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Residents of ROMA

Residents of ROMA

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Residents of ROMA:The 3 month 'occupy the coliseum ' movement protesting 'GeneralJulius Caesar's 5th Legion' entering Roma center ended today. 150Roman citizen's were injured; some suffering scrapes & bruises, 2required med. treatment, 1, a Greek, was illegally inciting anti-Romaviolence, & will be crucified in 4 days. A combined governmentforce, which included segments of Caesar's 5th, cleared thecoliseum.Members of the Senate supporting the 'action', led by SenatorBrutus, drew fire by liberal politicians & press decrying the bruteforce used to disperse crowd. Only the 'Christ Scroll Daily, aconservative Christian scroll, supported the government. SenatorBrutus extolled, 'Roma & its citizens need the General & his Legion'son Roma's streets. Lawlessness runs wild. Illegal's intimidate. We for1 are thrilled the legion (banned by original charter) is bivouacked inRoma.Roma has nothing to fear from General Julius Caesar!.'
in unrelated events
Altas shrugged &Pompeii…
Birth's & deaths:In Bethlehem, in the upscale 'Barn Loft' neighbored, the 1st child of theyear was born to Joseph, a carpenter, & his life-mate, Mary. A few milesaway at t he same moment, Thomas, an archer, & Tristan, his life-mateadopted a child; they live on the other side of the river. Asked if they wereworried about flooding, Thomas, "No. The gods will provide."In Brittany the first child was born to, well they would not give their name,but the child was named, Merlin.Moses, that rascal Jewish mouthpiece died in his sleep earlier, then againlater, then just scaled mount 'laws' lugging a whole flatbed stacked withstone tablets shouting: mine mine mine! . He was a young 345 year old.His last words were: beware the ides of March. Nobody could guess atwhat he meant.Show-biz: the new show, 'the Balls of Hannibal, opened today to scathingreviews; let all Rome remember tho while all around good entertainmentthe dreaded terroristic
still haunts Roma…
 Righteous action+lit news:The 7th Legion has occupied Afghanistan going on 7 years. We wish tosalute our brave men. & asure them the shield & sword manufactories arewith them in their hearts.Congrats to General Julius Caesars' long long long anticipated victory inGaul; all Roma eagerly awaits the novel.Young Octavius (known to friends as Augustus) Caesar, the adopted sonof General Julius Caesar, was cited last eve for driving a chariot under theinfluence; his 29th such citation this holiday week. Cleopatra, m in Romefor the festivities, smiled & said, "boys will be boys. What! We shouldcrucify him.'Daily recap:Rush Bimbo was exiled to Mesopotamia for coining the phrase 'Racism;.Which purports to classify 'citizen's' according to skin color. The court

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