoxy, the trailer shows their personalities in quite a bit of detailbut the audience are left to decide the storylines that these characters are going to be involvedin. However the trailer uses titles to tell the audience their names so that when the charactersare in the soap the audience knows who they are. We decided that this is a really good way of introducing the characters and we made sure that the footage that we had really showed theirindividual personalities. We thought about where in thetrailer we would put their names and as a group we came tothe decision to add in some extra footage at the end of thetrailer when the characters are all stood in a line. Wezoomed in on the characters faces where they are all making

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