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Kenseikai Shorinji Kempo Basics

Kenseikai Shorinji Kempo Basics

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Published by Samurai_Chef

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Published by: Samurai_Chef on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elemental techniques
Establish a basicskill level throughillustrated tips.
Basically, you have to learn Shorinji Kempo at a branch where anofficial instructor can teach you each techniques. Shorinji Kempo is notsuitable for self learning. Especially, you need your partner to learnJuhoJuhoJuhoJuho to know how it works and what kind of pain each JuhoJuhoJuhoJuho techniquecauses.However, it may be worth you practice some techniques by yourself athome after you have been taught them at the branch. This page may behelpful for you to remind you of some tips of each techniques. Practicethose techniques as many times as possible, to make these techniquespart of your inherent ability.Listed below, basic movements and technical words and tips for someimportant techniques.English names given to each techniques may different from the WSKO'sauthorized technical term. I put them just for your ease ofunderstanding. If you find out the difference between the names used inthis page from the WSKO's terminologies, please let me know by email,thank you.
Today's basic technique
Recently introduced explanations about the basic techniques arelisted in the menue below, please select and click to see theexplanation.
The above function does not work well in Netscape, please use InternetExplorer, or use the index list below.
Basic stance
Foot positions and basic way of standingand how to sit.
Basic postures
Basic postures of ByakurenByakurenByakurenByakuren chool and GiwaGiwaGiwaGiwashool.
Body movement
How to move your body and dodge.
Basic steps
Basic way of carring your body.Body partsBody parts used in offense and defense.
Elemantal techniquesin
Basic movement in GohoGohoGohoGoho, such as punch,kick and guard.
Elemantal technics of Shorinji Kempohttp://kenseikai.world.coocan.jp/gihou/kihon/engyogo.htm#sokui1 of 423/06/2009 11:01
Tips and explanation
Important tips about specific techniques.
Basic stance
BackBasic stance is called Sokui hoSokui hoSokui hoSokui ho in Shorinji Kempo. Listed below are some of basicstances.How to sit.Click here to see how to sit down on the floor for ZazenZazenZazenZazen.The basic style for meditation is shown.Example of several foot position.Foot positionNameFootpositionName
open stance
,closed stance
Gyaku chojiGyaku chojiGyaku chojiGyaku choji
,regular stance
Mae kagiMae kagiMae kagiMae kagiashiashiashiashi
,front footright anglestance,a transitionalstance.
Ushiro kagiUshiro kagiUshiro kagiUshiro kagiashiashiashiashi
,rear foot rightangle stance, atransitionalstance.
Yoko kagiYoko kagiYoko kagiYoko kagiashiashiashiashi
,front foot stepover stance, atransitionalstance.
,kanjikanjikanjikanji "eight"figure stance.
,cross legstance, atransitionalstance.Listed below are basic way of standing.StanceNameStanceNameStanceName
Elemantal technics of Shorinji Kempohttp://kenseikai.world.coocan.jp/gihou/kihon/engyogo.htm#sokui2 of 423/06/2009 11:01
Zenkutu dachiZenkutu dachiZenkutu dachiZenkutu dachi
,front weightposition
Koukutu dachiKoukutu dachiKoukutu dachiKoukutu dachi
,rear weightposition
Nekoashi dachiNekoashi dachiNekoashi dachiNekoashi dachi
,front kick position
Kiba dachiKiba dachiKiba dachiKiba dachi
,low weight position
Fukko dachiFukko dachiFukko dachiFukko dachi
,knee position
Ku no ji dachiKu no ji dachiKu no ji dachiKu no ji dachi
,standard standingposition
Basic postures
BackTai gamaeTai gamaeTai gamaeTai gamae, or posture, is a position useful in guarding yourself and initiatingoffence.
Eight postures of Byakuren school
 Nine postures of Giwa school
Fujin hou
, Relative positioning
There are three types of positionings as shown below.
Seitai gamae
You face your opponent asshown in the left figure.
Elemantal technics of Shorinji Kempohttp://kenseikai.world.coocan.jp/gihou/kihon/engyogo.htm#sokui3 of 423/06/2009 11:01

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