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78101057 Ecstasy Through Tantra

78101057 Ecstasy Through Tantra

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Published by Gerald Mazzarella

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Published by: Gerald Mazzarella on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tantra / Sex and Sexuality /Yoga / Eastern Spirituality
"Ecstasy Through Tantra
is not for the squeamish, the ascetic or those preoccupied with erotic thrills. It is for those who, accepting human sexuality as a means to a spiritual end, want first-rate instructionin love-making."
John White, author of 
What Is Enlightenment?
Achieve Cosmic ConsciousnessThrough Sexual Ecstasy
Now, you and your lover can engage in specific sexual techniques andpositions for ritual intercourse that will flood you with the overwhelming physical ecstasy which triggers expanded states of consciousness.Tantric yoga will teach you how to build sexual love and passion to anamazing peak - and how to push your mind even higher to achievetranscendental bliss.Bring holiness and magick into your sexual relationship with
 Ecstasy Through Tantra.
Discover the God/Goddess as incarnate in yourbeloved, and experience the same Divinity within yourself, through the joy of complete physical and spiritual union.
Learn how to engage inthe "Asanas of Love,"sexual positions used forKundalini arousal - shownin color photos• Alter your consciousness withthe potent technique forcouples, groups or individualscalled the "Rite of Naked Fire"• Pinpoint which parts of thebody stir sexual energy intoa white heat• Discover which sexualpositions "short-circuit"the electric and magneticcurrents in the body forexplosive release• Find out the secrets for going
the joy of sex toecstatic union with Divinity• Plumb the depths of eroticmysticism and Western sexmagick - and their potentialfor spiritual illumination
 Dr. Jonn Mumford (Sivami Anandakapila Saraswati) hasdevoted his life to the vast subject of Tantric Yoga. Adisciple of Paramhansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati of  India, Dr. Mumford originally trained as a psychologist and later as a chiropractor. He now lectures and teachesin Sydney, Australia. Dr. Mumford is also the author of  A
Chakra & Kundalini Workbook.
$16.00 US$24.50 CANLlewellyn PublicationsSt. Paul, MN 55164-0383
Where there is ecstasy, there is Creation;Where there is no ecstasy, there is no Creation. In the Infinite, there is ecstasy;There is no ecstasy in the finite.
Chandogya Upanishad 
IN ECSTASY THROUGH TANTRA, Dr. Jonn Mumfordcelebrates the joyous and mystical depths of sexual love.Over the past decade, we have become more free andhealthy in our attitudes toward sex. Books such as
The Joyof Sex
More Joy
attest to this. Now that understandinghas been broadened, however, it is possible, indeed necessary,to go beyond joy; to go beyond the physical and emotionalaspects of sexual union to the ecstasy of union with DivinePower that is centered in every body and throughout theuniverse.In Dr. Mumford's view, "The sexual dynamic representsthe most significant physical experience that we have atour disposal, and it lies within our power to turn this functioninto a spiritually regenerative act and a psychologicallyintegrative practice."The value of his approach is that he makes the spiritualpotential of the sexual dynamic accessible to more thanthe mystic, yogi and occultist. One need not go up to themountaintop to commune with Divinity: Its temple is thebody, Its sacrament the communion between lovers, andthat communion involves all the awesome powers of theuniverse in the microcosm of the lovers.The once hidden, and forbidden, secret practices of magick are now explicitly revealed. This book traces theancient practices of Hindu Tantra through the Egyptian,Greek and Hebrew forms where the sexual act is viewed assymbolic of the highest union, oneness with God, to thehighest expression of Western sex magick in the Mass of the Holy Ghost.A psychotherapist trained in Yoga, Dr. Mumford (whoseinitiated name is Swami Anandakapila) guides the readerthrough mental and physical exercises aimed at developingpsycho-sexual power; he details the various sexual practices

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