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NewsCastle - April 2012 Issue

NewsCastle - April 2012 Issue

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The NewsCastle is published monthly under the provisions of AR 360-1 for the employees and extended Engineer Family of the Los Angeles District, USACE.
The NewsCastle is published monthly under the provisions of AR 360-1 for the employees and extended Engineer Family of the Los Angeles District, USACE.

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Los Angeles District
 Vol. 42 No. 4 A monthly publication of the Los Angeles District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers April 2012
 Justin Bristow, Acting Deputy Chief Patrol Agent for Yuma Sector (left), and Wayne Preston, Assistant Patrol Agent in Charge for Wellton Station, cut the ribbon at the new Border Patrol Stationin Wellton, Ariz., March 22. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District broke ground onthe facility in March 2010 and team members were on hand for the ceremony. (USACE photo by Daniel J. Calderón)March Air Reserve Base opens 26,000square foot facility. Page 5
South Pacic Division commander 
promoted. Page 4District honors Kevin Inada through hisfavorite pastime. Page 14
Corps builds for Nation’s security
By Daniel J. Calderón
— The Customsand Border Protection Agency cut the
ribbon to ocially open the new border
patrol station here during a ceremony March 22.The U.S. Army Corps of EngineersLos Angeles District broke groundon the facility in March 2010. Okland
Construction was the contractor for the
project. More than 100 people attendedthe ground breaking and the CBP hosted
an equivalent crowd for the ceremony signaling the beginning of the new
facility’s fully operational life.“I think this is the nicest station and
facility in the Border Patrol right now,”said Justin Bristow, Acting Deputy Chief 
Patrol Agent for Yuma Sector.
The new station will support up to 375
Customs and Border Protection Agents.The facility includes several buildingson the site. The primary station building
contains oce space; a muster, quietroom and training area; a detention
area and an exercise and locker room.The second building is a maintenancefacility for vehicles and electronic gear.Other buildings on site are essentially canopies for vehicle refueling operations
and a vehicle wash area.Rick Polanco, E.I.T., was the on-siteengineer who processed modicationsfor the project. Among his tasks were
creating the initial change request to
estimating, negotiating, and ensuringthe Arizona-Nevada Area Oce received
change packages. Polanco began
 working during the construction phase.He praised Troy Olsen, the residentengineer for the Arizona-Nevada Areaoce, and said the District team, who worked well together and were ready to
face any challenges.“I could tell from the moment I
stepped foot on the site we had a greatgroup of USACE personnel, from
Ray Salas and John Mallin – our chief construction representatives – and RobCrist – our project engineer – to our Lisa
Robinson – our admin support sta,”Polanco explained. “We knew the taskat hand was not going to be easy, but itcould be handled if we worked together
and broke up the big issues into moremanageable problems and tasks to
CBP agents in attendance had high
praise for the facility. The Yuma Sector,of which the Wellton station is a part,patrols 126 miles of border with Mexico,between the Yuma-Pima County line in
 Arizona and the Imperial Sand Dunes inCalifornia.
Suspicious Activity Reporting
USACE Teammates,
NewsCastlePage 2
 April 2012
 We are fortunate to live in a democratic society where we are guaranteed unalien-able rights, including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Unfortunately,there will always be those who seek to threaten or harm our way of life.Because of these threats, it is important to increase our awareness and vigilancein order to protect our critical resources – including our most critical resource, our
people – from acts of terrorism. A key element of preventing terrorism is under
standing current and emerging threats. Army leaders have designated Suspicious Activity Reporting as the antiterrorism
theme for the quarter. As such, I encourage every member of the USACE workforceto be situationally aware of their surroundings and recognize and report indicators
of suspicious activity.
Listed below are several categories of potentially suspicious activities that war-
rant reporting:
Unjustied attempts to acquire expertise/information that could cause a
threat to DoD personnel.
Breach or attempted intrusion in restricted and controlled areas.
Suspicious questioning of personnel concerning DoD structures, personnel
or procedures.
Expressed or implied threats.
Suspicious yover of or landing near DoD facilities.
 Acquisition of unusual quantities of precursor materials.
Misrepresentation using false documents, insignia, etc.Recruiting eorts for illegal or questionable activities.Sabotage, tampering, or vandalism.Unwarranted tests of personnel and systems to reveal physical, personnel, orcyber capabilities/vulnerabilities.Theft, loss or diversion of DoD property.Discovery of illegally owned or found weapons/explosives.Together, we must be capable of detecting and reporting a full range of threats,
