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The Spraying of Aluminum and Barium Are Confirmed by the Former Environment Minister of Lower Saxony

The Spraying of Aluminum and Barium Are Confirmed by the Former Environment Minister of Lower Saxony

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Published by sisterrosetta
The spraying of aluminum and barium are confirmed by the former Environment Minister of Lower Saxony.
The spraying of aluminum and barium are confirmed by the former Environment Minister of Lower Saxony.

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Published by: sisterrosetta on Apr 02, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The spraying of aluminum and barium are confirmed by the former Environment Minister of LowerSaxony.
http://www.chemtrails.ch/ http://www.chemtrails.ch/pdfs/IPCC-CLIMATE-CHANGE.pdf +++Brief von Monika Griefahn (SPD/MdB) an Chemtrail-Aktivisten:Das Versprühen von Aluminium und Barium wird von der ehemaligen UmweltministerinNiedersachsens bestätigt.Letter from Monika Griefahn (SPD / MP) to chemtrail activists:The spraying of aluminum and barium are confirmed by the former Environment Minister of LowerSaxony.http://www.chemtrails.ch/briefe/briefgreifahn.htm+++
http://tinyurl.com/79tw33nПредавање Николе Алексића на отварању Еко-конференције 26.9.201124 Jan 2012ECO-CONFERENCE 2011ECOLOGICAL MOVEMENT OF NOVI SADNikola Aleksić1, Marina Samsonov1, Ana Perenić1, Irene Barett21 Ecological Movement of Novog Sada2 Canadaekopokretns@gmail.comCHEMICAL TRAILS AS A GLOBAL ENVIRONMANTAL THREATAbstractThis paper discusses chemical trails (chemtrails), which are being released from planesover NATO member countries and countries signatories of the NATO “Partnership forPeace” program. Modes of spraying aerosols, difference between chemical andcondensational trails, aerosol contents of chemtrails, health implication for humans,history of chemical spraying and possible reasons are discussed.Key words: aircraft, chemtrails, aerosols, biological warfare, geo-engineering.INTRODUCTIONSince the signing of the so-called NATO Partnership for Peace (PfP) programme in 2006,new kind of cloud formations and aircraft trails have started appearing in the skies over
Serbia. Internationally, these cloud formations are referred to as chemtrails (chemicaltrails). Whatever these new formations might be, researchers and observers worldwideagree that they represent new, artificial creations, which greatly differ from regularcondensational trails left behind jet aircrafts.This paper is based on information taken from different Internet sources, where all therelevant information and testimonies by different researchers can be found. Additionalinformation has been compiled from Ecological Movement of Novi Sad’s own sources andcitizens reports - the only instance where people can voice their concerns and which hasthe courage to inform the public about the facts related to chemical spraying, which isbeing conducted worldwide.CONDENSATIONAL TRAILS - CONTRAILSCondensational trails, so-called contrails, are composed of water vapour combined with asmall amount of residue from burned jet fuel. Contrails often occur at altitudes over8000m, where due to extremely low temperatures, vapour exiting directly behind enginesof the aircraft (which produce the moisture), crystallizes instantaneously and is dispersedrelatively quickly. Contrails are always pure white and do not exhibit much halo effect. Inaddition, contrails cannot be shut on and off abruptly, as reported in numerous sightingsof chemical spraying by aircraft.CHEMICAL TRAILS – CHEMTRAILSChemtrails are primarily characterized by thick trails of white powder-like vapor, beingleft behind jet aircraft as well as converted piston engine aircraft (according to reports byarmy professionals form the Kosovo and Metohija administrative border). Chemtrailsspread out from one end of the horizon to the other in strictly straight lines and persist forlong periods of time, gradually dispersing to cover wide areas of the sky.Chemtrails occur in X or A shape patterns, forming criss-cross or chessboard networks inthe sky.On warm days (but also in winter), as high atmospheric pressure builds up, especially inthe mornings and evenings, increased chemtrail spraying activity can be observed:numerous aircraft alternately cross the sky, appearing in groups of 3-5 in parallel flightand close proximity to each other. Sometimes, groups of 10 aircrafts can be observedsimultaneously, which are obviously flying outside set air traffic corridors such as citycenters, where