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dear thomas drakōn

dear thomas drakōn

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dear thomas drakōn
 From retreat already regretting regretting 'not traveled' in thisdeclination, I decline offer to be earth's dictator. Please stifle joy, 'oy,our duty's done boy's, now we can get 'what's name'. I submit, Iinquired self, to self, posing not with-standing previous pretensions,a rather haunting admission/question: Is it possible for (A) wo/man tostep ousted the 'time' they were born in(to)?' Imagine (if u willindulge,) u hatched on Zeon, (or fought a sticky membrane bag forearth entrance) on, oh, a snowy eve the year of zeus 1 (b-a-no-matter.Unless allegoric to splinters). Extrapolating, say by assertion uarrived grown in the year 2000; saw two men walking hand in hand,kissing lip to lip, giggling, loving the loving (of being) life. Well, u beshock shocke shocked (bad huh.) But worsted, u would nevercomprehend ur year) 1 )morality mentality would 'gnash' all gears.Or simply dear: preconceived never leaps perceived,so how do u evolution perceived leaps' preconceived.
I ask myself: Is it even possible for a 'society while in the society' to selectan enlightened leader; or is it only (edible) to elect someone just like

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