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Constitution SPOC

Constitution SPOC

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Published by Luis Vargas

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Published by: Luis Vargas on Apr 03, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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University of PennsylvaniaSociety for Pre-Law Students of ColorName:
The name of this organization shall be the Society for Pre-Law Students of Color. 
The purpose of this organization shall be to support, promote, and progress theundergraduate population of underrepresented minorities interested in legal education.To achieve this purpose, the organization aims to:-Provide those with law school aspirations with encouragement, motivation, and accessto the multiple resources that will establish them as competitive candidates for lawschool-Educate members on current legal matters and trends so as to improve understanding of the field of law and inform the choice to enter a corresponding line of work -Facilitate networking and mentorship opportunities that create supportive andinformation-sharing relationships with other law professionals that areunderrepresented minorities-Work in collaboration with other multicultural pre-professional groups, other pre-lawgroups, within the university and throughout the nation, as well law student groups toexpand professional development and understanding of legal education-Recommend and inform about various legal opportunities available to underrepresentedminorities 
Positions: The University of Pennsylvania Society for Pre-Law Students of Color will haveseven board positions consisting of:
Vice President of Internal Affairs
Director of External Relations, Financial Manager
Recording Correspondent
Director of 
Public Relations
, and
Creative Director
. The positions of Director of External Relations, Director of Public Relations and Financial Manager can be split intotwo positions. Additional positions can be added upon unanimous vote of the acting boardto fulfill organizational needs. Qualifications for all positions, with exception of thePresident position, are that candidates be officially a part of the organization for aminimum of one semester and will be returning to the organization for the following year.Eligibility: A candidate for President must be a member of the organization for a minimumof two semesters and be a board member for a minimum of one semester.Terms: Officers will be initially elected for a school year term as the organization growsofficers will be elected for calendar year terms.
Vacancies: In the event of vacancy, another election will be held and another member will be elected. Board members can be removed with a petition signed by the simple majorityfrom the general body submitted to the board or the majority of board members.Duties: 
President – 
The President is responsible for overseeing all operations concerningUniversity of Pennsylvania Society for Pre-Law Students of Color. S/He acts as the primary liaison between the public and the organization. The President chairs all boardmeetings and general meetings. S/He serves as the face of the group, being primarilyaccountable for the group’s integrity, unity and impact on the community. S/He must keepall other board members and general members abreast of group activities. The President isresponsible for assuming or delegating any other unforeseen duties that may arise. 
Vice President of Internal Affairs -
The Vice President of Internal Affairs is responsiblefor managing the internal affairs of the organization which includes but is not limited to:membership, the structure of the organization and the board, and meetings. This positionserves as the main liaison between the general body and the board.
Director of External Affairs– 
The Director of External Affairs is responsible for managing the external affairs of the organization, which includes but is not limited to:relations with other campus organizations and outside corporations. This position serves asthe main liaison between the organization, the university, the community, and beyond. The position also has a strong corporate outreach component. This individual will beresponsible for fostering and developing relationships with various law schools admissionoffices, with a greater focus on T-14 schools. Specific duties include but are not limited toserving a liaison to Career Services, the primary contact for any networking activities aswell as establishing connections between the group and other professional corporations andorganizations.
Financial Manager – 
The Financial Manager will handle the finances of the organization.Specific duties include, but are not limited to, collecting dues, developing a yearly budget,soliciting funds, and managing fund raising endeavors. 
Recording Correspondent – 
The Recording Correspondent will primarily assist insustaining a consistent, organized structure of the group. Specific duties include, but are notlimited to, clerical responsibilities of the group such as taking attendance, maintaining thelist of members, amending and providing the application, assisting in correspondenceinvolved with the group, recording notes at the general and board meetings, and possessingof paperwork and electronic documents. 
Director of Public Relations – 
The Director of Public Relations will catalyze stronger relationships within the group through functions and gatherings of professional or socialnature. The Director will be responsible for heading logistical planning and administratingany and all events. This individual will also promote awareness about the group and itsactivities and be at the helm of marketing for these events as well.

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