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Land of the Freaked Out and Home of the Faint at Heart

Land of the Freaked Out and Home of the Faint at Heart

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Published by: Jeramiah "Just para-DOX" Giehl on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Division of the Americas intoNorth, Middle and South America. (Photo credit:Wikipedia)http://paradoxparables.justparadox.com/2007/06/19/land-of-the-freaked-out-home-of-the-faint-at-heart/
Land of the Freaked Out & Home of the Faint AtHeart | para-DOX parABLEs
Doesn’t America seem more like the Land of the Freaked Outand Home of the Faint At Heart.
America has:
… the highest rate of 
mental illness
… the highest rate of stress related illness… the highest rate of debt… the highest rate of single stressed out women raising children… the highest rate of women having heart attacks… the highest rate of judgemental and prejudice people… the highest rate of divorce… the highest rate of abortion… the highest rate of pornography (#1 world wide exporter)… the highest rate of violence in a majority of countriesWe have so much to be proud of ? ? ? NOT!!!The Church in America seem more like the Land of the FreakedOut and Home of the Faint At Heart, to me. Under the watch of thechurch:
The Church has:
… the highest rate of divorces, more divorces in the Church than the world.… about the same rate of adolescence fornication in the youth groups.… a lot of minister who have been caught having affairs.… a lack of connect with peoples real needs.… let the world remove God from school.… let the world remove God from government.… let the world remove God from the social arena… let the world turn this once Christian nation to a Post-Christian Nation… Allowed this nation to follow the EU, the revissed Roman empire… Allowed this nation to start the UN and the CIA by a president who was a Free MasonWe have so much to be proud of ? ? ? NOT!!! Anyways, thats about how I feel right now. Any body think this is a tragedy? Or domost just not careanymore. America now recieves more missionaries than it sends. The US used to be the largest missionarysending nation now it recieves more than it sends. And we in the nation just sit on our couchestwiddling our thumbs.Christians are the single largest religious group in the world and we let morally debase people tellus how to live. We let debase music and entertainment ruin peoples lives, we let godless people runour government.If 80-90% of Americas believe in God, Jesus and the Bible and claim to be Christians why does thisnation seem to be the most ungodly nation on the face of the earth. We need to get fed up and dosomething more than we are.

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