air traffic is normally forbidden.Chemtrails are expelled evenly from multiple vents along the entire wing surface, notdirectly in line with the engines, leaving behind vortices and static trails. Within severalhours, chemtrails slowly spread out and turn into a whitish-grey haze, which blocks thesunrays. Finally, the entire sky is covered in a thick closed cloud formation.Unlike contrails, chemtrails can be observed to have abrupt breaks, which indicate thatspraying with chemical agents over certain areas is turned on and off.Clouds which are formed as a result of chemtrails have characteristic “smeared” edges.This indicates at polymer as the chemical compound carrier, creating fiber like cloudsformations.Chemtrails have an oily glint to them, with pronounced rainbow-like color effects (reddishor pinkish tint) as the sun shines through. This indicates at fine aluminium powder, whichreflects the sunlight. At the end of a day marked by intense chemtrail spraying activity, an“oily” haze cover (unlike smog) can be observed at 150-500m height over cities, whicheventually falls down to the ground. (1) Chemtrail spraying, which is observed to last 3-4consecutive days is usually followed by rain.The very appearance of chemtrails in the sky, excludes any possibility that these might beregular air traffic condensational trails, as it is sometimes claimed in order to pacifygrowing public concerns. Some of the best photographic evidence of chemtrails is found athttp://www.carnicom.com/contrails.htm.CHEMICAL COMPOSITION
Independent researchers and professionals from the Unites States, Switzerland, Germany,Italy, France, Canada, Australia and other countries have established that chemtrailscontain chemical compounds, which are anything but useful or safe to humans. Chemtrailshave been found to contain certain heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, pesticides,mycoplasmas, certain insect larvae which are atypical for the location as well as certaintypes of artificial nanobiotechnological life forms.William Thomas(2) , awarded Canadian investigative journalist with over 30 yearsexperience, was the first to publicly speak about chemtrails. He wrote several articles, abook and made a documentary on this subject. His Internet site contains numeroustestimonies, reports, latest information and TV reports on chemtrails. William Thomas wasthe first to conduct chemical analysis of droplets and rainfall samples, taken afterchemtrail spraying. Other researchers later confirmed his findings. Chemtrails sampleswere found to contain the following:AluminiumAntimonyArsenicBarium oxideCadmiumChromiumCopperIronLeadManganeseStrontiumZincMycoplasmasPseudomonas aeruginosa and P. florescens bacteriaBacilli and enterobacteriaStreptomyces and other types of fungi and mouldsDehydrated human white and red blood cellsEthylene debromide insecticide (EDB)Enzymes and bacteria used in DNA modification processFibrous materials, resembling spider websIt seems that over time the composition of chemtrails changes. Early reports spoke aboutsticky gelatinous droplets that were falling from the sky after chemtrail spraying. Laterreports mention thin microfibers, resembling spider web material. Those, who are behindthe chemtrail spraying program, are obviously experimenting with different types andmixtures of chemicals in search of best results, which also explains why the finding andeffects differ over time. In any case, many people who came in direct contact with thespider web or droplets found on the ground or objects after chemtrail spraying, becameill.CHEMTRAILS DISPERSION METHODSNumerous sights on the internet show pictures of aircraft interiors laden with metalcontainers and reservoirs instead of passenger seats, which are being used for dispersingchemicals all over the world. Pictures of different types of dispersal vents fitted on theoutside of aircrafts (wings, fuselage) can also be found on the internet as well as footageof chemtrail spraying aircraft taken from the air, clearly showing spraying agents comingout of wings or fuselage (not behind engines).Passenger aircraft are also part of the aerosol spraying operation. They are being fittedwith different types of vents, so that they can conduct chemical spraying duringcommercial flights. Connecting aircraft toilet waste disposal pipes with reservoirscontaining chemicals, is another creative way of using passenger aircraft in chemtrailspraying operations. Evidently, this is a way of cutting down costs and masking the whole

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