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Thrice-Greatest Hermes Vol 1

Thrice-Greatest Hermes Vol 1

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Published by Gerald Mazzarella

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Published by: Gerald Mazzarella on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 1, by G.R.S. Mead, [1906], at sacred-texts.comThrice-Greatest HermesStudies in Hellenistic Theosophyand GnosisBeing a Translation of the Extant Sermons and Fragments of the Trismegistic Literature, with Prolegomena,Commentaries, and NotesByG. R. S. MeadVolume I.--ProlegomenaLondon and BenaresThe Theosophical Publishing Society[1906]Prepared for sacred-texts.com, January 2009. This text is in the public domain because it was published prior to 1922. Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 1, by G.R.S. Mead, [1906], at sacred-texts.com[p. v]PrefaceTHESE volumes, complete in themselves as a series ofstudies in a definite body of tradition, are intended toserveultimately as a small contribution to the preparation of the way leading towards a solution of the vastproblems involvedin the scientific study of the Originsof the Christian Faith. They might thus perhaps bedescribed as the preparation ofmaterials to serve forthe historic, mythic, and mystic consideration of theOrigins of Christianity,--where the term "mythic"isused in its true sense of inner, typical, sacred and"logic," as opposed to the external processioning ofphysical eventsknown as "historic," and where theterm "mystic" is used as that which pertains toinitiation and the mysteries.The serious consideration of the matter contained inthese pages will, I hope, enable the attentive reader tooutline in hismind, however vaguely, some smallportion of the environment of infant Christianity, andallow him to move a few stepsround the cradle ofChristendom.Though the material that we have collected, has, asto its externals, been tested, as far as our hands arecapable of thework, by the methods of scholarship andcriticism, it has nevertheless at the same time beenallowed ungrudgingly toshow itself the outward[p. vi]expression of a truly vital endeavour of immenseinterest and value to all who are disposed to makefriends with it. Foralong this ray of the Trismegistictradition we may allow ourselves to be drawn backwards in time towards the holy ofholies of theWisdom of Ancient Egypt. The sympathetic studyof this material may well prove an initiatoryprocesstowards an understanding of that Archaic Gnosis.And, therefore, though these volumes are intended toshow those competent to judge that all has been setforth in
decency according to approved methods ofmodern research, they are also designed for those whoare not qualified togive an opinion on such matters,but who are able to feel and think with the writers ofthese beautiful tractates.The following abbreviations have been used foreconomy of space:C. H. = Corpus Hermeticum.D. J. L. = Mead (G. R. S.), Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.? An Enquiryinto the Talmud Jesus Stories, the Toldoth Jeschu,andSome Curious Statements of Epiphanius: being a Contribution to the Study of Christian Origins (London, 1903).F. F. F. = Mead (G. R. S.), Fragments of a Faith Forgotten. SomeShort Sketches among the Gnostics, mainly of theFirstTwo Centuries: a Contribution to the Study of ChristianOrigins based on the most recently recoveredMaterials(London, 1900; 2nd ed. 1906).G. = Gaisford (T.), Joannis Stobaei Florilegium (Oxford, 1822), 4vols.; Io. Stob. Ec. Phys. et Ethic. Libri Duo (Oxford,1850), 2 vols.H. = Hense (O.), I. Stob. Anth. Lib. Tert. (Berlin, 1894), 1 vol.,incomplete.K. K. = "The Virgin of the World" (Kore Kosmoy).M. = Meineke (A.), Joh. Stob. Flor. (Leipzig, 1855, 1856), 3 vols.;Joh. Stob. Ec. Phys. et Ethic. Lib. Duo (Leipzig, 1860),2 vols.P. = Parthey (G.), Hermetis Trismegisti Poemander ad Fidem Codicum Manu Scriptorum recognovit (Berlin, 1854).Pat. = Patrizzi (F.), Nova de Universis Philosophia (Venice, 1593).P. S. A. = "The Perfect Sermon, or Asclepius."[p. vii]R. = Reitzenstein (R.), Poimandres: Studien zur griechisch-agyptischen und fruchristlichen Literatur (Leipzig, 1904).Ri.= Richter (M. C. E.), Philonis Judaei Opera Omnia, in Bibliotheca Sacra Patrum Ecclesiae Graecorum (Leipzig, 1828-1830), 8 vols.S. I. H. = "The Sermon of Isis to Horus."W. = Wachsmuth (C.), Io. Stob. Anthologii Lib. Duo Priores . . . Ec. Phys. et Ethic. (Berlin, 1884), 2 vols.G. R. S. M.CHELSEA, 1906.Thrice-Greatest Hermes, Vol. 1, by G.R.S. Mead, [1906], at sacred-texts.com[p. viii][p. ix]ContentsPREFACE
<page v>I. THE REMAINS OF THE TRISMEGISTIC LITERATURE<page 1>-<page 16>Writer and Reader<page 1>The Extant Trismegistic Literature<page 3>The Original MS. of our Corpus<page 6>Texts and Translations<page 8>II. THE HISTORY OF THE EVOLUTION OF OPINION<page 17>-<page 46>The Chief Points of Interrogation<page 17>The Opinions of the Humanists<page 18>The First Doubt<page 20>The Launching of the Theory of Plagiarism<page 21>The Only Argument Adduced<page 22>The Theory of Hilgers<page 25>The German Theory of Neoplatonic "Syncretismus"<page 26>

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