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Published by 2vane7

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Published by: 2vane7 on Dec 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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These projects look for teaching us the team work to develop skills in which wesupport on the partners to bring each of these projects on, each, with a veryhigh level of complex that can get outcomes and experiences that for one andall the apprentices, will remain us a life experience and teaching for the future.It was a very long process of implementation. There were six projects in whichwe must have trust in other apprentices.What this methodology looks for us is to show that in the laboral field, noteverything is like we usually think; sometimes we have to work with people thatwe even don
t know, but we have to accomplish to the work methodology givenby the enterprise, and also get accomplished to the partners.The projects implemented in a first stage was a mail server in Linux as inWindows; in the second stage we had to implement a monitoring server as thefirst one in both platforms: Linux and Windows; and in the final stage,applications that work on Windows and Linux Operative Systems.The work level in each project was very high.Now, we will describe briefly how this process was, in which we have to use theprojects described before, but actually the biggest challenge was to know eachother and to know if you can work as a team.
The first project was focused on the implementation of a mail Server.Knowing that
the enterprises don’t have
one of this Server, was a hardexperience because we have to learn new concepts and live new experiences.
A mail Server is an application that allows sending and getting mails from a userto another through the network.It was developed in operative systems Linux and Windows; the mail systemworks under a quantity of requirements important for its performance like theprotocols that we are going to make to know next.SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): in few words what makes this protocol isto make easy the exchange of mail between two servers.Another important protocol would be the POP (Post Office Protocol), this onegets the messages and pass them to the final user. And the IMAP (Internet
Control Access Protocol) it’s task is the same that the POP, but it’s functionality
is different, it means, as the POP, allows reading and deleting messages. TheIMAP has the capability of creating, modifying, deleting and moving messages,but for this to work,
it’s necessary to count
with a client that will send and getthe messages.The way of how a mail server works is the next:There is an A user and a B user in different servers. The A user writes amessage to the B user using a mail program (Hotmail, Gmail, and others), tosend it the mail program contacts. The B user server through the SMTPprotocol, as h
e doesn’t know which serv
er reach, he must consult to its DNS,ask it the MX register, then get response with the domain of the B user afterbeing already the message on the host, starts the work of the POP or the IMAP,it means, the POP or the IMAP get connected to get the mails out.
As we have seen before, a mail s
erver doesn’t work alone, works along others
protocols or requirements that are necessary to get a good performance.
The current networks are growing every day even more, and in the same wayas they grow, they are becoming more complex.To solve this problem we are going to talk about a monitoring Server that willserve us to monitor a several hosts found in our network.In the century we live, to the enterprises it i
s really important to know how it’s
working its work network, because if its network works the better possible, theperformance will be better; but they must know with what devices they count forthis to happen, to know the work day after day; so they can know when they getfailures and be capable to correct them in time because for an enterprise World,will be something tragic that its
network didn’t work
because they would havelots of fails. So for this never happen, we must know that there are easy
monitoring services that don’t have any cost but in the same way
, must knowthat there are tools of privative monitoring. The final desition depends on thebusinessman with the support of a network manager, if it uses free or privativesoftware.
What is a Monitoring service?
A monitoring server as its name says, allow us to monitor a network, it means,devices are connected to the network to see the events and fails that can usebut this is not so easy, for this you must count with an agent that will connect toserver to show
what’s happening. T
here is a protocol called SNMP (SimpleNetwork Management Protocol),
it’s found at OSI model 7 layer;
this protocoluses a method of managing to ease the administration. It works as agent orclient, in other words, are the devices that are going to monitor such as router,switch, hosts, etc. This makes it through the MIB (management InformationBase). The MIBs are the ones which store the structured information of themanaged devices. There are several kinds of messages that are which thesoftware understand the agent.

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