including terrorist attacks. I urge you to report suspicious activities to your secu
-rity managers, supervisors, and local law enforcement personnel. You should alsoextend this vigilance in o-duty activities. By integrating increased awareness withreporting, we will positively contribute to the safety and security of our valued work-force while ensuring mission success for the Nation.
Maj. Gen. Merdith “Bo” Temple
SPL True Story:I was contacted by an old Army friendof mine who is an insurance under- writer for a large insurance company. A large health group had asked themto insure an agricultural crop of castor beans. Apparently these beans are very high in nutrition and they were studying them for use as animal food.If you are not familiar with castor beans, a by-product is Ricin, a deadly poison. Even in very small amounts,inhaled or if it comes in contact withyour skin, it can kill you. Allegedly, the Mexican drug cartelshave placed this substance on top of drug shipments as a deterrent to rivalgangs and for retaliation against lawenforcement should they intercept theshipments.Needless to say, this was reported tothe appropriate authorities and the is-sue resolved!Bottom line: If you see something that doesn’t look right, report it! Simply get it to me, be willing to stand by your story and we will take care of it! Jeffrey E. KoontzChief, Security & Law Enforcement 
Page 3
 April 2012
Dear District Teammates,
 The NewsCastle is published monthly under the provisions of AR 360-1 for the employees and extended Engineer Family of the Los AngelesDistrict, USACE. Views and opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of theDistrict or of the Department of Defense.
 Address mail to the Los Angeles District Public Affairs Ofce, ATTN:
NewsCastle Editor P.O. Box 532711, Los Angeles, CA 90017-2325 Tel: (213) 452-3922 or Fax: (213) 452-4209.E-mail the Public Affairs staff at: publicaffairs.SPL@usace.army.milDistrict Commander: Col. R. Mark Toy 
Public Affairs Ofcer: Jay Field
Editor: Dave Palmer Staff: Jennie Ayala, Daniel J. Calderón,Greg Fuderer, Brooks O. Hubbard IV,Richard Jung, Kim Matthews Administrative Assistant: Beverly Patterson
 Although one cannot tell from the weather, it is Spring Timein the Los Angeles District! The Southern California weather
has been colder than usual and after just return
-ing from a quick trip to Phoenix and Tucson;the summer Arizona weather has not yet hit itsstride! But despite the fact that the weather ison the cooler side, we’ve “sprung forward” onour clocks and we are denitely out of the win-
ter gloom (although does that really exist in the
Southwest?). Regardless, with Spring’s arrival,it’s time for Spring Break! For many of us withchildren, Spring Break means that our kids willbe home from school; I hope that many of you
are taking advantage of this fact. But even if 
 you don’t have school-age kids, I hope that you
can take advantage of a Spring Break. There
-fore, this month’s Commander’s Message is allabout “Maintaining Balance in Your Life.” After almost two years as your Commander, I’ve come to re-alize that, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas,there never is a good time when the work stops or slows downso that we can take a vacation. In recent years, with Continu-ing Resolutions leading to the late arrival of our budgets, thesprint to the end of the scal year and the full execution of ourbudget makes it almost impossible to take time o. But wehave to take time o, if not completely for ourselves, but for
continuing the investment of time in our family and friends.
“Maintaining Balance in Your Life” is something that Ilearned early on in my Army career. In fact, the best bossesI’ve had were not workaholics, but divided and devoted them-selves in a responsible manner between work and family. I’vetried to follow a similar work/family ethic, especially duringthe times when I was in a position of leadership. Even now,as your Commander, I make it a point to depart work at a decent hour so that I can have a din-ner with my wife May and my children Bran-don and Kayla. For me, having dinner withmy entire family is always the best part of my 
day. I love hearing each of my family member’s
stories, especially the ones that make all of uslaugh. This year, my kids’ Spring Break is from April 9th to the 13th. So, I’m taking that weeko for some good “family time.” I’ve wanted totake my kids to Universal Studios since we’vebeen back in California; Spring Break is the
perfect time!I urge all of you to strike a similar balance be
-tween work and family/friends so that you aremaintaining balance in your own life. Work-ing hard daily with “reasonable” hours; and planning periodic vacations to recharge throughout the year will ensure that you are ecient and eective district employees. And that’sa good thing as we continue Building Strong and Taking Care
of People!
 Warm Regards,
Col. R. Mark Toy 

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