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Le Marche Another Italy n. 2

Le Marche Another Italy n. 2

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Published by Mariano Pallottini
The First online Magazine about Le Marche in English
Follow us on http://www.scoop.it/t/le-marche-another-italy
“Le Marche encompasses everything one would want from Italy. Incredible countryside from the Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline, classic landscapes, castellated hilltops, culture, art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines, quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches, culture, history – so much to do and see. Experience life to its fullest – experience Le Marche!”
The First online Magazine about Le Marche in English
Follow us on http://www.scoop.it/t/le-marche-another-italy
“Le Marche encompasses everything one would want from Italy. Incredible countryside from the Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline, classic landscapes, castellated hilltops, culture, art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines, quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches, culture, history – so much to do and see. Experience life to its fullest – experience Le Marche!”

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Published by: Mariano Pallottini on Apr 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April 2nd, 2012Published by:Marchebreaks1
Le Marche Another Italy n. 2
The First online Magazine about Le Marche inEnglishFollow us onhttp://www.scoop.it/t/le-marche-another-italy
Le Marche another Italy |Scoop.it
 April 2nd, 2012
“Le Marche encompasses everything one would wantfrom Ital y. Incredible countryside fromthe Sibillini mountains to the glorious coastline,classic landscapes, castellated hilltops, culture,art, music, indoor, outdoor and watersports, wonderful wildlife, fun, delicious food and wines,quality fashions and footwear, museums, churches,culture, history – so much to do and see. Experiencelife to its fullest – experience Le Marche!”
 www.visitancona.com- April 1, 2:42 AM
is situated not so far from the sea,dominating from its hill the
Musone Valley 
and thearea of 
. It is known throughout the world for itsfamous music instruments factories, such as accordions,keyboards and organs. When passing by this places, youare invited to go and visit the A 
ccordion InternationalMuseum
, located in the basement of the City Hall. TheCity Hall is situated in the city centre.The Accordion is a musical instrument work of genius with an accurate mechanism so loved by many generationsof Italians. In the Museum you can find documentsabout the history of a musical instrument that havehad in Castelfidardo the main production centre forover a century, with its 350 unique specimens comingfrom twenty-two different countries...Read More aboutCastelfidardo welikecappuccino.com- March 30, 1:24 AM….. Not only is most of this enchanting towntraffic-free, but much of it has not changed for centuries. For example,to the south of Via dei Soderini and to the west of Via delleTorri is a whole mass of narrow cobbled streets whosemedieval fabric and spirit are almost perfectly intact.Nearby, the Palazzetto dei Longobardi is as near as youcan get to an untouched medieval town house; whilst the blocks of travertine stone on the 35-metre high Torre degliErcolani beside it are so fresh they could have been cut yesterday... www.paoloconsorti.com- March 29, 2:45 AM
Paolo Consorti
born in
San Benedetto del Tronto
(Le Marche, Italy, 1964), is an Italian artist. Graduatedat the School of Fine Arts in
, after somecinematographical collaborations with
Sergej FëdorovičBondarčuk 
made a comparison between Consorti and Bosch on the base of the “contrast between pictorial and dramatic balance of modern and post-modern”. In 1994 the art critic
April 2nd, 2012Published by:Marchebreaks2
Pierre Restany 
recognized in Paolo Consorti’s work the“emergency of a sublime post-modern style”. In 2004 He was included in the Zanichelli Art encyclopedia, and in2008 He entered in the young Italian art Top 100 made by Flash Art. In 2011 He was invited at the 54th International Art Exhibition in Venice... (wikipedia)2011.inurbino.net- March 27, 2:24 AM As important as food is, most of us know little about where it comes from. A family of organic farmers outsideUrbino is trying to change that as all the "FATTORIEDIDATTICHE" of the Region. “Children think that when you take milk of the cow, it is cold, not hot, because they always take cold milk from the fridge,” says MonserratPodgornik, the mother of the family. She believes childrenshould understand that when a calf drinks milk, “it has to be hot in the natural way like your mama, no?”marcheatopictour.wordpress.com- March 25, 7:48 AM
Mondavio’s castle
is preserved very well, and it alsocontains a wax museum, where late medieval scenesare reproduced in a perfect setting. We are again inthe area of 
’s “The prince”, not far fromMontefeltro, the region of 
, where Raphael was born. Mondavio is a perfect location, as it is equally distantto the sea and to the mountains, just across Ancona’sprovince. In 1462 this place saw its greatest battle, between the
family, ruling over the coastline between today’s Marche and Emilia-Romagna, and the Vatican-backed
family from Urbino, whichcontrolled an area across Marche and Umbria. The Vatican won, and Mondavio was given to the
