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Energy Shifts

Energy Shifts

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Published by Jevareyn
My personal writings... a collection of articles that I have written over the years on various subjects, many of which have been channeled works.
My personal writings... a collection of articles that I have written over the years on various subjects, many of which have been channeled works.

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Published by: Jevareyn on Dec 10, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Energy Shifts
There has been a shift in energy... for some this has been subtle, for others more noticeable. These shifts are andwill become more frequent.There have been some people who have been going through feelings of restlessness, that something needs to bedone but they cannot fathom out what that 'something' is!For others their dreams have become more symbolic and powerful... they can be hard to disseminate,understand. I suggest to everyone to keep a journal of all thoughts, dreams and meditations soon you will have a better understanding of what these messages are that you have been receiving.For those of you who have been having dreams of 'taking out the rubbish' this is a symbolic meaning that youare 'cleaning out', you are getting rid of the clutter and the stuff that is no longer of use to you. Things are beingmade fresh and new and there are better and easier ways for you to do those things that you normally do.Whether it be card reading, clairvoyance, getting messages from angels etc these things will become easier for you and not such a struggle that they have been in the past.Some of you who have children will also notice a change in them. Some children will seem to hold moreknowledge; they become quieter, looking more within themselves. There will be some children who will not beable to 'cope' with this shift, they may become disorganised, erratic or seem lost. Their bodies are simply tryingto assimilate these changes whilst they go on in their everyday lives of playing, talking, laughing etc etc all thethings that we are so familiar with when it comes to children. Do not despair, they are still the same people yousaid goodnight to last night they are just becoming more aware of things at an earlier age.For some of us it has taken us a long time to become aware of things outside of our ego. This was something welost when we were younger but for the children of today this will not be lost it will stay with them. Do youremember as a child how you believed in fairies, elves, angels all things magical and beautiful? Did yousometimes 'see things' that no-one else could? Did you have an 'imaginary friend'?Do you remember how your parents in their wisdom told you there are no such things, that it is just your imagination? Your parents were only doing what was expected of them, what they were taught as childrenthemselves. they did not so anything wrong in doing this, they simply did not understand things as we do today.But today, as a parent, do you say the same things that your parents told you? Or do you recognise that theimaginary friend your child has is someone with whom they shared a past life with, that the 'little people' thatyour child talks about are as real as you or I? Do you tell you children that 'just because we cannot seesomething doesn't mean it isn't real'? It is in doing this that our children do not lose 'their gift of sight' etc likewe did as children.There are also changes happening to Mother Earth. Like our culture she too goes through her own cycles... onlythey are much slower and normally not as noticeable. However, it is becoming more evident that there are bigchanges happening within our weather. It is becoming erratic making it harder for the meteorologists to makeaccurate prediction on our weather forecasts for the next week, month etc. There will be more weather alerts being broadcasted as this change continues. The weather will behave in ways that is not the norm for someareas. There will also be shifts on the earths surface and below in the forms of volcanoes becoming active, moreearth tremors/quakes etc. Again Mother Earth is also going through a shift but she will settle back into her quietness that we have become so accustomed to.Animals are also feeling this change. Animals have the gift of unconditional love and so they are notforeshadowed by their ego as we are. Because of this they have the gift of foresight and other talents that goalong with the specific breed of animal. For example cats live on both sides of the 'plane'. For those of you whohave pets what changes have you noticed in them? Is your cat with you more? 'Talking' to you more? When youare getting 'messages' does you cat stay close to you? Are your birds quieter/ noisier? Does there seem to besomething wrong with your dog’s appetite? Even the wild life around you may be acting in ways that you do notnormally see. For example are you seeing a different bird around your home? Are there some animals that seemto be coming closer to your home? All these things need to be taken into account and when you watch nature

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