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Catherine Booth -Godliness

Catherine Booth -Godliness

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Published by Ng Yih Miin

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Published by: Ng Yih Miin on Apr 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GODLINESSBY: MRS. CATHERINE BOOTH.CATEGORY: RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY -- CHRISTIANITYINTRODUCTION BY DANIEL STEELE, D.D.PUBLISHERS' PREFACE.In giving this volume to our American readers, we are assured thatwe are doing a special favor to all the lovers of "Christianity inearnest." "Aggressive Christianity," from the same talented author,has met with unusual favor, and has been the means of much good. Weare confident that the present volume is in all respects equal to theformer, and that no one can read it without great spiritual profit.The Introduction, by Dr. Daniel Steele, is a forcible presentationof the main doctrines of the book, and is creditable to the head andheart of the writer, and a commendation which all intelligent readerswill highly esteem.Our object in publishing these sermons, is, that their perusal maykindle a flame of revival in the hearts of believers, which mayresult in many turning unto the Lord.MCDONALD & GILLBOSTON, MASS.AUTHOR'S PREFACE.In presenting another volume of reports of my Addresses, I have onlyto repeat what I have said with respect to similar books before--Read, for the sake of getting more light and more blessing to yoursoul, and you will, I trust, partake of the good which many haveprofessed to receive at the West-End services, wherein most of thesewords were first spoken.
I am well aware that, in such imperfect reports of, for the mostpart, extemporaneous utterances, often most hurriedly corrected,there may be found abundant ground for criticism; but, if this book may be the means of leading only a few souls to devote themselvesmore fully to God and to the salvation of men, I shall be more thancompensated for any unfriendly criticism with which it may meet.I have not sought to please any but the Lord, and to His fatherlyloving-kindness I commend both the book and its readers.CATHERINE BOOTH._London, Nov._ 10, 1881.INTRODUCTION.The sermons of Mrs. Booth already re-published under the title of "_Aggressive Christianity_," came to American Christians as a tonic totheir weakness, and a stimulant to their inertness.The sermons in the present volume are a much-needed prophylactic, asafeguard against several practical errors in dealing with souls;errors which lead them into Egyptian darkness, instead of themarvelous light.The sermon on _Repentance_ is a most faithful showing up of spuriousrepentance, the vain substitute for a downright abandonment of everyform of sin, and right-about facing towards the Lord. In directness andpoint, it is a model for earnest revival preaching,--rather, for allpreaching to unsaved souls, outside the church, or within it. All of these will be found in some subterfuge, which must be ruthlessly torndown, before it will be abandoned for the cleft Rock.The sermon on _Saving Faith_ is next in order. The disastrousconsequences of what, for the want of a better description, maybestyled an Antinomian faith, an unrepentant assent of the intellect tothe historic facts of the Gospel, which too many evangelists andother religious teachers are calling saving faith, are clearly setforth and plainly labeled, POISON. This spurious trust in Christfollowing a superficial repentance, which has never felt thedesperate sinfulness and real misery of sin, has furnished ourchurches with a numerous class of members, aptly described by theprophet Micah: "The sin of Israel is great and unrepented of, yetthey will lean on the Lord, and say, Is not the Lord among us?" Weare convinced that much of the work of the faithful and pungent

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