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Working with Iranian Agents in Europe

Working with Iranian Agents in Europe

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The Iranian regime has by far been the most active state in sponsoring terrorism and spy activities in the past years. many of Tehrans' agents are covert refugees, Parliamentarians,freelance journalists, NGOs, Think tanks and sometimes groups and organizations such as NIAC and CASMII.
The Iranian regime has by far been the most active state in sponsoring terrorism and spy activities in the past years. many of Tehrans' agents are covert refugees, Parliamentarians,freelance journalists, NGOs, Think tanks and sometimes groups and organizations such as NIAC and CASMII.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: AshrafJune Gathering Basiri on Apr 02, 2012
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Compiled by:Anglo-Iranian Community in Greater London8 November 2005 
Who is Iran-Interlink?
"Iran-Interlink" identifies itself as:
 Iran Interlink is a pressure group / support organisation which provides a point of contact for families and friends of members of the Iranian Mojahedin-e Khalq. It informsabout the real nature of the Mojahedin as a religious/personality cult; exposes the Mojahedin’s abuse of its members’ fundamental human rights; pinpoints responsibility for the terrorist actions and human rights abuses of the Mojahedin on leader, Massoud  Rajavi; helps individuals who wish to leave the Mojahedin to find refuge; assists thosewho leave the Mojahedin come to terms with their experiences within and re-establishthemselves in the wider community; and reunites people who leave the Mojahedin withtheir family and friends. Iran Interlink is based in Leeds.
Massoud Khodabandeh and his British wife Ann Singleton run the site from their home in Leeds. Bothwere formerly associated with the dissident Iranian Mojahedin. Singleton was never a member itseems. She became affiliated with Mojahedin supporters in London in the late 80’s and eventuallytagged along with some supporters to go to Iraq to visit the Iranian opposition’s National LiberationArmy camp for a two month period in the early 90’s. The NLA was in Iraq since 1986 for the purposeof offering viable resistance to the Iranian regime from the only neighbouring state that was possible.Singleton left Iraq after finding herself out of place in a struggle she really didn’t believe in.Khodabandeh was with the Mojahedin until 1996 when he decided to quit the struggle of his own freewill and associated with supporters for a brief period after that. Both had disassociated themselvesfrom the organisation quite freely after finding that a life of struggle against the mullahs in Tehran wastoo difficult. The two married sometime after that. Little was it known that the Iranian MOIS wouldmake an offer that they couldn’t refuse.A short period after leaving the Mojahedin, Khodabandeh was recruited by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) in a covert operation run by the Elteghat (Eclectic) directorate of theMOIS in Tehran. The aim of this operation was to entice, cajole, and bribe former members of theresistance who had quit the struggle to turn against their former comrades-in-arms. They would initiallyprovide intelligence for assassination attempts on resistance activists on European soil and would laterlead a vast disinformation campaign to demonise the Mojahedin and ostracise them within Europe andthe US where they had a large following. It should be noted that possibly hundreds of former membersand supporters have left the ranks of the Mojahedin in its 40 year history for personal reasons. But moststill continue to support the Mojahedin by attending protest actions, providing financial support, andparticipating in grass-roots activities to raise awareness about the issue of democracy in Iran. TheKhodabandehs however decided, like a handful of former members, to cast their lot with the Iranianregime and get involved in the MOIS covert operation.Khodabandeh has a busy schedule making expensive trips to France, Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysiaand other places. He uses the trips to militate against his former colleagues and present them asterrorists, brainwashers, murderers, torturers, and a host of other unproven allegations. In the politicalstruggle between the Iranian opposition and the Iranian regime of the ayatollahs, Khodabandeh likes tostrike a neutral tone, never offering any criticism of his government’s support for terrorism, its supportof fundamentalist groups, its irresponsible policy of pursuing nuclear weapons, nor of the regime’shuman rights violations in Iran. Most would however say that his fervent attacks on the Mojahedinbelie his skewed political sympathies and question his expensive lifestyle of jetting to various countriesto attack a group which in the general balance of power offsets the mullahs' murderous rule over Iran.The motive behind Iran-Interlink is even more suspect to Iranian dissidents when it is learnt thatSingleton travelled to Tehran in winter 2002, prior to launching the website. On arrival at Tehran’sMehrabad airport, she met with Intelligence Ministry agents who were interested in her background. Itseems Singleton volunteered to help save her new brother-in-law, Mr. Ebrahim Khodabandeh, who waslater arrested and extradited to Iran by Syrian authorities while in Syria on the eve of the Gulf War.Ebrahim Khodabandeh has since recanted and is actively engaged in a propaganda war against thePMOI. During her month-long visit to Iran, Ms. Singleton met her mother-in-law and asked her to exertpressure on her son (Ebrahim) to leave the Mojahedin. Ebrahim’s mother later admitted to him that theregime allowed her to leave Iran for a visit to the UK to see Ebrahim the previous year on conditionthat she would “help” him leave the resistance and return to Iran. Ebrahim Khodabandeh had while inLondon filed an affidavit in court proceedings confirming that Ann Singleton and his brother had setupIran-Interlink at the behest of MOIS.
List of Participants and their Background
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, MEP, Chair of the press conference
Baroness Nicholson on a trip to Iran
The Baroness has for more than twelve years cooperated with Iranian authorities andreceived direct and indirect funding and support from the Iranian government for herefforts to supposedly provide humanitarian aide to refugees from Iraq who fled toIran during the Iran-Iraq war. However, it seems that the refugees mostly formedIranian funded groups such as Hakim’s force, who took refuge in Iran and weretrained and funded by Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and the Iranian regime’sextra-territorial Qods Force, believed responsible for coordinating parts of theinsurgency in Iraq today. There is a serious conflict of interest, therefore, in herclaims against Iranian opposition forces who seek to change the regime in Iran.
As an MEP she has actively lobbied for Iranian interests with European governmentsand political parties. The Baroness played an instrumental role in brokering theinclusion of the PMOI in the EU terror list as part of a bargain with Tehran. In ameeting in Brussels on 19 March 2002, held on the initiative of the clerical regimeand attended by then Tehran’s deputy foreign minister, Emma Nicholson said thatshe would ask the EU to declare the PMOI as a terrorist group.
Baroness Emma Nicholson was quoted in Tehran on 13 February 2003, on one of hernumerous trips to Iran, as saying:
“Here, our debates on Iraq have been attended by known members of the MKO recently… The MKO have thousands of members inside Iraq and thousands outside… These people are a threat to world security. Their organization strikes silently and with lethal impact. This is Saddam's private, international terrorist army, working against us all… For the sakeof our citizens' and for global safety I urge far greater security attention is paid to the MKO. War or no war, the criminals who make up the MKO killand destroy the innocent.”
The Baroness has never criticised the Iranian government for its many abuses of human rights; nor for its support of terrorism throughout the Middle East andbeyond; nor for its illegal pursuit of nuclear weapons in secret for 18 years; nor for itssuppression of the Iranian people (ethnic, religious and dissident political groups);nor for its hateful words of threats to other UN member states recently.
Baroness Nicholson is a famed apologist of the Iranian regime, and a self-proclaimed“good friend” of some top officials in the Iranian government. In a debate in theHouse of Lords on 22 June 1999 she defended Iran’s leaders against charges of violating the human rights of women, a fact attested to by 51 UN condemnations of Iran’s human rights violations:
“Women in Islam have traditionally and historically had more rights thanwomen in Christianity. I refer particularly to the rights of widows in Islam.

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