Della Rovere
family, which had connected with the Montefeltro, whoseGuidobaldo was however attacked by “Il Valentino”,Machiavelli’s infamous “prince”. With the end of the DellaRovere dynasty, Mondavio became officially under the jurisdiction of the
, which kept it so until the unity of Italy.lemarchetours.blogspot.it- March 23, 6:40 AMThe cave on the northern slopes of 
Monte Acuto
musthave been difficult to seein the 13th century and evenharder to get to. Carved out of the mountain's precipitouscliffs, it sits above the the rugged valley of the Laqueriver just a few kilometres from
. Today one canclamber down the steep slope on sets of wooden andtravertine steps to the place of stone and solitude where
Santa Sperandia
spent so many years of Benedictinepenitence. Just getting down there in the 1200s musthave been an ordeal, never mind how one might survivein such an environment. More than a mere visionary, she was also renowned for her ability to perform miracles,and is best known for her act of producing fresh cherriesto some hungry labourers one cold and snowy January.She died in 1276, and her incorrupt body now lies in statein the Sanctuary dedicated to her in Cingoli, where sheis the town's patron saint. On the edge of the mountainridge are the ruins of the 13th century 
La Roccaccia
.Only a few crumbling walls remain, but the surroundingarea is littered with the stones of the one-time importantmedieval fortress... vintageholidays.co.uk - March 21, 6:28 AMNestled in the heart of Italy,
the region of Le Marche
 brags some of the most stunning countryside this beautifulcountry retains. With vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, bordered by a backdrop of the snow-capped SibilliniMountains, verdurous rolling hillsides, fertile woodlandsand pastoral pastures scattered with the cheerful coloursof flowers, fruit trees and fauna, Le March has long been afavourite location to inspire and stimulate artists from allover the world.Given its ageless capabilities of prizing the very best froma painter’s brush, Le Marche is home to plenty of paintingholidays and art workshops.Offering art courses in Le Marche is The Retreat, a family-run business which provides courses for painters of allabilities to relax, take in the sheer beauty of this stunningItalian region and be inspired. Ran by John, a professionalEnglish artist and art tutor and Jana, who is an exceptionalcook, The Retreat offers art courses in Le Marche forindividual painters, couples and groups... www.atlanticbt.com- March 19, 9:26 AM
April 2nd, 2012Published by:Marchebreaks3
 Vote for me -**click here**
Because of my online Curation activityonline, I have beenselected among the
20 Semifinalists
of an InternationalContest. My name is Mariano and I work to promote LeMarche Region of Italy in Internet. My work focuses onthese sites:I select and distribute the information collected on allmajor social media and distribute a daily newsletter in 250mail to people interested in these topics.If you like what I do, let Le Marche to Win, Vote ForMe:**CLICK HERE** vimeo.com- March 18, 6:03 AM A look at the
last traditional barber in Urbino
, Italy.The art of the true barbershop shave and a haircut isa feat worth witnessing, watching old Italian barbershover lovingly over their charges, snipping sideburns andstraight-razoring neck lines while pumping the boosterseats on their nickel-plated Koch barber chairs. To say nothing of a good hot towel treatment. But that’s the old world, right? www.ugfm.it- March 17, 11:01 AMFinally in Le Marche Region is born the
Folk Groups Association
with over 40 members operating in this partof Italy, dealing with the recovery of traditions, througha painstaking field research of the traditional costumes,archaic poetry, songs, folk songs and dance steps withancestral origins.dressitalian.com- March 16, 2:29 AMMany parts of Italy still celebrate ancient traditions,maintaining the unique character and history of theirregion, city and community. One of these traditions isthe incredible annual festival in
 Ascoli Piceno
: the
The event takes place on the first Sunday in August andconsists of a parade followed by a jousting competition between the city’ssix neighbourhoods. It is a celebrationof Saint Emidio, protector of the city. The parade is aspectacular affair, as each of the neighbourhoods paradesthrough the centre of the town. Each one is attempting toput on the most splendid display, presenting their warriorfor the jousting tournament later in the day. Young ladstwirl batons and flags, showing off their individual andcollective skill.Throughout the city the crowd bears the colours of theirrespective neighbourhoods building the intensity duringthe afternoon, before the parade sets off from one of thecity’s squares to the main stadium. The intense heat duringthe day means the parade starts at about 6pm, but it is still very warm and a long way for the participants to walk intheir heavy medieval clothing... www.mysteriousplaces.it- March 14, 2:01 AMUnder the city of 
(province of Ancona, Le Marche,Italy) there is an incredible dark second mate. An underworld which links the main buildings, expandingthroughout the city in a mazeThis place, full of ancient alchemical symbolism, of whichhas not yet been given an explanation about its creation

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